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March 16th, 2001


Sometimes I find something on the web that convinces me that I’m behind the curve. There it is: Metababy. It’s the ultimate experiment in chaos and HTML getting together. Essentially, it’s an entire site that is free-range for you, or anyone else, to edit. If you know HTML, or even if you know how to type, you can edit the content on Metababy.

And what have I seen? Well, a lot of the content is geared towards 16-year-old boys (and thus, you might not want to surf it at work.) The upshot? You can change whatever you like. If something bugs you, delete it. If you like it, copy it and put it on another page. Cut and paste come in very handy.

Go ahead and give it a shot. The "random" feature is not all that random, but you can just type in URLs as you wish; there may be a page there or there may not. If there isn’t, you can make it.

I think I’ve found my latest toy! -pm

[Metababy no longer works. Sorry, kids. -pm 20020317]

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Robert Shawn Garland August 8, 2010, 2:01 pm

Zach Garland has returned! heh heh

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