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May 29th, 2001

The Most Heinous Wedding Songs Ever

With my own nuptials approaching rapidly, my fiancee and I have had to think about the type of music we want played at our wedding. One reason we chose our DJ is that he also said that telling him what not to play was as important as what we wanted him to play. Now, I realize that some people can’t go to a wedding without dancing to “YMCA,” but there are some songs that I consider so hideously awful that they make my ears bleed within two notes:
  • Um… “YMCA”
  • “My Sharona” (side note: The Knack has an official site!)
  • “The Chicken Dance” (more of a roller skating atrocity, but I’ve also heard it at weddings)
  • “Boot Scoot Boogie”
  • “Electric Slide” (did you know there was a 1991 remix by a rapper named Grandmaster Slice? I own the cassingle)
  • “Macarena”
  • “Hokey Pokey”
  • “La Vida Loca”
About the only standard wedding song I can halfway stomach is “Celebration,” even though Kool wasn’t really that cool and The Gang didn’t wear blue or red bandanas.

Are there any other tunes I should avoid at all costs? -ram

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