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March 30th, 2001

Ten Best Things to Do at 6:18am

1. Sleep. Sleep is good.
2. Put on a pot of coffee. Not only does coffee contain caffeine, an addictive drug that makes you feel good, but coffee tastes pretty swell too.
3. Listen to the morning traffic report. Yes, you can be amazed at how accidents are treated as normal, and the only big concern is how long it’ll take to get to the airport.
4. Kiss someone. Kissing is as good as sleep.
5. Watch last night’s Quantum Leap. Sci-Fi is now showing the earliest of all episodes, and you can catch up on the olde tyme stories.
6. Contemplate the role of the laugh track in American-made sitcoms, and truly realize the profound impact it has had on the way you react to television.
7. Read. Reading is good, too.
8. Set all of your clocks back an hour so everyone else is working on "Funny Time".
9. Sort through your bills and coupons.
10. Add something big to The Daily Ping. -pm

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