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July 2nd, 2001

Great Roadsigns

It’s no secret that I love roadsigns. i find them fascinating in a way that isn’t easy to articulate; I find them to be a nice, quiet type of art. They’re functional, but also can be pretty, symbolic, or even entertaining.

So when Michelle put up her Greatest Roadsign Ever, I couldn’t help but think back to a trip up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, from a couple of months ago. On the way to our destination, we passed many a quaint farmhouse and even more large fields. But one sign in particular was just funny for no good reason: Back Rd. Yes, there is an actual back road, and it’s Back Road! It’s like naming a street Other Road:

How do you get there?
Well, you take the Back Road to the other road…
Other Road?

I feel an Abbott and Costello routine coming on. Got any fave roadsigns in your neck of the woods? -pm

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