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October 29th, 2001

Where is Ray Acevedo?


We all know what became of Ricky Martin (“I love girls who smile—all the time.” Does that mean he always loves them or he loves ones that always smile?), but what ever happened to Ray Acevedo?

He has a fan club. He recently released a solo album, Amor Oculto, and has a hell of an “official” site. And go ahead and e-mail him! -ram

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DATE: Monday October 29, 2001 -- 9:15:00AM
This is NOT what I needed to see on a Monday morning. Gyah.

FROM: Scott
DATE: Monday October 29, 2001 -- 10:25:58AM
Ryan--Don't you actually run that fan-site? Now I understand why you were always asking me if I had any Menudo merchandise laying around. Perhaps if you smile enough and get a Brooke Shields wig Ricky will finally return your calls.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday October 29, 2001 -- 10:32:12AM
Where's my gun?

FROM: Tina
DATE: Monday October 29, 2001 -- 3:18:08PM
You think Ricky would return your calls if you had a Brooke Shields wig? You might want to try wearing some cute chaps instead -- you'd probably have better luck.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday October 29, 2001 -- 6:35:03PM
Actually, I think Menudo looks like a bunch of crazy girls.

FROM: Jojo
DATE: Friday April 2, 2004 -- 5:02:11 pm
I'am also a big menudo fan especially during the era of Robby Rosa, Ricky Martin, Ray Acevedo, Charlie Masso, & Roy Rosello. Nowadays they expanded their Musical abilities to greater heights and I'm still listening to all of them except Roy Rosello since he hasn't release any new C.D.

FROM: lisa [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday May 17, 2004 -- 9:46:09 pm
Theres a really good site on all I think theres lik 40 of them now. Considering that they are holding auditions to restart Menudo in the summer of 2004.

FROM: elisha
DATE: Monday May 17, 2004 -- 9:47:27 pm
That is a cool site.

I listened to Ricky Martins first song "Oh my love" on that site.
too cute.

Tons of song samples

FROM: Regina
DATE: Friday March 18, 2005 -- 10:40:01 am
hey im a big menudo fan even though i was not born wen they were still together and i was just wondering if you could sent me some more menudo pictures ! thank you

Angela November 8, 2006, 7:42 pm

I was a huge Menudo fan back in the day. The best Menudo members were:
Robby Rosa
Ricky Martin
Charlie Rivera
Roy Rosello
Ray Reyes

I went to 2 concerts that they had in Philadelphia. I also mmet them at The Hilton Hotel and they were also in a Lucky Limo. I still smile when I think of all the good memories they gave me:)

Mimi October 11, 2008, 8:10 pm

First, his name is Raymond no Ray and he didn’t was one of the best members of Menudo.
The gold time of the group was with Charlie Massó, Ray Reyes, Roy Rosello, Robby Rosa and Ricky Martin.

Teresa Arellano June 10, 2012, 1:11 pm

Raymond Acevedo is my favorite menudo! He still is geourgeous I wonder where.he is doi
ng now.

Teresa Arellano June 10, 2012, 1:15 pm

Ti still listen to Menudo from time to time. Raymond Acevedo is my favorite menudo! He will always. Be! I would like to know what he is doing if he has recorded any music

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