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June 11th, 2001

Craft Fairs

Yes, I’m a big wuss for liking craft fairs.

Actually, I don’t really like them all that much — especially when they’re filled with nothing but counted cross-stiched “Bless this house”-type item. But at the huge Mountain Heritage Craft Festival in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, we dropped some dough.

Go ahead and call me a dork because I was geeked for homemade preserves (Elderberry… mmm…), some killer herb and spice dip mix, birdhouses from this great vendor from Tennessee, and some great pottery. But a craft fair is a great place to find gifts, from the creative to the cheesy to the truly elegant.

One stand that really made an impression offered wood products made out of 100% recycled wood. They went to a large Sears and Roebuck catalog warehouse a few years back that was being shut down and turned into a shopping mall. They managed to get dozens of trailers full of quality pine from the warehouse. They turned the pine into a series of numbered wooden baskets (ranging from $50-80), storage cases ($170), and gorgeous dressers ($1500+). Hand-craftsmanship at its best.

Tasty fudge and freshly squeezed lemonade topped the day off nicely. -ram

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Ryan June 10, 2008, 3:14 pm

^^^ Dorkiest Ping I’ve ever written?

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