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November 14th, 2001


Over the years, I’ve found bookmarks almost useless.

I don’t read a lot of books (nobody’s perfect), but when I was younger I used to have a couple of favorite bookmarks – both with Garfield prominently featured. When Star Trek: TNG was popular, I had a few TNG bookmarks (as expected). But, the thing is, I don’t really use them. I tend to just fold over the corner of a page and be done with it.

I mention this in part because I picked up a complimentary Cliff’s Notes bookmark at a shop this weekend. It’s sitting in between my tape dispenser and my stapler, awaiting its first use. Chances are it’ll be recycled.

Do you use bookmarks? -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday November 14, 2001 -- 10:07:33AM
Oh man, I couldn't be more the opposite. I love bookmarks and feel like it's Christmas when I get a bookmark that I can use instead of an old envelope. Recently with a order, the seller included probably 15 or 20 bookmarks as a bonus. I was in heaven.

Perhaps it's because the idea of turning a page corner makes me cringe... and though I'm not obsessive about it, I like to keep books in as good condition as possible.

I also tend to be "in the middle of" a number of books at any given time. Right now I'm reading probably 5 or 6 different books, and that's less than usual. So, having nice bookmarks for those books helps...

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday November 14, 2001 -- 10:11:12AM
I use receipts or scrap paper laying around. I used to make my own with index cards and panels from the comics, but then I grew old and lazy.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Wednesday November 14, 2001 -- 12:05:37PM
I have what is probably the world's largest collection of bookmarks! But I'm not anal about it and I'm not above using an envelope as a bookmark if one happens to be available.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday November 14, 2001 -- 11:49:24PM
I do the same as Robert. I like the reciepts, parts of index cards, or scraps of paper. My Bible is the exception: it comes with a built in bookmark.

FROM: Sarah
DATE: Thursday November 15, 2001 -- 6:22:26PM
I'm not a fan of bookmarks IN books. I mean, I like bookmarks well enough... quite a few are really pretty. I usually read pretty quickly, so I just wreck the spine of each book in a couple of places rather than turn a corner of a page. My bookshelves are so packed that they're mashed neatly back into place just in time for me to decide I want to re-read them anyway.

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