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April 28th, 2001

Google Groups

Remember Deja News? Sure you do! They turned into Deja, which tried to be a strange brew of Usenet archives and Epinions. Google purchased the Usenet archives earlier this year and spit out a rather incomplete rendition of Deja called Google Groups. People complained, since the valuable Usenet archives dating back to 1995 were all gone. Google promised something better was coming.

Were they ever right! Google Groups is now up in Beta form, but it’s rather polished. The entire archive is back and, thanks to Google’s super easy searching capabilities, I was able to find my very first Usenet post ever. It’s from April 17, 1995 – back when I was still using AOL! – and I was just trying to sell some R.E.M. merchandise. I even remember writing this stuff.

Google Groups brings back fond memories, and yet it can dig up things you thought were left behind. Welcome to the never-ending archive, folks. -pm

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FROM: Viren
DATE: Saturday April 28, 2001 -- 3:05:59PM

Nostalgia abounds! However, it doesn't go back far enough. Anyone know any archives going back further? Like 90-91?

-- Viren

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday April 29, 2001 -- 3:45:48PM
I have also have Usenet posts that date back to the early-90s, but I'm still ecstatic that Google has the ones dating back to 1995 up now. It's almost embarassing some of the stuff I used to post. :)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday April 29, 2001 -- 5:17:00PM
Maybe uncovering those embarrassing ones should be a whole Ping.

Anyway, I'm no longer 100% convinced that the post I linked to was my very very first. But it's certainly the oldest Usenet one I've found, and that's worth something.

FROM: liz
DATE: Sunday April 29, 2001 -- 10:01:22PM
ooh, some other archive for me to be creepy and look up info on every boy i've ever kissed. woohaa!

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday April 30, 2001 -- 12:55:46AM
Liz--If their doctors haven't called you yet you're probably better off letting sleeping dogs lie. :)

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