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June 7th, 2001

First Kiss

I remember my first kiss quite fondly… too bad I don’t remember the girl’s name.

Now, I’m not counting that time in Kindergarten when I kissed Beth M- during storytime (how I remember that, I have no clue). Rather, I’m talking about the time in fourth grade when my friend Josh had a boy/girl party and we decided to break out a bottle and do a little spinning.

The odd thing was that his dad had a videocamera set up, and though he left the room, he recorded our game. Very strange. Perhaps a little creepy.

I remember one girl getting especially grossed out when my friend Pat tried to slip her the tongue.

In any event, my first kiss was with Josh’s super-shy cousin. All I remember is that she had red hair and barely said a word the whole party. Ah… but I made her smile after my spin landed on her.

Or, at least that’s the way I remember it. -ram

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