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May 22nd, 2001

Daily Oral Hygiene Habits of Our Readers: An Informal Poll

Time to fess up, Pingers. Name your brand and flavor of toothpaste, and then share with the class how often you brush.

Me? Right now I’m enjoying Tom’s Natural Toothpaste, in Peppermint with baking soda. I brush twice daily, floss once a day, and swish the overly strong Cool Mint Listerine – which is guaranteed to make your mouth burn like nobody’s business – once a day.

Note: If you go to the dentist, your head will turn red, green, or blue, depending on your height. You will also witness a site that has been under construction for over three years. -pm

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FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 8:52:12AM
I brush the pearly whites twice a day with Crest Whitening, and floss only once in a blue moon. My mouth can't handle the burning of Listerine so my dentist recommended Oxyfresh products such as the Mouthrinse and the Oxygene Gel. It's very light on the mouth and not only kills germs everywhere in your mouth, but it also gives you pleasant breath. I love the stuff!

FROM: Tina
DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 8:56:41AM
I hate flossing. I mean, I try to be orally hygenic and floss (and it's usually in a fit of guilt right after one of my twice-yearly dentist's appts) but it's a pain. Isn't there an easier (and more enjoyable) way to get at those pesky places between your teeth?

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 9:30:41AM
I use Colgate Total and whatever brush is laying around, preferably a horsehaar paint brush. I am a good boy because I brush first thing in the morning, while the shower is warming up. Usually, I get another one in before I go to bed, but I have been known to forget sometimes.
Flossing, while necessary, does not occur in my mouth more than a few times a month. The sames goes for the use of Listerine.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 10:27:57AM
I use all sorts of different toothpaste brands... no real loyalty. I try to floss every night since I'm such a puss about going to the dentist, but usually it only happens every other night. And I use the blue Listerine every night and occasionally in the morning.

But I don't brush my teeth at work. There was a guy here that did that on the regular...

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 10:55:10AM
I probably should brush my teeth at work, but the people who do that here are such goobers.

DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 11:26:38AM
I'm pretty sure I use Colgate Total with Whitening. I usually switch around to different Colgate types since I seem to get a lot of coupons for those. I floss rarely. I use the blue Listerine whenever I remember to, which is fairly often. I only brush twice a day, though on weekends I'll do it three times if I'm home after lunch. I refuse to brush my teeth at work. Let's see... I'm a computer geek with glasses... I've already got enough going against me.

FROM: Vinny
DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 12:39:03PM
I brush once a day (the horror) with a toothpaste prescribed to me by my dentist. I guess my teeth resemble swiss cheese at the microscopic level so I have this high-fluoride toothpaste that's supposed to patch up all the holes. My dentist uses it too and says it's supposed to be really good for your teeth, no matter who you are. Might want to ask you dentist about it too. Then I use the Listerine which burns like a mo'fo', causing me to spastically spit into the sink for 5 minutes. Truly a pleasant process overall.

DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 2:08:22PM
I won't comment on what kinds of things Vinny has had in his mouth that require him (or his mom) to use high-flouride toothpaste or spitting for five minutes. I think Ruthless Bastards needs a new top 10 list to cover this subject.

I don't have any interesting toothpaste stories to add, although my dentist does tell me that I don't need to have my wisdom teeth out since my mouth is big enough to keep them in. There are some advantages to have a large cranium after all.

FROM: liz
DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 4:16:24PM
i use that new crest gel stuff that comes in a little bottle. whitening? i don't know. i don't floss because i got a gang of gaps up in my teeth and i don't need to.

DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 7:25:59PM
I feel weird sharing my dental hygiene habits. I will tell you that I used to brush my Raggedy Ann's teeth regularly when I was a munchkin.

FROM: dave
DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 8:55:20PM
I tried the whitening stuff (my teeth grew in yellow) and it never worked. So I use the Colgate Total stuff and floss when I'm not too tired from working for the Man.

That Tom's stuff is nasty.

FROM: Laura
DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 8:57:00PM
I love Tom's Peppermint with baking soda-- it's theonly stuff I'll use. Once Dave tried it and he made gacking noises like a cat coughing up a hairball. At least I don't run out fast.

And umm... yeah... I brush my teeth at work.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- 10:59:02PM
Laura -- We can make an exception for you... you're not weird. :)

FROM: Donna
DATE: Monday January 28, 2002 -- 1:58:46 pm
For people who hate to floss, CVS carries a great product called "Brush Picks" by Doctor's". They are little plastic tooth picks that don't disintegrate when wet, and the other end is a little brush with an even smaller width that gets between teeth that are close together. Also, they are slightly addictive. I love the feeling of the brush gently rubbing between the teeth. Try them!

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