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March 16th, 2001


Sometimes I find something on the web that convinces me that I’m behind the curve. There it is: Metababy. It’s the ultimate experiment in chaos and HTML getting together. Essentially, it’s an entire site that is free-range for you, or anyone else, to edit. If you know HTML, or even if you know how to type, you can edit the content on Metababy.

And what have I seen? Well, a lot of the content is geared towards 16-year-old boys (and thus, you might not want to surf it at work.) The upshot? You can change whatever you like. If something bugs you, delete it. If you like it, copy it and put it on another page. Cut and paste come in very handy.

Go ahead and give it a shot. The "random" feature is not all that random, but you can just type in URLs as you wish; there may be a page there or there may not. If there isn’t, you can make it.

I think I’ve found my latest toy! -pm

[Metababy no longer works. Sorry, kids. -pm 20020317]

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday March 16, 2001 -- 10:13:23AM
Very cool. When I went, the opening page was very obnoxious and just said, "Fuck these guys, they took down" and had a repeating banner ad of some company.

So I simply replaced "Fuck" with "I love."

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday March 16, 2001 -- 12:04:06PM
I just added a Carl Sagan, Bob Saget, Tony Danza love triangle to someone's Slashdot page view. It just felt right. Carl would be proud.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday March 16, 2001 -- 12:40:24PM
Gee, wonder who put that up there...

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday March 16, 2001 -- 12:50:58PM
This question will reveal me as an idiot but that's nothing new:

How do you change something, exactly? Is it simple or does it involve some knowledge that has yet to be revealed to me through divine rites?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday March 16, 2001 -- 1:14:31PM
The bottom frame of every page has a big ol' EDIT button at right. Click it, and the source will come up for you to edit/mutilate.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday March 16, 2001 -- 4:40:28PM
It's my favorite new venue for inserting the word "vagina" into weird and wild places. Woo hoo!!!

FROM: Patrick
DATE: Wednesday March 21, 2001 -- 10:57:41AM
I should have heeded the warning of not viewing at work. There was some inappropriate materials. Most of the pages are pure crap, but others are hilarious.

FROM: Brian
DATE: Wednesday June 6, 2001 -- 10:24:35PM
F*ck me... I made the mistake of clicking on the "oldest" link. It looked the the "best of" from

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday June 6, 2001 -- 10:26:13PM
Yeah, when I Pinged this, Metababy still had some content here and there. Since then? It's become a cesspool. So much for that experiment....

FROM: timb [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday December 13, 2004 -- 2:40:24 pm
i doubt you care years later, but here is a nice metababy replacement

FROM: drk
DATE: Thursday March 16, 2006 -- 5:31:56 pm
metababy is, as it always is, the result of its userbase, so naturally its a cesspool... and people who look at cesspools and don't think, lets plant some flowers, .. you know what i mean ;)
so as an experiment is is VERY MUCH succeeding :) it is as society is ...

anyhoo it has been pretty decent the past 6 months, .. so i decided to drag some filth back in.

(c) 2006 NO ADS

FROM: drk
DATE: Thursday March 16, 2006 -- 6:24:36 pm
lol, made ya a page paul :)


Robert Shawn Garland August 8, 2010, 2:01 pm

Zach Garland has returned! heh heh

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