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July 15th, 2001

Oreos, Part 8: Chocolate Creme Oreos and Oreo Oreos

Back in May, Paul mentioned the new Chocolate Creme Oreos in Pings to Do. Reader response was generally, “I’m scared” or “That’s heresy.” But, being the Ping’s resident Oreo expert, I decided to pick a pack up and give them a shot.

Verdict: surprisingly good! I’m not a big fan of chocolate-on-chocolate, but after a few cookies I developed what I call the “Oreo Taste” — a periodic urging for Oreos (in this case, the Chocolate Creme Oreos).

However, I also got an idea for a new flavor of Oreos (Nabisco — are you paying attention?):

A Double Stuf Oreo with half of the normal white creme and half of the new Chocolate Creme. What would these delicious new gems be called?

Oreo Oreos, of course. -ram

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DATE: Sunday July 15, 2001 -- 3:37:27AM
The natural progression of flavors dictates that strawberry oreos are next.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday July 15, 2001 -- 11:03:50AM
Cat--I was thinking the same thing last night, but I concluded that strawberry Oreo's would be too vile to contemplate.

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Sunday July 15, 2001 -- 12:11:38PM
If we're talking in terms of the natural progression of milk flavors... then after strawberry would come either eggnogg or root beer. (in junior high school, regular, chocolate, strawberry, and root beer were the choices of milk flavors at our school... needless to say, I am now a vegan.)

If we're talking natural progression of ice cream flavors, then I think coming up after strawberry would be mint. And I think I could handle that, but only if they made an effort to keep the creme from tasting like toothpaste.

Speaking of being vegan, the vegan tip of the day is: Oreos are not vegan but Hydrox, or Droxies, are! I hosted a vegan retreat once and we lived on Hydrox, Twizzlers, sugared cereal and vegan pizza.

I'm done now.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday July 15, 2001 -- 6:13:05PM
I've wanted to try the root beer schnapps they sell at the liquor store, but there is nothing you could do to make me try root beer milk.

DATE: Monday July 16, 2001 -- 1:05:25AM
Nabisco doesn't need ideas for new varieties of Oreos.
They already have so many varieties and take up so much
supermarket shelf space that you can't find Hydrox cookies
in most stores. Hydrox is the real deal--far superior to
Oreos! Once you've tried them you'll never go back.


FROM: Dave
DATE: Monday July 16, 2001 -- 1:37:37AM
I agree- Hydrox is much better!!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday July 18, 2001 -- 11:18:02AM
Dave and Jim have now been banned from the Ping for heretical comments.

FROM: i am mike
DATE: Wednesday July 18, 2001 -- 2:06:14PM
here's one for you...

are oreos any good without milk? really, i love oreos, but without milk? i cringe just thinking about it. i am mike

DATE: Friday July 20, 2001 -- 1:10:42AM

"banned from the Ping for heretical comments."

Is this a banned for life kind of thing?


FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday July 20, 2001 -- 9:23:59AM
Jim -- Until you come around about Oreos. :)

DATE: Saturday July 21, 2001 -- 3:34:34AM
Ryan -- If I've learned one thing over the years it's never say never (the one exception - no GM pieces of crap ever).

So I won't say never to Oreos--just never as long as Droxies are being made.

DATE: Sunday July 4, 2004 -- 1:12:53 am
What part of Oreos aren't vegan?? Just so that I can look for them in other cookies...Thanks.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday July 4, 2004 -- 7:57:29 pm
Some, but not all, Oreo products contain whey (which is dairy).

FROM: Mulata mama
DATE: Monday December 20, 2004 -- 1:10:04 am
in response to Roberts July 15, 2001 coment on strawberry oreos, i'd like to state that they do make strawberry oreos in mexico but paired with chocolate as part of their half and half oreo kick and i must say that i prefer the strawberry side over the chocolate side for it is surprisingly delicious =) so knock anything till you've tried because in all honesty i felt the same way about the strawberry thing but tasted it out of curiosity and now i'm mad that they havent marketed this product in the states. Man, i think it's time for me to wright a letter to nabisco =)

FROM: Mulata mama
DATE: Monday December 20, 2004 -- 1:11:55 am
eeek i just noticed a typo i meant to say "DONT knock it till you've tried it" sorry about that =)

FROM: victoria
DATE: Saturday June 4, 2005 -- 3:44:56 pm
your converstation about oreos was sensational =)

DATE: Wednesday August 16, 2006 -- 4:26:40 pm
They don't make HYDROX cookies anymore:(

nex April 13, 2008, 5:53 am

well its here in 2008 and just had a strawberry milkshake oreo. so i guess your predictions came true. btw they are awesome.

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