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October 3rd, 2001


A number of years ago, I tried out Seattle Filmworks (now Photoworks), a mail-order film developing company. Their service was reasonably priced and their prints were of slightly better quality than you’d get in the supermarket or drug store.

Recently, though, I tried out Snapfish, and have been (mostly) won over. Even after several rate increases, their prices are still better than Wal-Mart or Giant, their prints are nice looking, and they offer free online photos. And they’re fast! I sent in seven rolls of film last Thursday and by Monday morning at 6am, all seven rolls were online for me to view. Granted, the online pictures aren’t the highest quality, but they’re nice to have available while you wait for the prints to arrive in the mail (generally 7-10 days from the point that you mail them). Plus their online photo album is among the best on the web with lots of great little features for sharing your pictures.

Though I also sent in 13 disposable cameras to Photoworks to be developed (because they each came with a coupon for free developing, shipping included), I now lean more towards Snapfish when it comes time to develop film. -ram

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