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May 30th, 2001

Dining Rooms

I currently live in a one-bedroom apartment, and the majority of the time it’s just myself here. When I bought furniture for the place, I was rather pleased to get a kitchen table and chairs – I figured I’d look forward to bright, sunny days eating Cheerios at my table.

But I tell you, I’ve only actually eaten at the table twice since moving here. Most of the time the coffee table in my living room is more conducive to eating. So, the kitchen table is a hodgepodge. At any given moment my kitchen table contains the following items: magazines, unsorted mail, my easel with paints, a miniature Dennis Rodman figure, my keys, my wallet, my change jar, my old phone, unused pinstriping from my car, and on occasion, shredded soy cheese that has turned into a block.

Do you use your dining room table? If so, what for? -pm

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