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March 15th, 2001



Who remembers Transylvania?

This is perhaps one of my first memories of playing a game on a computer (not including my Odyssey 2). In Mr. Reed’s fifth grade class, he had an Ace computer (Apple II compatible with huge beige keys) and one of the few non-educational games he had was Transylvania, a 1982 title by Penguin Software.

My friends and I had an absolute blast playing this game. In this game, you wander through the woods, a cemetery, and a castle, avoiding vampires and werewolves. It was a surprisingly atmospheric game, despite it’s very low-res graphics. We spent hours playing this game trying to figure out how to beat it, but eventually had to give in to getting cheats. Impressive that a 140k game could challenge us so much. I broke out this game tonight and died within 5 minutes. Damn werewolf.

And Transylvania taught me what a “sarcophagus” was. Otherwise, I would have never known.

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Marcie December 7, 2007, 5:57 am

I used to love playing this game and I just recently downloaded it again. I am having trouble with the vampire. I think I need some sort of cross to kill him but once again, have difficulties with picking up the one in the cemetery. Any help would be appreciated!!!

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