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April 9th, 2001

Sure Signs of Spring

One of the first sure signs of Spring is that first weekend where you can open up the windows on a Sunday morning (or afternoon, as the case was today) and actually feel motivated to do something with your weekend. This feeling of motivation is usually quickly squashed by the alarm clock on Monday morning, but it’s good while it lasts. When I was in college, I always looked forward to the first day of sunbathers in Ball Circle (considering that two of the four dorms around Ball Circle are all-female dorms), and there’s a definite smell in the air (like with fall) that signifies springtime has truly arrived.

Aside from allergies, what are some other of your favorite signs of Spring? -ram

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 12:08:38AM
We oficially had the first game of night kickball here at MWC tonight. Taking walks to the playground/park with female acquaintances is always a priority.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 7:24:15AM
I spent the majority of yesterday in local parks, and driving around downtown - fantastic weather. I felt like I should be doing something outside above all else.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 8:39:25AM
My least favorite sign of spring is the inevitable sunburn, which struck hard on Saturday. Damn the sun!

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 8:57:38AM
My favorite first sign of Spring is when girls start wearing less, like those little tank or halter tops and the short shorts or skirts.

FROM: Tina
DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 9:08:55AM
This Saturday's weather was just delightful, but the fun ended when those 40 mph winds blew my halter top and miniskirt right off me! How embarrassing! ;)

DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 9:35:37AM
Tina - Well, if you'd learn to wear undergarments, it would've been a little less embarassing. :)

FROM: Tina
DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 9:36:58AM
Rob - What makes you so sure I wasn't wearing undergarments? Have we met? ;)

FROM: Tony
DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 10:00:52AM
When the school starts passing out flyers to make sure all the seniors know if their going to graduate.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 10:43:34AM
walking to work/school and all of a sudden you realize that it's not as quietly dismal anymore, because the birds are back and happily chirping :-)

DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 12:59:53PM
Tina - If we'd met while you weren't wearing undergarments, I think I'd remember. ;) As for how I knew, though, the pictures don't lie. Well... sometimes they do. But only when they get paid a lot.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 1:22:21PM
Ryan--Do I have to remind you that you did do something with your weekend. You saw me twice!!!!

FROM: Tina
DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 2:22:48PM
Rob - Pictures? What pictures?? :)

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 2:37:05PM
Yes, Robert... that made my entire weekend worthwhile! :)

DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 2:42:18PM
Tina - When 40mph winds blow your halter top and miniskirt off, people tend to find cameras. I know ALL too well...

FROM: Tina
DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 2:57:12PM
Rob - I bet you look real swell in a halter top! Esp in a 40 mph wind! Now, if only I had a camera....

DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 3:04:04PM
Tina - At least I don't look real swelled in a halter top. And I always thought that you were the one that stole Ryan's digital camera. Hrmmmmm...

FROM: Tina
DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 3:37:15PM
Dagnabit! You meddlin' kids....if it weren't for you poking around in the old cave by the swamp, I'd have more than just your digital camera! Arrgh! Foiled again!

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DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:16:14 pm

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