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January 7th, 2001

Weather Sites

As a kind of late follow-up to Paul’s Weatherbug Ping, here’s a list of my favorite weather forecasting sites:
  • AccuWeather
    My personal favorite, AccuWeather seems to have the most detailed and accurate weather of any site on the Net.
  • Weather Underground
    A close second to AccuWeather. Tons of info, I just slightly prefer AccuWeather’s presentation.
  • The Weather Channel
    Obviously a good resource and a tad more entertaining than the TV station. 🙂
  • Intellicast
    Pretty standard forecast site.
  • CNN
    Not terribly exciting, but it’s there.

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday January 7, 2001 -- 2:08:11AM
Those are all well and good but they'll never beat sticking your head out a window.

FROM: Terry Murphy
DATE: Sunday January 7, 2001 -- 2:43:52AM
Well, weather sites (thanks for the info, Ryan!) are particularly useful for travel, so you know if you have to worry about your flight being cancelled and so forth; you can't stick your head out 2000 miles.

And if you live in a place such as Chicago which has harsh and unpredictable weather, you really do need to keep on top of the weather forecasts, so you can plan around it. I don't check weather except for travel, as I live in Oregon, and do not want screen burn-in with the text "lo 35, hi 45, partly cloudy, 50% chance of rain", but I certainly can understand that forecasts are very important in places with more temperamental weather.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Thursday January 11, 2001 -- 1:02:48PM
If you're a weather-weenie, check out THESE pages:
(most of the stuff is local-ish, though)
and if you'd like to see some of the nifty research we do with satellites, check out

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday January 11, 2001 -- 7:32:37PM
Damn you, Weather Weenie!!! Damn you to your sunshine-y hell!!!

DATE: Wednesday March 28, 2001 -- 7:24:41PM
you have to like(once you try it)arl'sREADY CURRENT METOEROLOGY WEBSITE.couple READY withIWIN'S local forecasting discussions and your off to a good synoptic start!

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