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October 4th, 2001

The Last Cubrah

In Chicago, you either like the Sox or you like the Cubs. There is no middle ground. There is no negotiation. It’s one or the other, bub, so choose up!

I used to be a Cubs fan, back when I was a kid many years ago. But the Sox became far more appealing to me. Even though I live on the north side of the city, not terribly far from Wrigley, I’m still a Sox fan. Do I like Wrigley Field? Sure! The team? No!

But every single year, the slogan for the Cubs is, “Wait until next year.” With the way the Cubs were playing for the first 3/4 of the season, people were proclaiming this to be the year. Cubs fever was all across the city – last year, the Sox made the playoffs, and people shrugged. The Cubs? They could do pretty well and people would love it.

Ah, but the Cubs don’t fail to disappoint. Two days ago, they were knocked out of the running for a postseason spot. Again. What happened? They ran out of steam, I guess. Or more likely, it’s just the fact that we’re talking about the Cubs – a team that somehow, no matter how much talent it has, still manages to screw things up.

At least the Sox gave up a few weeks ago, and started losing left and right. Chicagoans are now just ho-humming the remainder of the season… but without a good basketball or football team, it’s going to be another long, cold winter. -pm

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