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July 12th, 2001


Another restaurant I recall from my childhood is Farrell’s. The local one was in a nearby shopping mall. I remember being in awe when we’d turn the corner to the hallway this one was situated in, and being blown away by the marquee. Tons of lightbulbs, flashing and blinking and bursting, all along a very movie theater-like marquee. The food was similar to, well, everyplace else. But Farrell’s had a carnival atmosphere and I recall quite distinctly having a blue Farrell’s kazoo. It was a whole lot of fun.

Unlike Yankee Doodle Dandy, too, people who remember Farrell’s have sites. Check out some great promo items and pictures, research with great trivia, and the connection between Farrell’s and the Selective Service.

Also of note: at least one still exists, in Oregon. -pm

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