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May 11th, 2001

Conversations at a Diner

Only at diners will you hear great conversations such as these actual bits from the Bridge Diner in Havre de Grace, MD:

Young Man: “Hey, do you want to play pool today?”
Woman: “I can’t. I’m going to Delaware to get cigarettes.”

Man, casually: “Did you hear about that guy that got stabbed to death last week? That was my daughter’s husband.”

Same man as above: “If a guy is going to be a f’ing a-hole to me, I’ll shoot his f’ing ass off. I don’t bother nobody, but I’m not afraid to take them out if they mess with me. I was a bounty hunter for seven years you know. Really, I was. Watch… hey, *calls to waitress*, what did I do for seven years?”
Waitress: “You were a bounty hunter.”
Man: “See? I told you.” -ram

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