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May 24th, 2001

When Bandwidth Goes Awry

My second favorite discussion site, behind the Ping, is MetaFilter. It’s been run by a fellow named Matt Haughey. I’ve never met him, though I would guess he’s a real person. He was featured on a recent cover of Brill’s Content. Though that person could be an actor. Anyway.

MeFi was one of the keys in exposing the entire Kaycee Nicole hoax, which has made its way to MSNBC (it had to have been a slow news day). MeFi fostered an outpouring of discussion, speculation, and eventually evidence – and is to be commended. I just laughed when I saw it on TV – here was a story broken by a few individual bloggers, discussed by several hundred people, and bam, it’s national news.

Over time, MeFi has become a very vibrant community, one that attempts to recapture the Olde Days of the web and just plain being online. That said, MeFi is down and will remain down for the foreseeable future. The T1 it was utilizing is gone due to a restructuring from the bandwidth provider. For sites like MeFi, that attract just 9 more visitors than the Ping, this is a fairly large deal. What happens when your favorite method of communicating with people goes away, and isn’t 100% certain to return?

There are only a few people providing bandwidth and stuff with no apparent strings, but these are the minority. For it’s not the company that controls the browser, the plugin, the content management system, the IA system, or anything else. It’s the company that controls the bandwidth. -pm

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FROM: liz
DATE: Wednesday May 23, 2001 -- 11:11:50PM
i'm totally in mefi withdrawl. i check it like ten times a day.

and my work ip is banned (though not by any of my actions!) and i cry and cry and cry.

i just heart mefi.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday May 24, 2001 -- 8:50:46AM
I decided to start checking Metafilter regulary after Ryan blogged about the Kaycee hoax. Naturally, it went down a day later. I'm sorry, everyone. :(

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday May 24, 2001 -- 9:40:41AM
Does anyone else think it is quite irresponsible of MSNBC to post the (fake) photo of Kaycee? She didn't asked to be drawn into this mess, why don't they just leave her alone, for once?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday May 24, 2001 -- 9:55:20AM
Good point, Robert. It's basically MSNBC beating a dead horse - go figure!

Also of note is that MeFi isn't mentioned anywhere in that article, even though I would have to assume that at least one "reader quote" came from it. Way to cite your sources, guys!

I guess if they don't cite MeFi, they don't consider it a valid source. But wait! The majority of the article is based on MeFi discussion! So the whole thing's invalid? Hm.

They just want you to get to the quality (cough!) MSNBC message board.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday May 24, 2001 -- 11:06:47AM
MSNBC as always been, in my opinion, one of the worst mainstream news sites. Their design is awful, not to mention their questionable choices like posting this photo of "Kaycee."

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday May 24, 2001 -- 11:21:14AM
I have a hard time believing that Bill Gates and the people who brought us "Will & Grace" could be so careless.
I also think Limp Bizkit is a groundbreaking musical act.

DATE: Thursday May 24, 2001 -- 11:48:34AM
I'm feelin' mighty isolated without MeFi. I'm following the KN thing over at the yahoo group...but it's not the same. By now we should be on the 187th comment in the Senator Jeffords thread!

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:22:12 pm

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