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August 18th, 2001

The Poison Pen

One of my absolute favorite terms to throw around is poison pen. It refers to some sort of communication, usually a letter, that is vitriolic, harsh, blunt, or all three. I think my letter to Best Buy a few years ago qualifies, and when I move out of my apartment I’m planning a poison pen letter to the landlords.

Have you ever had to write a poison pen letter? -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday August 18, 2001 -- 10:11:56AM
Posion Pen was the original name of Chino XL's latest album... he changed it though to I Told You So. Poison Pen is the perfect name for a hip-hop album, if you ask me....

DATE: Saturday August 18, 2001 -- 3:22:29PM
I love a good poisoned pen. I have two faves of mine: an open letter to Coolweb hosting and a screed for Eric Gillin. What I love best is these get lots of hits from people looking for these subjects, so my little message lives on and on...

I do wonder that I wrote them within a few days of one another. It must have been some crappy week.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday August 18, 2001 -- 7:16:12PM
The poison-tipped dart is mightier than the poison pen.

DATE: Saturday August 18, 2001 -- 10:50:44PM
It depends on what you want to accomplish. For example, I have always not-so-secretly wished that Rod Stewart would disappear from the airwaves. If he were merely to die, I'd have to hear more of him as every radio station in the country played tributes and put his dreck into heavy rotation. On the other hand, if he were publicly accused of raping underage livestock, I'd never have to suffer his nasty voice again. Sometimes the pen is mightier than the dart.

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