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July 16th, 2001

The Best Band You’ve Never Heard Of

Without entirely stealing a page from Ryan’s book, I’m curious to know if any of our Pingers have a favorite band or artist that no one seems to have heard of. Your best kept secret, if you will.

Back in the mid-90s, I was 100% certain that Certain Distant Suns, a Chicago band, would hit the big time. They took clever hooks and danceable beats, and put them behind solid power pop lyrics. Their major label debut, Happy on the Inside took their first two EPs and placed them in the spotlight. Sadly, few looked on. CDS continued touring locally and put out another CD, Boss Nova but seems to have disbanded.

Also of note: Grant Lee Buffalo. Just stellar stuff, and no one seems to ever have heard of them.

What’s your favorite little-known band? -pm

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Nina January 26, 2007, 7:29 pm

How about these?

The Mysteries of Life, Heather Nova, The Goops, Steadman, Ed Harcourt, Communique, and of course the Certain Distant Suns.

zack September 14, 2008, 5:22 am

@sarah: I have heard of never heard of it plus i can’t find them on itunes or anywhere else I guess people actually never heard of it 😀

And about the rest of the bands hmmm….. rancid i thought that was the ones that wasn’t heard of

Oh my GOD
there is people who posted from 7 years ago i am shocked
In deep shock
And sarah you might even see this
but if you typed that at 2003
i guess i was 5 years late 😛
but for real they are like a good charlotte But they can’t take the place of him
there is just something missing hmmm…… let me guesss (no need for thinking what kind of band will name it’s self never heard of it)
maybe it doesn’t want to be heard of XD

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