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April 20th, 2001

Yahoo! Notepad

A few weeks ago, I found myself sending email to my regular account from work. It was an oft-used method of mine for various notes and so forth; when I come home, my notes and URLs are there, waiting for me. But I thought, geez, it’d be really nice to have an online notepad – so I don’t have to tax any mail servers.

For grins, I typed in Know what? It works! The Yahoo! Notepad is just perfect, just what I wanted to take short- or medium- length notes and keep track of interesting URLs. In lieu of having a public or private blog, this is great.

All you need is a Yahoo! account, but you probably already have one. So take note. -pm

Posted in Technology

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday April 20, 2001 -- 12:03:23AM
Since you mentioned this to me a couple weeks ago, I've been using it every day. I keep various snippets of lyrics I come up with throughout the day, notes to myself, review/article fragments, and even one called "Ping ideas." Great find.

DATE: Friday April 20, 2001 -- 11:22:57AM
I actually keep a private Yahoo Club with one member--me. That way I can keep ongoing notes, important stuff in the member message, pics, etc. I couldn't live without it.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday April 20, 2001 -- 12:44:04PM
So what's the name of your club, Cat, and can we join?

er, wait.

In seriousness, that's quite a good idea.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday April 20, 2001 -- 12:53:32PM
Cat--You've inspired me to start my own fan club at Yahoo. Of course, I will invite legions to join but it will end up my own club. :)

DATE: Friday April 20, 2001 -- 1:51:49PM
I had a friend with a temporary club called "Help Dave Find a Girlfriend"

It worked, more or less.

Yahoo Clubs has turned out to be one of the most versatile tools--I founded one of the first clubs (on the first day Clubs was available) for Portland, and it's still thriving with 600+ members. On the other hand, I have a club with just me and three other chicks that we use for gossip. Then there's the secret club of gamers that I can't tell you about...

Can you tell I love this stuff? They're planning on integrating Yahoo Groups (used to be eGroups) more closely with Clubs. I can't wait to see what cool features they come up with.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday April 20, 2001 -- 11:22:36PM
I did the private club thing as well before Paul mentioned the Notepad thing... both have their uses. I was always worried someone would join my club without me knowing. :)

FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Saturday April 21, 2001 -- 12:13:31AM
I like a PDA for this purpose, so I have an electronic notepad even for the 15 minutes per day that I am not sitting in front of a computer. It is particularly useful for updating my 'songs to download from Napster' file while listening to the radio in the car. Plus I don't have to put my data out in clear text across the network. :-)

The best solution would just be to SSH into your home computer from work.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday April 21, 2001 -- 1:09:43AM
Because everyone has an SSH tunnel set-up from work to home! ;)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday April 21, 2001 -- 1:57:05PM
Screw SSH at work, I just want windows to look out of!

FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Saturday April 21, 2001 -- 10:58:30PM
You can have my window, Paul. Unfortunately, every morning there is this large, blinding, bright, white ball of light in the sky, which puts an pretty heavy damper on my productivity. I've been wishing they would take that thing away.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday August 16, 2001 -- 12:00:03PM
As a followup to the original Ping, you can add the Yahoo! Notepad to a My Yahoo start page - and even pop in new notes right on the start page. Nice.

FROM: bb [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday March 25, 2004 -- 4:56:17 am
how to ping

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday March 25, 2004 -- 9:23:57 am
Sounds like you were ready to write an article, but got no further than the title.

FROM: Cat [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday March 25, 2004 -- 1:05:20 pm
How sad it is to revisit this thread and see what I said earlier about the integration of Clubs and Groups in retrospect.

Stupid Yahoo ruining everything.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday March 25, 2004 -- 1:43:59 pm
I quit using Yahoo Notes - too slow to get into and out of. Now I have a notes.txt file that I always have open and I keep my todo list, list of books to read, cds to buy, random thoughts etc there. I have a macro written for my mail client that automatically emails the file to home / work when I shut the mail client, so I always have the up to date copy of the file near me. I need to start carrying an index card and pen for those rare times I'm not in front of a computer. I have completely gotten away from carrying a Palm Pilot everywhere I go. PDA's are so 2000 you know ;)

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday March 25, 2004 -- 3:31:15 pm
I still use it, but not too frequently. One thing that annoys me: how it changes all double-quotes to single-quotes.

FROM: Cat [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday March 25, 2004 -- 9:56:00 pm
I still use notes for a few things. I've been experimenting with using a wiki, but what I use most of the time is Stickies from Of course that doesn't help me between work and home, though.

FROM: Ankit tanna
DATE: Friday August 20, 2004 -- 3:16:08 am
hi, yahoo notepad is just the best
i m working in yahoo notepad from 2 to 3 years, i save my daily work in that, it just helps me like a personla diary, so my personal dairy is safe.
Dont give the ID in which we save our work in yahoo notepad
i have a different ID for my notepad
that ID is specially for notepad.
it's just Best.

DATE: Sunday April 16, 2006 -- 12:42:27 am
i been usin yahoo notepad for a few years i keep everything in there even my lil secrets and sometimes i write lil rhymes in there

FROM: Devin
DATE: Monday May 22, 2006 -- 2:51:48 pm
I have one question for all of you

do ou think the da vinci code should have been made into a movie

is it " dealing a damaging blow to christianity "

or a harmless fiction book made into a fiction movie

FROM: jason
DATE: Monday May 22, 2006 -- 2:53:02 pm
Whoever saw the da vinci code is a sinner and will burn in hell

FROM: gori
DATE: Monday May 22, 2006 -- 2:54:25 pm
I think its harmless after all if you actually think the vatican has albino assasins i would be happy to point you to the nearest mental facility

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday May 22, 2006 -- 4:26:31 pm
a) This isn't a bulletin board, and
b) Nice try.

Jes July 8, 2007, 7:55 am

wow. so i am not the only weirdo lol. i use my yahoo notepad for everything! recipes, diary, all kinds of lists, music, etc. i love it. 🙂

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