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August 20th, 2001


Dammit, I like candles.

When I first got my apartment, I half-jokingly said that I’d never have candles in my place. Ever. Not even for lack-of-electricity purposes! I didn’t have anything against candles that I would care to admit… but I just didn’t like them at all, at the time.

Then something happened. I somehow flipped from being anti-candle to pro-candle. While I don’t enjoy a wide range of fragrances out there, and I can’t see paying more than a couple bucks for one, I don’t mind candles at all. In fact, they’re pretty nice. Think about it: if you can’t cook, a bakery-scented candle can give the illusion that you do. If you can’t keep flowers alive, flower-scented candles give you the simulation. And I’m sure there are candles scented like popular perfumes and colognes in case, well, you like those.

I don’t pledge allegiance to any one candle manufacturer or brand, but given that you can buy them at your local supermarket, that’s a good thing. Though the huge, huge candles – that are probably a good 6-8 inches across – those I don’t understand. -pm

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FROM: Patrick
DATE: Monday August 20, 2001 -- 11:23:04AM
I do pledge to one brand - Votivo. The honeysuckle smells like the blooms. The deep clover is an incredible scent. The others I have smelled are, for the most part, very pleasant. The only problem is the price - $18. They do last a while though.

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday August 20, 2001 -- 12:11:29PM
The Glade Tropical votive smells like Tropical Bubble Yum. Mmmmmmm...

DATE: Monday August 20, 2001 -- 2:45:22PM
There is something extraordinarily calming about lighting a candle or two, turning off everything in the living room, and just sitting with the cats for a while. Best done late at night when the neighbors are quiet. It makes me feel more connected to my home, and more comfortable in my little space.

FROM: Emily
DATE: Tuesday August 21, 2001 -- 3:13:46AM
bubble baths with candles all the way

DATE: Tuesday August 21, 2001 -- 8:49:14AM
But won't the water make the candles go out? ^_^

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