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August 2nd, 2001

Your Favorite City Skyline

Certainly, there are a lot of really pretty cities out there. I’m partial to Chicago’s skyline… possibly because it’s been there all my life. The buildings just loom at the horizon for so many miles. The Sears Tower juts up strongly, with the surrounding buildings sprouting up around it. And then, you hit Lake Michigan, and outside of one or two buildings, you’re looking back at all of it. Just gorgeous.

I also like the skylines of Minneapolis-St. Paul and Denver, but not nearly as much. The big question is, what cities do it for you? What skylines are your favorite? -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday August 2, 2001 -- 12:19:26AM
The New York skyline says to me, "We're over here Ryan! We're vinyl and we're at numerous record shops! Come buy us and enjoy our wonderful city.

I like the Philly skyline, too, because once you cross that bridge, you are in the city, period. It's pretty attractive, too.

The only city skyline that does absolutely nothing for me is DC.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday August 2, 2001 -- 12:24:57AM
They need to tear down the skyscrapers so you can actually see some shite!

FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Thursday August 2, 2001 -- 2:01:07AM
Chicago is, by far, my favorite, and I think the most distinctive and recognizable. Although somewhat gimmicky, Seattle and St. Louis are also standouts.

Although very nice cities, I have never been impressed with skylines of Boston, New York, and Los Angeles.

And let's not forget cities outside of the US with nice skylines, such as Tokyo and Paris.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday August 2, 2001 -- 2:07:17AM
Actually when you break it down it's not the cities that are nice, it's whats in them. The cities are all polluted crap-holes, but the entertainment and culture are the attractions.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday August 2, 2001 -- 7:31:07AM
Matt, I understand what you're saying, but architecture is one of my big side interests, and that's one of the many other things I appreciate about Chicago's skyline and buildings... the architecture. Just fantastic stuff, and that adds to my feelings about it.

FROM: Sk1dzz
DATE: Thursday August 2, 2001 -- 9:37:14AM
I'm certainly biased (being from Pittsburgh), but have a look.

FROM: Dave Hauss
DATE: Thursday August 2, 2001 -- 11:35:14AM
Actually KAUAI is a nice SKYLINE! I was just there and it is awesome.. Especially from helicopter

DATE: Thursday August 2, 2001 -- 4:30:55PM
I love Seattle's skyline. Of course my favorite city, Portland, has a crap-assy skyline. It's been accurately described as a 7-10 split. But it's okay from certain carefully-chosen angles.

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Thursday August 2, 2001 -- 4:50:39PM
Why, Dublin, of course! I see seven towers, but I only see one way out.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday August 3, 2001 -- 12:43:49AM
Paul did you ever want to be an architect, and then change your mind to become a city-planner?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday August 3, 2001 -- 7:44:04AM
Only when playing SimCity, Matt.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Friday August 3, 2001 -- 3:27:51PM
Hi all, long time reader, first time Pinger. All I ask is that you do not make fun of the fact that I use AOL. My vote for best Skyline is Berwyn Illinois. It's got a hospital, a condo complex and a Mexican restaurant. Who needs offices when you've got that? You eat, get sick, go to the hospital, and then go home!

FROM: John Ritter
DATE: Wednesday August 8, 2001 -- 12:00:10AM
Has anyone been to Sydney Australia?
I just came back - have a look at the link below.
Not as intense as New York but a great town. Ugliest skyline? What about L.A.?

FROM: Mike
DATE: Tuesday September 4, 2001 -- 11:42:59PM
Charlotte's skyline is really nice, plus there is an additional skyscraper under construction. There are talks about another one to be built in a couple of years that will be one of the top 5 tallest in the world.

DATE: Friday September 21, 2001 -- 1:12:15PM
Chicago will always be my favorite, and not just because I live here. It just has such a variety of styles and beauty. Another city that has a very pretty skyline would have to be Columbus, Ohio, especially at night.

FROM: Greg2won5
DATE: Sunday November 10, 2002 -- 10:21:30 pm
new york skyline aint the same w/o the twin towers. its a shame. philly's got the best skyline though, without a doubt....

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday November 10, 2002 -- 10:59:42 pm
San Francisco in the late afternoon sun actually looks so clean.

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday November 10, 2002 -- 11:02:28 pm
Wow, I don't know if Elizabeth will read this, but kudos for the U2 reference. I think he was referring to a certain drug though. Thank you for taking me back to my sophomore year in college...not because of drugs but because that was the year the Joshua Tree came out.

FROM: Damian
DATE: Monday December 2, 2002 -- 2:43:05 am
I think Vancouver, British Columbia has the most attractive skyline in North America. The city just looks like it blew out of somewhere in the future.

Outside North America I think that either Frankfurt or Berlin have the most amazing skylines. Berlin because it has a strange mix to architecture, and Frankfurt because it just doesn't look like it belongs in Europe.

DATE: Wednesday December 4, 2002 -- 6:33:58 pm
seattle rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FROM: josh
DATE: Monday December 30, 2002 -- 9:13:24 pm
dallas is my fav skyline, it just so glittzy and glamourous, the city and metro area is beyond huge and hard to get used to. i just moved here from portland, or, and dallas is like 10 times the size of seattle or portland and i have not gotten used to it!!! but other than dallas, i love chicago's skyline

FROM: chris
DATE: Wednesday January 15, 2003 -- 1:37:03 pm
I think Charlotte N.C. has a beutiful skyline. I moved from there 3 years ago and want to go back asap. great land scape to.

FROM: vlm
DATE: Wednesday January 15, 2003 -- 2:24:18 pm
Chicago, without a doubt. It's like 10 skylines in one. On a single drive southbound on LSD, there's the Mag Mile skyline, the River crossing skyline, the Grant Park skyline, and the Museum Campus skyline. Then you can loop back and around to take 290 into the deep downtown, and get the Sears Tower skyline. Not to mention the Merchandise Mart riverviews skyline(s), Venetian night skyline from someone else's boat, the looking east from Navy Pier skyline while you swing around the Ferris wheel (named for Bueller, of course!), and my very favorite, the airborne approach skyline. Did that once on the Fourth of July, and we flew in above fireworks. MOST excellent.

Then Sydney, San Francisco, and New York, if only for the Chrysler Building.

FROM: mike
DATE: Tuesday February 4, 2003 -- 11:13:55 pm
I think The illadelph is the sickest skyline..then New York..New York is nothing special now because of september 11th..

FROM: trevor sayler
DATE: Friday June 6, 2003 -- 10:41:28 am
i think seattle has the best skyline ever,in fact that is where i'm moving to.From sterling(the sucky place)

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday June 6, 2003 -- 11:38:38 am
Which Sterling? There seems to be one in every state...

FROM: Thomas
DATE: Thursday September 11, 2003 -- 10:51:47 pm
I really like Philadelphia's, it's very pleasant to look at. I can not stand new york's, i do love the chrystler building but the twin towers were ugly to me, they were big rectangles up in the air. Pittsburg is also pretty cool.

FROM: jam
DATE: Friday October 24, 2003 -- 10:57:55 am
I think the D.C. skyline is special because you can actuall see the sky, LOL, it gives you a more open, friendly feeling than the cluster of building in other big cities

FROM: Chuck
DATE: Wednesday December 3, 2003 -- 1:15:52 am
Go to Pittsburgh! If you can not make a trip there then go to a web site with pictures. Then you will see that it does have the best skyline there is. Sorry for anyone who disagrees but it is a fact! USA Today named it The Second Most Beautiful View in the U.S.

FROM: Dirk
DATE: Thursday January 29, 2004 -- 9:39:36 pm
No skyline is shit to Chitown representen

FROM: mark
DATE: Saturday February 7, 2004 -- 10:00:51 pm
i think phoenix arizona has a very big and beautiful skyline

FROM: Craig
DATE: Friday February 20, 2004 -- 10:20:03 am
Pittsburgh......hands down.

FROM: Der Boldt
DATE: Wednesday March 31, 2004 -- 2:59:04 am
As fractured as my hometown Atlanta's infrastructure is, it has an amazing skyline. Since there's a fairly recent building code down here stating no building over a certain height can have a flat top, there's some pretty neat rooftops, and it all glows at night like a million nuggets of gold.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday March 31, 2004 -- 10:19:38 am
Since Veterans Stadium was imploded recently (RIP 1971-2004), the Philadelphia skyline is much more visible from I-95 and Packer Ave., and looks great to drive by. Not that it wasn't great already, but there's a lot more open space now...

FROM: Kevin Gerads
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 3:51:00 pm
Minneapolis headed northbound on 35-W at dusk is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 6:16:27 pm
Charlotte, N.C. An underated skyline in my opinion, beautiful at night, and growing all the time. The new NBA arena will be a nice addition when it is completed next year.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 9:01:19 pm
Now here's hoping your owners don't screw you out of a team again, Matt.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 10:46:01 pm
I know right? So far Bob Johnson seems sincere in wanting growth for Charlotte. He also has a much deeper pocket then Shinn did. We'll see how he does. By the way, this is a different Matt from the angry dude up top.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 11:01:00 pm
By the way Dave, you wouldn't happen to be an Eagles fan would you? If so...sorry about that game in January, we had to do it. Go Panthers!

FROM: Dan Johnston
DATE: Friday April 9, 2004 -- 1:32:38 pm
I agree Kevin, Minneapolis from south is nice.

FROM: Greg Nicolas
DATE: Sunday April 11, 2004 -- 12:25:46 am
What about Cincinnati? Looking across the river from Kentucky? It's beautiful. Carew Tower. PNC Bank. Roebling Bridge. Two stadium. And a river. The Cinci skyline even has a restaurant named after it. It's way better than the Columbus skyline. If you took away the Arch, St. Louis would be nothing.

FROM: James
DATE: Wednesday April 14, 2004 -- 1:34:25 am
Charlotte is exquisite early in the morning just before the sun breaks the horizon; It also has some imaginative architecture.

FROM: John
DATE: Wednesday April 14, 2004 -- 10:21:34 pm
New York downtown (pre 9/11) from any angle is my favorite. Midtown NYC is entirely uninspiring save for the Empire State, Chrysler, and Citigroup buildings. The new development at the WTC site will again restore a uniqueness appropriate to the city that never sleeps. Cincinnati from Kentucky is also a great view--even if it's not the exact view (from Price Hill) that inspired Skyline Chili's name. Downtown San Francisco from Oakland or Alcatraz is nice, too. Hometown Detroit gets a big fat zero.

FROM: Ron Dirks
DATE: Wednesday May 19, 2004 -- 3:34:43 pm
Pittsburgh....without question. If you want to see one of the most dramatic sites, drive into Pittsburgh,from the airport, through the Fort Pitt Tunnels. WOW!!! USA Today was right on with their top rank.

FROM: Dj Matt
DATE: Friday May 21, 2004 -- 4:00:16 pm
Minneapolis' skyline is nice. Just imagine if St Paul and Minneapolis' skyline were combined.

94 E before the tunnel and 35-W....WOW!...too bad the city SUCKS ass are my rankings:

1. Chicago (My girlfriend and I call the skyline the looks like a 5-mile ling pop-up on 90-E into the city.

2. Atlanta --Very nice. Dense & colorful.

3. New York -- Amazing. Not as much color as Atlanta and a little older feel...hence the southern Queen's edge.

4. Minneapolis -- The clear skies and the lake reflections on a summer night help create a cool, crisp "Chicagoan" type feel.....Needs about 2-3 well placed 750-900 ft buildings---and a little more color...I love the IDS...*the popsicle* lol

5-way tie:

On a limb here....Milwaukee -- At night...coming into the city, the blend of purple and red give this city a nice brilliance.

Dallas, Seattle, San Fran, Charlotte

DATE: Saturday May 29, 2004 -- 6:29:39 pm
Hong Kong, without a doubt, higher than all the others, rammed into a continuous space, brigher than all the others and man does the bank of china look awesome (The Glass One), not to mention the IFC. (The Huge Ass Carrot on the right!!!)
Check out

I Am sure you won't be sorry.

It might be outside of america but as much as I like the US, Hong Kong has taken it so much further than any other city in the world. Just check out the HK skyscraper rating of 110,000; thats over 3 times that of NYC in second place with 35,000 (WTC complex or Not)


FROM: ben
DATE: Saturday June 5, 2004 -- 2:51:49 pm
USA: Minneapolis
Australia: Perth
Canada: Vancouver
China: Hong Kong
Japan: Tokyo
Runner ups: San Francisco USA, Calgary Canada, Sydney Australia, Paris France, Toronto Canada, Philladelphia USA and Pittsburgh USA

FROM: Mike S.
DATE: Friday June 11, 2004 -- 7:23:04 pm
Being from Chicago I am a little biased but I also think that Seattle, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, San Francisco, and of course New York all have beautiful skylines. In Canada, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calqary have awesome skylines.

FROM: Marcus Mackey [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday June 12, 2004 -- 7:47:56 am
Being from Chicago, and having been to NYC, their skyline just doesn't do it for me. The Chrysler building = amazing but outside of that just the overall arrangement never really appealed to me to stand as anything profound or breathtaking.

With all of the Adler & Stevenson architectural style (to me Chicago's equivelants to the Chrysler Building, but on a grander scale as we have more of it) mingled around Chicago amongst prominent buildings like The Water Tower, The Hancock, and Sears Tower... then the magnificent mile, the view from the Field Museum or one of the other peninsulas jutting out onto the lake... It's tough to beat Chicago's in the U.S IMHO. From just about any angle it's an amazing presence (as noted above), and it almost looks even more awesome and profound on a clear night when it's all lit with that spacious opening in Grant Park to lead your eyes. It's truly a spectacle to see.

For my 2nd pick I'd echo the sentiments over Milwaukee's skyline. It truly is a nicely executed skyline that's attractive and I find some of the more modern architectural efforts a bit more invigorating than the big block-shaped buildings in other cities. Mixing some classy older style buildings with some inventive architecture would bolster any city, but if not... at least do something interesting and don't make a giant free-standing brick with your newer designed buildings. I'd even venture to say that Miller field whoops up on U.S. Cellular for intrigue and layout for a modern stadium in this area, even if they kind of set it off in a state where there's not much going on around it. Not that either can touch Wrigley, even from the perspective of a Cardinal fan (moi). LoL

I'd give Columbus, OH a close 3rd to Milwaukee of the cities I've been to. The culture in town, as the angrier Matt above suggested isn't quite there because the city is so hinged around The Ohio State University that it shape-shifts just about every 4 years or whenever the next generation gap's tastes are deemed "icky" by the next incumbent unlike a Chicago where it's ripe heritage stands paramount university or no university and is transitional, epic, and historic. Yet the city's architecture is quite attractive and I think the transitional nature of the cultures at OSU help add a certain charisma to the way things look; a ebb and flow of different tastes over time. Moral of the story, if you don't like the current trends in town, wait 4 years... but I can guarantee every generation will leave it's mark on Columbus in some way. That is pretty cool in itself.

Least favorite:

Indianapolis. There's not enough buildings put together to make it interesting, and the giant RCA dome is a tremendous distraction from the rest of the cityscape. No matter whether you come in off of I-65, I-70, or I-465 it just looks "dull". I've heard it's not a bad city to visit but the skyline for a large city just doesn't stand up and act proud. To me it's like the Kankakee (IL) of big cities, a town that was listed as the worst place to visit in the U.S. Indy for a city is just a downer on looks, although what it's got in culture might make up for it. I've never had reason to stop.

To me Chicago is king in this regard for being bold and proud, whereas NY's might even be a bit cocky with it's clutter to the point of just looking like a bunch of buildings trying to outdo one another in height and having nothing going to beat Chrysler's balanced beauty (not gaudy, but not dull either). If not for the Chrysler building... to me it'd just be a bunch of big boxy buildings set next to each other.

There's more of a balance & flow in Chicago... even the miniscule water tower draws attention for how awesome a spectacle it is, even being as short and old as it is. A great skyline doesn't have to have 30 tall buildings or 5 gaudy odd-shaped ones, it has to have an artful way to it that makes it beautiful on a second's glance.

Oh and to the guy on Berwyn's skyline. ROFL Next thing y'know you'll tell me that Betty-Lauren Maltese was the hottest woman in Cicero too. LMAO I will say this though, Berwyn did make it big in Wayne's World showing off the spike of cars even if they did try to pass it off as Aurora. LMAO It's one of them 15 minutes of fame, like having the Son of Sven Ghoulie chastise people from calling in from there.

Then again my current hometown (moved here from Berwyn in 1990) of Lyons isn't much better. Outside of Hoffman Tower (looks like a traditional Rook tower in a game of chess)... it's really hard to find much to cheer about. LMAO I mean I keep hoping the Riverwalk thing passes just so they can beautify Lyons. Berwyn, Brookfield, Lagrange, and Lagrange Park at least all have tried to present an attractive image closer to Riverside's (designed by the guy who did Central Park in NY) or parts of Oak Park (Frank Lloyd Wright heaven). It's between Lyons and McCook vying for the title of armpit or @ss-end of the 'burbs out this way. LoL

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday June 12, 2004 -- 9:26:59 am
Gosh, Marcus, we missed you.

As Greg mentioned (three years ago!) Berwyn's skyline is dominated by Mi Tierra, the three-story Mexican restaurant on Harlem & Cermak. :)

Having lived in Denver for almost nine months, I can tell you that Chicago's skyline is still my favorite. It's just got the "wow" factor. Denver's is pleasant enough, and it is actually great to see from the airport with the Rockies in the background.

FROM: David
DATE: Wednesday June 23, 2004 -- 5:33:34 am
OK! I've been in most of the US and Canadian cities. I live in Vancouver and have lots of quibbles with the city skyline, however, it is a magnificent sight, from any angle!

Of all the entries above, only two would be summarily excluded by me - Philadelphia and Cincinnati. They do not have enough massing of buildings.

US Cities: 1. New York; 2. Chicago; 3. Seattle; 4. San Francisco; 5. Dallas (tie); 5. Boston (tie)

Canadian Cities: 1. Vancouver; 2. Calgary; 3. Edmonton; 4 Toronto; 5 Quebec City

FROM: Kevin
DATE: Wednesday June 23, 2004 -- 9:14:38 pm
Boston over Philly! What's with David? I think Philly has an awesome skyline, along with Pittsburgh! Spoken like a true native Pennsylvanian.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:31:49 pm

FROM: Mike
DATE: Wednesday January 12, 2005 -- 1:12:52 am
In my opinion Chicago has the most beautiful skyline I've personal laid eyes on. Being from Minneapolis, I'd have 2 give it a distant second from Chicago..but views from northeast Minneapolis and westbound 394 past 110 are the best views of Minneapolis...Houston is nice during the day and Dallas is magical at night.

FROM: John
DATE: Sunday January 30, 2005 -- 11:50:53 am
New York City is the most breathtaking skyline of all. Being from NYC I get to see it every day. The skyline is amazing during the day, but during the night, when the towers light up, you just become speechless. Chicago is also a very beautiful city at night.

FROM: xiong
DATE: Friday February 4, 2005 -- 7:22:46 pm
ammm, like hong kong is the best sky line there is. other great ones are toronto, calgary vancouver and montreal canada. chicago, Houston, , pittsburg, seatle, Usa. Frankfort germany. dubai, united arab emerates. perth y melbourne australia. paris, france. seoul south korea. singapore(the city), singapore.
panama city, panama.

FROM: Tim [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday February 21, 2005 -- 5:20:13 pm
For a less huge city, Pittsburgh does have an attractive, glistening, and interesting skyline.

FROM: Ashley
DATE: Sunday July 31, 2005 -- 1:59:11 pm
Being from Chicago personally I think we have the best skyline in North America. I also like New York skyline and HongKongs skyline.

matt russell September 25, 2006, 4:56 am

After reading this post, I have a newfound interest in visiting cities such as Pittsburgh (which I continue to hear good things about) Atlanta and Milwaukee, all of which I’ve never seen.

Top 5 of ones I’ve seen in person

3)New york City
5)Vancouver BC

4)Detroit – 2 votes for Detroit

wayne April 24, 2007, 10:24 pm

Mine would have to be:

1) Chicago
2) Dallas
3) Seattle
4) NYC

Chicago is AMAZING for a massive one. Dallas is AMAZING if you want a smaller but still huge one. Walking through downtown Dallas is amazing at night. Very beautiful

Trevor S. May 17, 2007, 8:56 pm

I really like:


Nathan April 9, 2009, 3:22 pm

I Travel all the time and my favorites are Chicago, Dallas and Hong Kong.
Dallas is the one that always surpises people. Most people think of Texas as a flat wasteland, but Dallas is a stunning city, especially at night.

Trevor S. January 3, 2011, 8:34 am

Wow. This is funny. I posted on this 7 years ago. I still like Seattle’s. Haha

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