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April 8th, 2001

Finally… a good unified IM client!

Last week via serendipity (or some site that I found), I discovered a link to a little IM client called IMICI. The program and site are really geared towards corporate users, it seems… but I’ll tell you, the client you can download is super slick.

Naturally, you can communicate with other IMICI users. But with this handy-dandy program you can also communicate with folks on AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, and ICQ. All in one place. The program is pretty fast, and generally sticks to UI conventions without being too cutesy-poo or intrusive.

Give it a shot. I highly recommend it. -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday April 8, 2001 -- 10:29:04AM
I like IMICI, but I wish it was a little more customizable (for instance, ICQ can't be used behind a firewall). And I tried installing it on my home machine, but it crashes every time I start it up.

DATE: Sunday April 8, 2001 -- 10:54:46AM
Yeah, but we all know how good and stable your home machine tends to be, Ryan...

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