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July 1st, 2001

Time for a New ISP

I’ve never kept an ISP for more than a year. Why? Probably because by the time a year is up, I’m so annoyed by their service that there’s no way I’m willing to shell out another year’s worth of money up front for subpar service.

I was pleased with my current provider until they sold out to Prodigy. Now, the connections are pretty intermittent and tonight I was battling with busy signals (for the first time in the last year). This is why this particular Ping is so late, incidentally — I tried to connect for seven hours with no luck. Fortunately, July marks one year with this service, so it’s time for me to move on again.

This time around, I only want to pay month-to-month, since high-speed access might be in the cards within the next year. I also would love to cut back the price a bit, even if it means not getting “unlimited hours” (I’d be happy with 100 hours a month).

Any thoughts? -ram

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