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July 8th, 2000

Dumb Car Names

I’ve been on a car tangent lately, and I’m going to indulge.

Have you noticed that car names today are, uh, rather dumb? I might buy a Sonata. I considered an Alero (what is an alero?), an Intrepid, and a Neon. I drive a Neon, used to have a Shadow. There was the Sundance, the Tempo (goes well with a Sonata!), the Jimmy.

We like places, so lots of cars are named after places: Sebring, Malibu, Monte Carlo, Dakota, Tahoe, the upcoming VW Colorado. I’d hate to see what the Berwyn looked like.

Ford loves consistency, so all of their SUVs are similarly-named: Escape, Explorer, Expedition, Excursion. DaimlerChrysler used to have the Cirrus and Stratus, in reply to VW’s Golf and Jetta. Then there are animals: Rabbit, Fox, Tiburon, Impala.

Got any that bug you? -pm

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FROM: Maria
DATE: Saturday July 8, 2000 -- 5:40:20AM
The one that bugs me is the Montana. (Can't remember who makes it, but it's an SUV.) It's not so much the car itself that bugs me, but the commercials. Vigilantes chasing the Montana's driver until they catch it, then all piling in as the narrator says "Life is more exciting in Montana."
I live in MT, and let me tell you, it's not.

FROM: dave
DATE: Saturday July 8, 2000 -- 12:58:45AM
Doesn't someone make an Aztec? Maybe we'll get more vehicles named after extinct civilizations (The All New 2001 Ford Carthage! With Anti-Lock Brakes!).

I have a Concorde. My girlfriend has a New! Beetle. Stick with the classics.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday July 8, 2000 -- 3:47:07PM
I drive a Ford Taurus, CLI model.

FROM: Spoor
DATE: Sunday July 9, 2000 -- 7:16:30AM
Most Definitely the stupid people in the world are working for car companies. Just have to look at the cars to see this. Wider is better bigger is better. What are these goons thinking of??

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday July 9, 2000 -- 9:00:01AM
Spoor, they're thinking of typical American tastes. Americans love big things - TVs, houses, cars. That's kind of why I'm surprised something like the PT Cruiser is popular - it's a great little car, but it's little. Who knows, maybe we'll start seeing a renaissance of smaller cars.

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Tuesday July 11, 2000 -- 8:42:13AM
I really don't like the name Intrepid for a sounds like an insult to the car. I drive a Probe and although I love my car, I really don't like that name either - reminds me of a hospital procedure or something painful and unpleasant.
-Old Fezz

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday July 11, 2000 -- 7:53:30PM
Based on my experiences in a Probe, I'd say the name is very accurate. ;D

DATE: Wednesday February 27, 2002 -- 7:25:49 pm

FROM: me
DATE: Monday March 24, 2003 -- 6:01:56 pm
omg a CLI-Taurus? lmao

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:34:16 pm

FROM: jk
DATE: Saturday July 8, 2006 -- 10:59:29 pm
I am annoyed anytime I see a Chevy Cobalt that is NOT blue.

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