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April 7th, 2001

Angry Drivers

My trip to Fredericksburg today took me 3 1/4 hours rather than 1 1/2 because of massive traffic. While I sat in traffic, I had a chance to people watch. One woman in particular stood out… she was stuck going about 5 mph on route 66, like the rest of us, but she was screaming her lungs out, cursing, pounding her wheel, and driving agressively (as agressively as one can driving 5mph). It was a funny site watching this woman lose it… not because she was the only one (I did it about 10 minutes later), but because it’s just a weird thing to watch someone flipping out as they’re oblivious to the rest of the world. She had no clue that someone was looking right over at her smiling as she damned every driver in front of her.

I wonder if people thought the same of me… -ram

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