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June 4th, 2001

Welcome Back, Freakylinks – again!

Back at the start of this year, I saluted the Fox show Freakylinks. It melded a bit of X-Files with web/tech savvy and well-written stories.

I’m pleased to report that, yes, it’s back once again. I’m somewhat worried this time out, though. The show’s been off for about five months, and chances are that means we won’t see it again in the next season. Given that it’s on the basement that is Friday night, if you don’t have a PVR of some sort, it might be a pain to catch. But given that so many Fox shows are drivel, it’s nice to be able to see something that has a quality component.

So to Freakylinks I say, welcome back again. Maybe you’d care to stick around this time? -pm

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