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June 8th, 2001

Thumb Writers

By pure accident, I think I’ve stumbled upon one of the long-standing secrets of magic.

It’s a thumb writer. This ultratiny device is, you guessed it, a pencil that fits on one’s thumb. When I first stumbled upon that page I wasn’t entirely sure how useful this thing would be. But think about it.

And, here’s a much smaller model. It’s sold with this stern warning:

Attention: This is sold on the strict understanding that THE SECRET of this presentation MUST NOT BE DIVULGED TO ANYONE … under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This is for the buyer alone.

Certainly, this is a big deal. I had a hard time finding any further information on this little gadget. Anyone have a clue? Or maybe you’re not going to tell THE SECRET of this presentation… under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! -pm

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