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March 29th, 2001

Oreos, Part 4: Oreo O’s

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a weakness for Oreos. Another guilty pleasure I have is Oreo O’s cereal: little chocolatey O’s with some of the Oreo cream flavoring in them. I know, I know… gross and disgusting, Oreo cereal. But what’s more natural than Oreos in milk, right?

Surprisingly, they’re not all that bad for you… aside from the silly amounts of preservatives, of course. But that’s what you get if you want cereal that will outlast you. Go ahead and grab a bowl… try it out. And then try some recipes. -ram

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday March 29, 2001 -- 12:13:05AM
Oreo O's are pretty good. I have run through one box in my life of cereal eating. I did think they offered a somewhat sub-par taste compared to some cereals, but if someone gave me them I would eat them with no questions asked.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday March 29, 2001 -- 9:26:19AM
Matt--I'm beggining to think there isn't much you wouldn't eat.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday March 29, 2001 -- 1:42:24PM
On the topic of Oreo's and milk . . . does anyone remember the Oreos from a few months ago that would turn your milk blue? I think they died an awful death pretty fast out of the womb. There appeal was limited and puzzlingly unnecessary.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday March 29, 2001 -- 1:43:49PM
Yes you may be right. I used to really dislike fish and italian and mexican food, but now I'll eat all of them if thats whats being served. I think Iim preparing myself for missions work, where I will not have a choice of what to eat, I will have to eat what is given to me.
As far as cereal though, I never was a big fan of that cinnamon honey buns cereal. That was rather wack!

FROM: Jessica
DATE: Friday March 30, 2001 -- 12:13:00AM
This cereal is one of the few things the autistic boy I nanny will eat. I have to lug around baggies of them wherever I go with him. Consequently, my bag smells like Oreo Os, which isn't bad considering the many other things it could smell like. :)

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Friday March 30, 2001 -- 9:25:59AM
Last night at the grocery store I saw something for sale that I almost bought for Ryan:
A plastic cookie carrying case in the shape and likeness of an Oreo! It probably could hold only 6 cookies but for someone that's into Oreos like Ryan, it's a must-have item.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday March 30, 2001 -- 10:23:08AM
I'm touched, Fezziwig, that you thought of me in the grocery store. *wiping tear from my eye*

Plastic cookies are good.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday March 30, 2001 -- 10:44:26AM
My mommy has some cases like that for Pringles.

FROM: Caleb
DATE: Saturday March 31, 2001 -- 9:14:43AM
Dude, its all about the Reeces puffs.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday March 31, 2001 -- 11:36:10AM
You know, I've never tried those. Are they any good?

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:14:21 pm

FROM: Jo Mama
DATE: Sunday April 3, 2005 -- 10:14:54 am
hey, nobody remembers this show on MTV called "the max". i saw it when i was smaller, but i still remember it was about this monster type looking thing, and it was pretty tight. email me if you remember it, cuz i cant find a trace of it online. l8er
o yeah, other good shows that got cancelled:
*where in the world is carmen sandiego (game show)
*rocko's modern life
*in living color
*ninja turtles (the original)
*the original power rangers (lmao)
*buzzkill (mtv)
*roundhouse (nickelodeon)

FROM: cha
DATE: Tuesday August 23, 2005 -- 3:59:44 pm
bbbbouuuuuuuuuu sniff sniff :'( I'm french, and I love oreo o's and if I want to eat cereals oreo o's I have to go in usa :'(. It don't exist in france. I love oreo o's. it's pretty good!!! please send oreo o's cereals, and coockies in france!! PLEASE!!

George September 10, 2007, 11:05 pm

I WANT OREO O’S CEREAL!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT THEM! I cant find them anywhere! where can I get them?? does anyone know??


Vonnie October 5, 2007, 7:24 pm

Please, please, please bring back reruns of “Life Goes On” TV Show. I think this is the all time greatest series that has ever been on TV. I’ve been waiting & hoping that it will be on the rerun list for so long & it never happens. So whoever has the power & authority to get this show back on TV as reruns, please get-r-done! I will thank you from the bottom of my heart & truly will appreciate you for it. Thank you.

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