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November 13th, 2001


There are a lot of grammar/spelling mistakes that I hate (and which I occasionally make), but the one that gets me everytime—the one I simply cannot understand how anyone makes— is “comming.” Where does this come from? It’s not like “becoming” has two m’s that might throw you off. Dropping an “e” from a word and adding “-ing” doesn’t magically double the “m.”

A quick search on Google shows that the word “comming” has been used 142,000 times on the web (after removing references to “dot-comming”). Unreal. -ram

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FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday November 13, 2001 -- 9:29:37AM
It's offical.

FROM: Reed Richards
DATE: Tuesday November 13, 2001 -- 9:53:27AM
My spelling peeves are:
it's instead of its
loose instead of lose

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday November 13, 2001 -- 10:18:55AM
I hate "cancelled".

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday November 13, 2001 -- 10:33:27AM
That's one of my common mistakes, Robert. :)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday November 13, 2001 -- 10:38:15AM
Ryan: You'll be in the company of most of our local news stations, come snow season.

FROM: corey
DATE: Tuesday November 13, 2001 -- 12:21:17PM
i'm weighing in for:

your instead of you're

oooooh that makes me mad!

FROM: liz
DATE: Tuesday November 13, 2001 -- 12:29:11PM
cancelled is okay, though.

that's what i always use, and i'm kind of partial to it.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday November 13, 2001 -- 12:43:58PM
I believe "cancelled" is OK, I just don't like it. I'm a career nitpicker.

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Tuesday November 13, 2001 -- 12:51:58PM
I dislike "should of" instead of "should have", as in "we should of gone to the store earlier." I think it comes from the fact that "Should've" (a legit contraction)sounds like "should of", and this is transfered from speech to writing.

One good thing about teaching English as a second language is that I get to explain things like these without really knowing too much about them. Sometimes I get lost in lengthy explanations of "why you shouldn't do this in english". it's great fun.

FROM: fresh
DATE: Tuesday November 13, 2001 -- 10:17:55PM
online is different than writin a paper for a class tho and this should be seen as aight in the online comunity note my many spelling mistakes this is to prove a point and no puncuation yall can still read it tho

FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday November 13, 2001 -- 10:17:55PM
How about people who combine "regardless" with "irrelevant" and say "irregardless"? IT'S NOT A WORD!!!!!
Also, do you remember the Friends (back when it was funny) where Joey thought that "supposebly" was correct?
Here in Central PA, people say "My cars needs washed", omitting "to be." Linking verbs are scarce here.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday November 13, 2001 -- 10:47:24PM
Central, PA sounds like Northern HELL!!!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday November 13, 2001 -- 11:09:23PM
Fresh -- Actually, the lack of punctuation makes it hard to read... I find myself out of breath even though I'm reading silently.

FROM: Katherine
DATE: Wednesday November 14, 2001 -- 9:50:29PM
Central PA is hell. Another thing I heard when I lived up there was "Do you want to come with?" instead of "Do you want to come with me?" To me, that's as bad as dragging fingernails down a chalkboard.

FROM: Lola
DATE: Thursday November 15, 2001 -- 1:19:40AM
People who write "alot" instead of "a lot" should really check themselves back into that red plastic chair in Mrs. Appleby's third grade class.

DATE: Friday November 16, 2001 -- 9:31:30PM
I hate it when people make plurals by adding apostrophe s. For example, "She painted her fingernail's black." Did these people not graduate from middle school?

FROM: Julie
DATE: Monday August 4, 2003 -- 8:35:19 pm
Thank you, thank you! Several of the ladies in our church are teachers. They all use apostrophe s for plurals.
For example, The Johnson's, The Smith's.

FROM: Horrorscopes
DATE: Saturday August 14, 2004 -- 8:40:21 pm
"Horrorscope" (which, as you can see, is correctly spelled with THREE R's!) is the most commonly misspelled word in the English language! (HINT: 3 R's in horror, 3 R's in horrorscope)

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday August 14, 2004 -- 9:29:41 pm
I hope you're kidding.

FROM: Horrorscopes
DATE: Sunday August 22, 2004 -- 10:13:50 am
I can only WISH I was joking!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday August 24, 2004 -- 5:14:02 pm



DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:50:01 pm

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