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November 27th, 2001

Home Depot Hell

So I’m a few days late on this one, but for those of you that haven’t seen it, be sure to check out the Home Depot Bet. I won’t go into the full details of the bet, but the loser had to spend an entire day (16 hours) in Home Depot, from opening to closing (though I was surprised to hear that there was a Home Depot that wasn’t open 24 hours). He kept a journal which he later posted. It sort of reminds me of what it would be like if Scott or Matt were to try such a feat. Quite honestly, I can’t think of a worse hell. Except maybe Wal-Mart. Home Depot is one of those places that as soon as I walk in, I’m ready to leave.

Lots of good reading here. The 16 hours are thoroughly chronicled, down to every last suspicious employee and bathroom trip. -ram

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FROM: Chris
DATE: Tuesday November 27, 2001 -- 10:26:04AM
You must be the only home owner in America that hates Home Depot. I see it as a big toy store...

FROM: Chris
DATE: Tuesday November 27, 2001 -- 11:01:12AM
I just wasted about 15 minutes reading the entire Home Depot day weblog. That was damn funny.

I find it very difficult to go into Walmart for 5 minutes...although due to its very convenient location I sell out and buy stuff there all the time.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday November 27, 2001 -- 11:32:48AM
I will always remember Home Depot as the Thing that Ate Hechinger's.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Tuesday November 27, 2001 -- 12:24:39PM
Exceptionally bad service is what killed Hechingers - that and really poor inventory control. On more than a couple of occasions, the Leesburg Hechinger thought they had 8 or 10 of something in stock - but they couldn't actually produce one that I could buy. I'm talking large items like gas grills here.

FROM: fresh
DATE: Tuesday November 27, 2001 -- 1:22:50PM
home depot is the mans store if you dont like it check your pants

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday November 27, 2001 -- 10:33:24PM
I have a big blush smudge on my pants. They need to be washed. Thanks for reminding me!

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday November 28, 2001 -- 12:49:42AM
I also hate home depot very much. That place sucks, it's like a best buy of hardware.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Wednesday November 28, 2001 -- 11:58:17AM
Right on Matt! Home Depot and Best Buy are two stores that just need to go away. They both offer terrible service and have little regard for the people who shop there. Who gives a crap if they can give me the lowest price, I don't like being treated like garbage.

FROM: Scott
DATE: Wednesday November 28, 2001 -- 2:05:41PM
I would have built a bunch of stuff though. He could have made better use of his time.

DATE: Thursday July 25, 2002 -- 11:05:57 pm
Believe me, no one knows better than an ex-employee. That place also treats their employees like crap. Dont blame it on the people who work there. They are told what to do by the big asses.

FROM: bert
DATE: Monday November 4, 2002 -- 2:03:08 pm
I hate Home depot....I have never in my life been lied to time and time again...I went to get carpet and they screwed it up from the time I walked in the store to the measure sub-contractor, to the price, and of course the install date...I was treated like crap and I think as consumers that we need to end the existance of Home Depot.

FROM: Tony
DATE: Friday June 6, 2003 -- 6:04:51 pm
Home Depot is into some seriously unethical business practices. I bought a "Blue Rhino" 20lb propane at HD, and today I neede a refill. I went to a local place to have it refilled. The guy takes one look at the tank and say's "Uh oh...most of these tanks can't be refilled". Sure enough when he tried, couldn't refill it. Apparently HD is in cahoots with Blue Rhino and they have this swap thing going on. Also, HD is know to sell merchandise that is SPECIFICALLY MADE inferior just so they can sell it at a lower price. Apparently, they force the manufacturers to make a "special" version just for HD - that they can then sell for cheaper, but, buyer's not the same thing. Shame on me... I got scammed again. No more Home Depot unl;ess it's an absolute emergency.

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Tuesday July 15, 2003 -- 5:54:45 pm're a moron. Those are exchangable tanks designed that way because refilling the old style tanks is very dangerous and many states are now requiring propane to be sold this way. There is no HD conspiracy to screw you out of a tank. All you do is take the empty Rhino tank back to HD or any other Rhino dealer (most gas stations have them) and for $16 you get a full one. There only thing inferior here is your brain.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday July 16, 2003 -- 8:12:57 am
Actually, Tony had one thing right: manufacturers do create new products exclusively for HD. They usually cost less to make, are decontented, and thus cost less for consumers.

FROM: Colin
DATE: Wednesday July 16, 2003 -- 9:53:19 am
Thank God for Lowes. They used to be the only store in Sohio ever since Builder's Square/Hechinger's/HQ went bust, and I pretty much got used to it. I've never had any problems at Lowe's, unless you count the inept employees that don't know a Wagner Power Painter from a regular old hose. I suppose it's just a regional problem, though. Southern Ohio does seem to have a lack of smart people for the most part.

Unfortunately, the days of Lowe's superiority around here are coming to an end. Home Depot demolished the old Ames building and now they're digging a big hole in the ground. Must be a pretty big store they're building. Oh well. There's still Lowe's. And Jimmy Johnson.

FROM: shit splatter
DATE: Saturday August 9, 2003 -- 10:15:27 pm
home depot's managers need to stop giving out totally random customer service awards and actually get some managers who know how to make a good worker feel good about himself and have hope for a future. it seems like promotion is more about how much of a dumb ignorant dishonest prick you are than someone who gets the job done. especially night crew people.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday August 9, 2003 -- 11:12:35 pm
S... Splatter:

Welcome to the working world.

FROM: Dewad
DATE: Wednesday September 3, 2003 -- 8:05:25 pm
Tony is right. Aaron is the moron. Blue Rhino cylinders cannot be refilled by your typical LP place. They have a "secret" lockout to make you bring it back and pay their high prices. A refill is like $8.

DATE: Thursday September 4, 2003 -- 4:07:46 pm
HD sucks in Milwaukee all of them. Need 3 items ?, HD will have 2 just like the old crappy Builders Square if there wasnt a HD 3 blocks aw3ay I would never go

FROM: Woody
DATE: Wednesday September 10, 2003 -- 10:47:46 pm
Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, etc. They all bare the same marks. They lull you into believing that they are there to create the pristine work/shopping environment and then, bam. When they gain enough control and feel that they are above 'it' all they dump on everyone and we, like robots, keep going back again, and again, and again......... Wonder when the spell will be broken?

FROM: Free at last
DATE: Wednesday September 10, 2003 -- 11:04:47 pm
Sorry folks if I sound so pesimistic but in all reality, I am. I guess I lost my faith in Big Brother De Pott (Translation: The Toilet)

FROM: Free at alst
DATE: Wednesday September 10, 2003 -- 11:05:38 pm
p.s. De Pott=Depot, lol

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday September 10, 2003 -- 11:24:14 pm
"Free at alst" -- thanks for explaining the joke! I didn't get it until you explained it to me! Thank you! It's you I thank!

FROM: Free at last
DATE: Thursday September 11, 2003 -- 8:15:26 pm
Thanks Ryan. I can only say that the working for depott has taught me some very valuable lessons. First and foremost, don't trust the system and secondly, never climb into the place used to go to the restroom. Because in the end, you get flushed down with all the poop! LOL

FROM: miss ace
DATE: Friday September 12, 2003 -- 6:20:18 pm
Home depot sucks, period. Where people need to go is Ace. I went into HD for a color card and 4 guys had to help me...just cause i'm a girl. There was people that needed real help and were ignored.

FROM: jk
DATE: Friday September 12, 2003 -- 10:52:44 pm
I do like the fact that I can get a wide variety of items at HD, but you can't order things that are not in their everyday selection of brands. I have to custom-order air filters at Walter and Jackson, and they are so nice about it. Their prices are also very decent!

I really enjoy all the kitchen knobs at the Depot....I think that once I find the perfect ones, my life will be complete. I bought ONE super-cool one at Restoration Hardware for a ridiculous price, and when I got it home, it was not a good fit. I am glad I did not go completely berserk and buy a dozen.

DATE: Saturday September 20, 2003 -- 7:19:02 pm
Here's the quick and dirty: I work nightshift (freight) at the depot, it has got to be the most BULL*HIT job on tha planet, no respect from managers, you get tha run-around about advancement..., basically, if you like cold, hard, steel dildos up your ass, this is your spot! Me on the other hand..., seeking other employment due to the fact..., well to be blunt, I'm not an ASS KISSER.

DATE: Saturday September 20, 2003 -- 7:29:35 pm
And one more thing..., it's not the 'higher-ups' that cause all of the problems..., it generally comes down to what the store manager decides, unfortunately, it also depends on if he/she is having a good day..., NOT if your situation deserves justice..., so if your UNHAPPY with the service, don't let some department manager tell you there is nothing you can do, go to the SOURCE, the store manager, raise a rucus, it may do some good!

FROM: GilbertGadfly
DATE: Wednesday October 29, 2003 -- 7:15:48 pm
What a hoot--the idea that Home Depot is a "man's toy store"--I'd say that it's more like a Walmart for the WideLoadShriveledNutsSitsOnHis AssAllWeekWeekendWarriorNascarLovingDorkWannabeWhoThinksHe's StillAManEvenThoughHisWifeTellsHimWhatToWearAndDoAndHe'sASlaveToHisWhinySpoiledBrats.

But all that aside--as a FT employee of HD, I think that customer service is a joke. Try to find any orange aprons an hour before closing time (hint: they're all hiding in the break room or outside the building). In OUR store the General Manager just shrugs his shoulders when informed that a "shopper" was ignored, not greeted, or blown off by as many as 16 employees in ONE VISIT!!
Funny thing is that HD actually pays above average wages, but they tend to hire the scum of the earth. Don't get me started on how HARD it is to get fired from our store: you'd have to be caught stealing in front of the entire store staff (after having done it for months) or do something really, really dumb (some have) like clocking in and leaving and then clocking back in eight hours later (after sitting in some gin mill all night) or like sleeping in your car while still "on the clock". Other than that job security is virtually guaranteed--at least in MY store.

As I see all the merchandise that comes into our store, I can testify that at least 75% comes from the PRC (Peoples Republic of China). Wonder where your job went? Just keep shopping Walmart and Home Depot (those "All-American" companies) and help ship another US job overseas.

FROM: Sam Lewit [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday November 7, 2003 -- 6:20:14 pm
I've been reading all these comments and feel somewhat relieved. I thought only people in the SF Bay Area though HD sucked.

I had (key word "had") so many bad experiences that I started a website (still working on it) called I'm going to see how long I keep that going before they get the lawyers on me.


DATE: Thursday November 13, 2003 -- 3:46:20 pm
After trying for over twenty minutes to get some information on drapes (seems the drape lady was missing). And being ignored three times by the "helpful staff", two morons with a forklift ordered me out of their way...seems they had important crap to stock.
Being already annoyyed I said, "no! I'm waiting for help!". AT which point they drove the forklift at me in a threatening manner....then I made a ridiculous mistake. I called the idiot with the forklift an asshole.
They then ran and got the 15 year old manager bitchlet who asked me "Do we have a problem here.".

Shame on me, at that point I lost it and told them all to go fuck themselves. I've had it, I'm never going back to that shithole again.

FROM: Kelley
DATE: Friday December 16, 2005 -- 1:41:30 pm
How can one be late on an account that has no interest and no payments until January 2006, at the soonest, when it is still 2005?

How can one be late on an amount that is in dispute when it says right on the statement that no payment is necessary on an amount that is in dispute?

Worst of all, how can Home Depot report me to all credit bureaus as seriously past due, bringing my credit score from 780 to 610, when I have paid my account in full?

These scenarios and class action suits against Home Depot for the same violations are widely known and posted on I am not the only victim. I am, however, being denied the loan that I need as a result.

At the moment, nothing would make me happier than putting Home Depot out of business.

FROM: Drive My Car... Into The Depot...
DATE: Monday December 19, 2005 -- 8:28:13 am
Home Depot provides expert installation of roofing, tile, and my boot in your ass. McDonald's commercials show Big Macs as plump, juicy, stacked high with good eats. The TV lied to you, white suburban machoman. I work hard for the money at HD, but I'm not going to kill myself for you. If you're not satisfied, you are free to go somewhere else. Our prices rule, and for every one of you that leaves freaking out and pissed off cuz we didn't give you the woody you so desperately desired, there's a 100 more who leave happy. Your lazy ass will be back, to buy and go further into debt. I will happily flip your 90 lb bags of cement over to get the barcode so I may courteously ring your fat ass up. Have a great day, sucker!

FROM: David
DATE: Monday December 19, 2005 -- 9:43:11 am
As far as i know working for home depot was hell. Thats prob why i work for LOWES now. The have this silly idea of having plenty of employees in each department to help customers. Home Crapot is far from that. I was a head cashier and there were days when i ran the middle registers by myself and had a line out the ass, and i would have to call my lazy ass manger to get people to help. When i worked at Home Crapot there was a complaint everyday about how there is no help. OH well YOU CAN DO IT, IF YOU CAN FIND HELP!!!!!!

FROM: matt [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday December 20, 2005 -- 1:38:15 am
I want to start a BITCH session about HOME DEPOT. It is a shit ass place to work. They DO NOT care about employees having a life outside of work. I worked for some time at a store, and I was treated like shit. They broke our days off up, usually a Mon and WED or a Tue and a Thurs. The start times were 6 am, then 2 pm or any place between. The sched. were only posted 7 days in advance, so a real adult, who wants a real job has a sched. like a high school bag boy at the local market. We only got 3-5 weekends off in 12 months, and we were NOT allowed to use earned vac. time between May and Aug. It was such a shit job. They don't care that the employees want to have a life outside of home depot. They don't care that employees want to plan stuff in advance or take a summer vacation.
The shit my HR person pulled was amazing. She actually gave me a min. raise of 12cents (and she stated it was low because I was out for a surgery) and then took the raise back stating that I was not eligible because of my surgery leave.

I have never worked for such a self centered and careless company. There wasn't a happy employee at my store. I was lucky enough to take GREAT care of a customer that was the CEO of a local company- and he gave me his business card. He invited me to interview for his company.

My GF is a social worker, and my EVERY weekend of work almost tore us apart. She won't even shop there, she hates that demon place. TARGET cares far more about their employees. I wish HOME DEPOT would revamp employee happiness. I am not defending what that ass hole did in AZ, where he drove through the window of the HOME DEPOT, but I can't say that I blame the frustration! Home Depot fucks over the employees at any cost.

FROM: TheAntiDespot
DATE: Tuesday December 27, 2005 -- 6:53:03 pm
Great posts, I had a blast reading some of your comments, especially the ones from current and former HD employees.

To the people who say you aren't a man unless you love HD, I say find a real hardware store. Luckily, in my home town we still have a few other hardware stores. Hardware stores where you can actually buy tools that are built to last and not something you'll ever find in a Home Despot or Wal-Mart. Stores that actually carry a decent selection of hardwoods. In our Home Despot, they carry Oak and Poplar, that's it. Not even any birch or maple.

I'm not saying I never go to HD. I go there all the time. But only to bend them over and give it to them the way they give it to their customers and employees. (They have their loss prevention people and I guess you could call me a loss promotion person)

I love the post about the forklift operators telling the customer to move. I'll have to try that one sometime just to be a pain in the arse.

FROM: ToolGirl
DATE: Wednesday December 28, 2005 -- 12:49:13 pm
Let's see, I went in looking for joint compound one night and from 3 different employees I got three diffferent locations. None of them were right. The same night I bought 2 gallons of paint, only they didn't seal one can right, and my back seat got ruined.
Frankly, the only reason I went there in the first place after all the "you must be an idiot since you're female" treatment, is that I had a sizeable gift card from there. Just tried to use the gift card online, but you can't do that. I guess that means I will need to return to the torture chamber known as Home Depot.
And for the people who have nice things to say about Home Depot, you're lucky. The service I have received has always been more professional and more courteous at Lowe's.

FROM: TheAntiDespot
DATE: Friday December 30, 2005 -- 12:19:50 pm
That sucks about your back seat. Let me guess, they don't want to assume any responsibility for that... (Probably not even to the extent of refunding your money for the paint)

Sounds like its time to put on your bitch hat and show them that it doesn't suck to be you, but rather that it sucks to be them!

FROM: TheAntiDespot
DATE: Friday December 30, 2005 -- 12:21:20 pm
Bah, you can't edit posts here I guess...

It shouldn't be hard to get them to refund the money for the paint and also kick in a $50 gift card. (I've received plenty of those)

If you really don't want to go back to HD, sell the gift cards on eBay...

FROM: You Damned Punk Kid
DATE: Sunday January 1, 2006 -- 7:41:02 pm
I have worked for HD about nine months. Possibly the shittiest moment as a cashier zombie slaving away for Home Depot is when you find yourself suddenly being pulled into the office by the manager, being told you need 'retraining' after you show up on time day after day, shitty shift after shitty shift, working til your hands are black and bleeding from jagged wood, nails, and grit, having to take a piss and being denied five fucking minutes to relieve yourself because they're too cheap to pay two employees and risk having one of them not being worked into the ground constantly, that you may even be able to come up for air for 10 seconds. You want to scream, "are you fucking kidding me?" because you would think they would compliment you on your perseverance, at the very least. But no, they are only seeing the numbers and percentages on their goofy little clipboard. You are no longer a human being when you work for The Home Depot. You are the fastest cashier or highest selling associate, and what do you get for it? A "good job!" typed in next to your mindless number in the stream of other mindless numbers (and they bitch at you if you don't memorize your number, haha). They don't give raises based on merit, apparently. But they expect you to kill yourself for "good job!". Which is probably printed in on autopilot by the computer anyway. I'm sure it's not too different at any of these corporations: Walmart, Lowes, Target, CostCo, whatever... I've heard the same stories about all these places. It just cracks me up when the corporations seem so 'shocked' and 'appalled' at employee/customer theft, dishonesty, lack of moral, and the high turnover they have. I mean, what do you expect? I lie to, cheat, and steal from HD as much as possible, any way I fucking can. It's the only satisfaction I get there. Price checks are a joke, there's never anyone who will call you back from that dept in time to please the customer and keep things moving. I give the shit away to people half the time, just toss it in the bag and forget about it. Fuck it, they don't mind if I don't charge them I'm sure. And if they do I can always pretend I'm really as retarded as they seem to think I am. Did I mention it keeps my 'score' on the computer higher, cuz it looks like I'm moving faster? haha... Until the powers that be can put their clipboards down and turn off their little goofy metrics and percentages programs, until they actually pay attention to and run their business, we'll continue to tell them 'fuck you' right back...

FROM: Jason
DATE: Wednesday January 4, 2006 -- 10:59:51 am
I, thankfully, haven't stepped foot inside a Home DeepHole in almost 2 years. Before that I worked full-time there for almost 10 years. Yup. Nine years, ten and a half months. Not quite ten years, but really close. In that time I spent 2 years working on the sales floor where I was awarded "Sales Employee of the Month" twice and numerous little "merit patches". Then I spent 3 years at the Special Services Desk, where I won many more "merit patches" and won "Operations Employee of the Month." We were giving a review every 6 months with annual reviews being monetary. Every single review I ever got said "Keep up the Good Work" as I routinely scored 4's and 5's (out of 5) in every category. Then I spent the remaining almost-5 years in the Receiving and RTV department. I continued to win numerous merit patches and got great reviews.
Sure, the work was backbreaking and the scheduling sucked but I was young, single, and needed the health benefits. Our weekly schedules were usually posted 7 days in advance, at most. And even then managers would very often make changes to them without informing the employees. You just had to keep checking. Store safety was a joke. The place was a death trap (probably still is). Maybe if the store would have hired and scheduled a reasonable number of people they could have cleaned up every spill, removed all the sharp objects sticking out everywhere and stacked everything nice and neat.
In the receiving department we would unload between 10 to 15 tractor-trailers of freight every day. Now, the managers and department heads ordered all this stuff, apparently because they needed it, right. Well, each night the night crew would haul all this stuff to the floor, pack out whatever fit, fill the overheads with pallets, and still have to bring back to receiving dozens of pallets that would not fit anywhere. And STILL we were often out of stock on that one item a customer would need.
So... as this goes on day after week after month, the freight would build up in the Receiving Dept like a fu@&ing glacier. We would be so buried in freight that we couldn't unload trucks. But when we (I) complained about the safety issue and the overstock, the managers would just accuse me of "being negative." That was the catchphrase.
"Help me please. The pallets of freight in receiving are stacked ten-pallets high. Some of this stuff is really hazardous chemicals. Some of it is really heavy and very sharp. I want to do my job (unload the trucks) but I can't because you've over-ordered."
"You're just being negative. Don't harp on problems unless you can offer a resolution."
"OK, how about getting the department heads who ordered all this crap to take it out to their dept where it belongs?"
"Because it would be a safety hazard to the customers."
"Well what about MY safety?"
"Well that's just typical. Only thinking about yourself. Stop being negative and get back to work."

Then, some well-intentioned employee would walk into receiving and sheepishly say, "Um, guys, I've got a customer that needs something. The computer says we have 12 in stock but there's none out on the floor. Oh, I see them, they're on that pallet on the bottom of the stack in the far back corner. Can I get like 1 or 2 of them real quick please?"
"But that would take us two hours to unbury and we've got trucks waiting to be unloaded. If you needed it so bad why didn't you pack it out last week instead of sending it back here. Fuck off."
So then the employee would go tell the manager that they needed something for a customer and we wouldn't help them get it. So the manager would come yell at us and order us to do it. So we would end up working late to get our work done, and then get yelled at for going over hours. (the biggest no-no of them all!)
All of the hazmat stuff was also stored in receiving, in orange racks over our heads. Hmmm... real comfy. Of course, none of the store employees bothered to be trained in hazmat so they'd just dump a bucket of random chemical near the dumpster and expect us to take care of it. However, the multi-billion dollar corporation would only pay for hazmat disposal once-per-quarter. Try to imagine how much shite gets spilled or leaked in a HD in three months. Fertilizer, turpentine, cleaning solvents, batteries, pool chlorine, etc etc. So all this stuff would accumulate in a storage locker right next to our work desk, or in pallets in racks over our heads.

Around my 9-year mark a new store manager arrived and brought in some new department heads. My department head was demoted and replaced with no explanation. At the time, the receiving staff had some of the most experienced and longest-serving employees in the store. 5 years, 9 years, 10 years, 11 years, 12 years.
But all the managers saw were high pay rates. So the management implemented pay-caps. Maximum pay rates for each job position.
Near the end of my 9th year I was totally burnt out (working full time and going to college full time). One night I was called into the office and the store manager fired me because RTV (return-to-vendor) processing was way behind. Never mind that I was a receiver, not an RTV clerk. Ever since management had recently fired our two experienced (thus well-paid) RTV clerks and replaced them with one brand new (low-pay) RTV clerk I helped out with RTV's as much as I could, but I was a receiver with 40 hours of my own work to do each week.
Oh well. Them's the breaks. So I signed the termination notice and made sure to write in my objection. The manager said, "You know, this mught turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Try to keep a positive outlook. Now you have 5 minutes to gather your stuff and leave the building. This assistant manager will escort you out just to make sure there's no problems."
I was 6 weeks away from the 10-year mark. At the 10-year mark employees were entitled to a $1000 longevity bonus and another week of vacation each year. So the DeepHole saved a few bucks by canning my hardworking ass at just the right time. Within one month (the month before annual reviews were to be done) three other long-time hardworking receivers were fired for bullshit reasons. Housecleaning was all it was. Fire people just before you have to pay them bonuses, replace them with some kid for $7-per hour.
Just business, right?

But... I must admit. I am SOOOO happy they fired me. Because I went from making decent money (which meant no financial aid at college) to making Jack Squat, I became eligible for all sorts of financial aid at school. I even got to travel to Europe that July on a study-abroad program (paid for by financial aid) that I would never have been able to do if I had still been working at the DeepHole. I sleep better, I feel MUCH less stressed. Sure it was tough at first, but thankfully I'm young and single.

My advice to anyone who feels stuck in the rut at HD (or any other big corporate shithole): Quit. Really. Just flat out fucking quit. Sure life will suck while you look for some other way to pay your bills, but hey- doesn't life already suck working for that place? Just quit. It's only money. You'll survive, unlike if you stay in that deathtrap until either a pallet falls out of the overhead racks and crushes you to death or until your corporate slavedrivers work you into early cardiac arrest.

Just quit. It really will be a blessing in disguise.

DATE: Wednesday January 4, 2006 -- 10:54:39 pm
I have recently quit the Home Pisspot. THANK GOD. Working in that place is a nightmare. I have seen several employees literaly RUN from customers or pretend they don't hear customers call for them. It's insane. Cashiers dont even look up and say hello to people in line, people in the departments are always in the breakroom or outside smoking, managers are no where to be found-you page them and they never answer-tell them you need assistance with a customer and they never show up, service desk people dont even speak english, phone center people send calls to wrong phones and the store manager just sits in his office all day. I worked at the Pro Desk and I dont know much about actual contracting but I never tried to B.S. a customer into thinking I know what Im talking about. There was guys working with me that claimed they knew sh!t but didn't even know how to patch a roof.
I fell Im a very good employee. I show up every day-on time, never call out unless my son is really sick, work like a damn dog because I have to make up for the idiots that dont work, give excellent customer service and for my review all I got was a .32 cent raise. WTF?????
When I 1st started in the co. I was a head cashier. I wanted to rip my hair out everyday. They cut all the part time cahier's hours so we would have only 2 registers open and I got stuck running self cheak out and running the front-end. Which meant at times having to leave my post at self check out to go open a damn tub or something and leaving customers at self check to fend for themselves. Then I would get yelled at because there was lines. Are they crazy? So I then asked to switch to a department so after several attempts and a few months I got my wish. They made me a Flooring Specialist. Wasnt too bad except I didnt know anything about flooring! I was just thrown in there-didnt know the service computer system or anything. So I then asked to switch again due to the fact I could no longer work the insane hours anymore. One day I would work 3-midnight then the next 8-5 then be off then come in 5am-2, no weekends off. I have a son and a life and Id like to see him grow up! Anyway I went to the Pro Desk because I said I would quit because I needed the set hours. I worked 8-5 M-F and one Sat. a month. Sounds nice but then I learned that when customers would order special orders and we give them an estimated arival date, its a joke. We would tell customers 2 weeks, yea right try 2 months. Really thats the vendors fault for not delivering but wouldnt you think HD would say "hey you vendors are not producing, we are going elsewhere". Customers would want something and computer says we have a certain amount but we really wouldnt. Certain contractors would walk up to the desk as if they were GOD. I even had to deal with a sexual harassment issue and my dept. manager didnt even tell the store manager. Im curently in the process of a lawsuit. So one day I just up and quit. They werent happy but Im so happy in my life right now. No stress, I have an awsome manager, people I work with are sweet and they actually like thier job. I have every weekend off and I have 2 weeks vacation. Sweet. I adivse all you home owners to shop your local hardware store and if you cant find what your looking for there then go to Lowes, at least they appreciate you more. I shop there and its a totally different experience.

FROM: a tired worker of the depot
DATE: Saturday January 7, 2006 -- 12:17:36 am
what can i say about the store. I HATE HOME DEPOT..... it's not only the depot. i think every retail company treat their employees like crap. what i hate mostly about the depot i work in is the management. especially the loss prevention manager. he acts like he owns the store and manipulates the employees. he is a complete jerk. he treats people like crap. for him, everybody who works in the store are criminals. he blames the employees for the shoplifting in the store. i mean he's totally insane. and since he's from the middle east, he "runs" like a middle eastern country. it's so crazy.

FROM: TheAntiDespot
DATE: Tuesday January 10, 2006 -- 11:10:55 am
If you hate the loss prevention manager, the best way to stick it to him is to help things leave the store.

The loss prevention manager's performance is directly tied to inventory shrinkage. The more the store loses, the worse that manager is performing.

Be creative.

FROM: Jbird
DATE: Friday January 13, 2006 -- 2:07:26 am
Look, everyone on this website bitches and moans about how much they hate or hated working for home depot or hate shopping at home depot. Boo fucking hoo, its the way things are. I work at home depot and I accept it....for now. It isn't a career for me, just a stop along the way. Lets look ponder a couple of thoughts and comment....

Home Depot, pays me decent, right now, I live pretty good and my wife can finish her master's degree with ease with my paycheck rolling in. People bitch and moan that they bring in kids at 7 dollars and hour, not quite true. Mindless, easy jobs get the low pay (lot loader, cashiers, and night crew). If you start on the sales floor, you should be getting around 9.00 if you have no experience, and upwards to 12 or more if you have experience in that particular department. If you are making less, yes, you got screwed, but mainly because you let yourself get screwed during the interview process, too bad.

The problem home depot has nowadays is they hire a lot of college students who could really just give a shit about the job. But some of these college students let the job get to them so much that they let it out at work, hence the shitty service that people can get with an experience at home depot.

Another problem is that HD takes the inexperienced individuals and throws them in the department with little training and they are just expected to learn as they go, trial and error. I don't see too much problem with this because learning by experience is the best way. However, you get the customer who comes along and actually expects the associate to know everything about everything. The apron says "I can help in all departments" not, I am all knowing and all powerful. Help means, if they don't know they can find out but people are in such a rush nowadays they can't be patient and wait a few minutes so the customer gets pissed off and writes something on the internet about it. I realize that this could be avoided if HD trained people before they start working on the floor, but come on, do you do that? it can't be done. Even if you can train someone efficiently enough in the flooring department, they are still going to be expected by a customer to know about space heaters in electrical and when they don't.....another pissed off customer.

And to the customers that want to know about the drapes and the drape lady is gone, too bad, what do you need to know? they're drapes! made of cloth, they will rip if you tear them, the sun will fade them over time like everything else. if they aren't on the shelf, there isn't anymore left, its that simple. if you think they are in the overhead, i'm sorry, go elsewhere or wait a little longer. Oh yeah, get out of the way of the damn forklift.

The problem is everyone has their own agenda. Some customers are nice and patient and know how things work, the rest of them have entered in messages on this website. Employees of the HD need to keep shelves full, pull merchandise out of the overhead for customers, clean their departments, count money, and lift heavy objects, on top of that customer service is suppose to be first priority, but tell me, say you are an HD employee and you are talking with a customer about some floor tile, at the same time you are supposed to be pulling an order for another customer that is waiting for you at the service desk, your department phone starts ringing and another customer behind you is getting pissed off because you haven't helped him yet, what do you do? I'll tell you, you excuse yourself, answer the phone, finish with the customer that you are talking to, pull the order and hopefully by then the pissed off customer will have left and written a message on the internet about how no one helped him at the HD, my sympathies.

Do you you know why we bitch and moan, entertainment, we all have something to say and want to be heard, me, I'm tired, its late and I thought this would be fun.

Now, about me, I work at HD, I am a dept. manager. I don't like my job, I think it is crap, but I deal with and with worse I do it with a smile. One day I will have a real job, not one where I have do be nice to everyone no matter how they are to me. I think if someone is stupid you should be able to say so. Like that person who wants water-based linseed oil (yes this has happened to me), or the person who wants to know the difference between sanded and non-sanded grout (trust me it is as obvious as it sounds), then there is the customer who swears that you told him that to install his floor it was a flat fee of 3.25 a sf which includes his choice of tile in the price, with year experience and over 100 choices of tile I am not as stupid as that customer looked.

I have no point to all of this writing, what I know is that there are just as many complaints about moron customers as there are of moron HD associates. This is everywhere you go in the retail world, walmart, HD, lows, doesn't matter, I think everyone should take a customer service job for at least 2 years of their life so that they know what those people go through day in and day out and maybe people will be a little more understanding and not such assholes all the time.

FROM: The Tank
DATE: Sunday January 15, 2006 -- 12:00:49 am
I work at Home Depot. I've been there for 1 year and 4 months. First, I worked as a Cashier, temping as a lot boy, then i got upgraded to Returns and now to tool rental. HD treats me just fine, I do the same for them.
As I read these negative comments, all I do is picture my worst customers. Most of my last few months have been spent at the returns desk. It's a nightmare. We've got the longest lines, and the most problems. Heres a big rant: SAVE YOUR DARN RECEIPTS! So you bought a $500 DeWalt cordless tool kit and didn't keep the receipt? Now you realize that it's not what you want and you want to return it? Too bad. You probably stole it anyway. So you don't like your paint color? Too bad. We tested it for you, and dotted the top of the can. Too dark? Too light? Too freaking bad. We don't return tinted paint. And YOU PEOPLE- who think you can clean out your basement and garage and take your unused stuff from projects long ago back to me without a receipt? AND YOU WANT CASH BACK? NO NO NO! Here's the deal. I'll give you store credit. it never expires. Trust me. You'll use it someday. Here's the kicker. I'm only going to give you the LOWEST SELLING RETAIL PRICE for your crap. You paid $20 for that light? Oh well, we clearanced that light out soo long ago for $1.23. I'll give you $1.23 for your $20 light. Take it or leave it and quit complaining. AND even if you bring me the receipt, with an item in good/new condition, I don't need stories. Give me the receipt, put down the item, and i'll do my stuff, and you'll fill out the slip with your PRINTED NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and SIGNATURE. Don't ask questions, just fill out the slip. Don't tell me how "your buddy" or "your ol' lady" bought the wrong whatever. Shut up and leave. AND ANOTHER THING- open packages neatly! Pretend, for a little while, that you are a very good surgeon, take things out, and make nice cuts on the package/box/plastic. Tape them back together with clear tape, not masking tape (especially the blue/green/purple painters stuff), and NO DUCT TAPE. Put it back together so i can put it back on the sales floor for another DIY-er to buy it. Thanks.
Ok. I'm done. I'll have to do this again. This is good therapy.

FROM: MustangSam
DATE: Monday January 16, 2006 -- 3:13:53 am
Tank, too funny, too true.
When will people realize that LIFE is only as painful as you make it.

FROM: TheAntiDespot
DATE: Tuesday January 17, 2006 -- 6:11:18 pm
From Jbird: "Another problem is that HD takes the inexperienced individuals and throws them in the department with little training and they are just expected to learn as they go, trial and error. I don't see too much problem with this because learning by experience is the best way."
Learn by trial and error with my money? I don't really think that is the best way to do anything. That also assumes I'm going to come back to you and tell you that whatever product you recommended didn't work. I'll just return it and never shop there again.

From Jbird: "I realize that this could be avoided if HD trained people before they start working on the floor, but come on, do you do that? it can't be done."
Why not? Burger King trains people on how to cook fries before they turn them loose on the friers. When I go to my local hardware store, most of the employess actually know what they're talking about. How'd that happen without training or hiring experienced people?

I realize HD employees don't know everything about every product or DIY project to be had, and I don't expect them to. But the people in the paint department should know paint. The people in the flooring department should know flooring. Customer service people (every employee in the store) should know customer service. When things get hectic, at least acknowledge the customer is there. "Things are terribly busy right now, but if you don't mind waiting, I'll be with you when I finish with these other customers." Heck, you could even put that on a card and hand it to people that are trying to catch you while you're doing something. That would be a hell of a lot better than simply ignoring them.

FROM: TheAntiDespot
DATE: Tuesday January 17, 2006 -- 6:21:29 pm
To The Tank. I totally agree with most of what you said. Stupid people trying to milk the return system.


From The Tank: "AND ANOTHER THING- open packages neatly! Pretend, for a little while, that you are a very good surgeon, take things out, and make nice cuts on the package/box/plastic. Tape them back together with clear tape, not masking tape (especially the blue/green/purple painters stuff), and NO DUCT TAPE. Put it back together so i can put it back on the sales floor for another DIY-er to buy it. Thanks. "

Fark that! I hate those thick plastic cases that many products are sold in nowdays. I do whatever it takes to get the bastards open. This usually involves cutting them open with a pair of serrated scissors that I have that will cut through just about anything. I don't usually cut straight or clean lines. Instead, I cut whatever route will be least likely for me to lose a finger. My fingers are much more important than your ability to shelve an item that I've returned.

FROM: John
DATE: Tuesday January 17, 2006 -- 10:12:17 pm
Yes, there's a special place in hell for the person who invented unopenable packaging.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday January 18, 2006 -- 12:48:34 pm

I applaud that you can manage to maintain a good attitude amidst customer service hell. I've worked many customer service jobs and the stories don't get better no matter where you work.

I don't need stories. Give me the receipt, put down the item, and i'll do my stuff, and you'll fill out the slip with your PRINTED NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and SIGNATURE. Don't ask questions, just fill out the slip. Don't tell me how "your buddy" or "your ol' lady" bought the wrong whatever. Shut up and leave.

That's priceless stuff. For someone who's worked customer service for years, I'm right there with you, man.

Try working at a coffee shop with the coffee snobs.

You know, the only service industry job that I had where I was treated decently by the customers (definitely not the management) was when I delivered for an Italian restaurant/gourmet pizza place. People seem to always be happy to get pizza, so long as I didn't take too long to get it to them. The tips were decent, too--except the stupid rich Tulane University college kids who lived on campus, first time away from home, who never EVER EVER friggin' tipped. I guess they needed every dime to keep gas in the BMW.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Friday January 20, 2006 -- 2:35:37 am
There is a reason why the packages are hard to open-it is called anti-theft!!!!!!!!-and yes they do suck. To all the customers who think that it is ok to whistle, or snap their fingers in the air to get our attention-we are not animals!!! We are human beings. To the lady with the forklift issue-ARE YOU CRAZY-DON'T YELL AT SOMEONE DRIVING A MACHINE THAT WEIGHS MORE THAN YOUR CAR!!!! Listen to this dumb customer story-I had a lady come to my dept for carpet. She needed 30 feet of 12 foot carpet.(pretty big) I cut it, got it on the cart, helped her get it to the register, and out to her car. We both stand in front of her BMW and she says-that wont fit will it?(Give me a sledge and 2 minutes and I will make it fit you stupid Bleep) And I had a fake smile on my face the whole time!!!! SO I have to wheel it back into the store and set it up for delivery-which I could have done in the first place, and had more time to help the other customers that can't find anyone to help them. P.S YELLING WILL NOT GET YOU ANYWHERE!!!!!! DO YOU LIKE BEING YELLED AT!!!

FROM: Jbird
DATE: Sunday January 22, 2006 -- 10:46:55 pm
To The AntiDespot, Thank you very much, I am enlightened by you comments. I just didn't realize that acknowledging the customer could be a solution, or distributing a card to the customer could work as well. I can't believe that I didn't think of that, shit!!!! You would be an excellent help at the home depot. Try reading these past few lines with a sarcastic tone.

And by the way, I worked at Burger King when I was 16, one of my few high school jobs, training to cook fries is hardly training to tell someone to install ceramic tile, or lay carpet, or properly paint a room in your house. Also you have to know how to trouble shoot other peoples house project problems, so at least compare apples to apples.

FROM: Jbird
DATE: Sunday January 22, 2006 -- 10:50:16 pm
And unlike you local hardware store, Home Depot is a corporation, about efficiency and making money reguardless of what the commercial says and efficiency says, it is it home depots best interest to hire more college kids at 8 or 9 dollars an hour, than pay someone with 10 year experience that wants 18 dollars and hour.

FROM: The Tank
DATE: Sunday January 22, 2006 -- 11:40:14 pm

"Fark that! I hate those thick plastic cases that many products are sold in nowdays. I do whatever it takes to get the bastards open. This usually involves cutting them open with a pair of serrated scissors that I have that will cut through just about anything. I don't usually cut straight or clean lines. Instead, I cut whatever route will be least likely for me to lose a finger. My fingers are much more important than your ability to shelve an item that I've returned." - TheAntiDespot, 1/17/2006.

Today I had two separate customers return spiral flourescent bulbs. Those come in thick, plastic cases, with heat-sealed edges. One customer managed to mangle the plastic to hell, so I had to throw out the bulb and the package ($6.97) The other customer, took a sharp blade, like an exacto knife, or some other sharp cutting tool and sliced everything neatly, then realized he needed an incandescent bulb for the job, so he brought it back to me, and it went back to the sales floor. YOU are obviously the first customer.

For the hard plastic cases: don't use scissors. Get a utility knife, moderately sharp, or better. Slice the plastic, not the paper or product inside. The only reason you might cut yourself if with too much pressure, or obviously cutting towards a body part. It's easy. 1/2 of my customers do it flawlessly. Besides: here, your beef is not with Home Depot. We sell the product.

AND: I just read your post about Home Depot's lack of hardwood selection. What hardwoods do you want? Wenge? Peruvian Walnut? Goncalno Alves? Ebony? Anigre? Lignum Vitae? We lose an incredible amount of money every year just on Oak, Poplar and Maple (my store has maple) If we lose one foot of 1x4 in any exotic or rare domestic wood it is alot of money. Either way, you're getting raped shopping at Home Depot for hardwoods. Find a good dealer of hardwoods in your area, and you'll be suprised how far your money goes.

FROM: TheAntiDespot
DATE: Friday January 27, 2006 -- 12:08:28 pm
Jbird - "To The AntiDespot, Thank you very much, I am enlightened by you comments. "

I'm just happy to have been of assistance, but your gratitude makes it that much better.

Do you think HD could at least show the flooring person a 2 hour "how to" video before tossing them into the flooring department? That would be the bare minimum in my opinion. Better yet would be a couple of days of studying and a couple of days of hands on with a Habitat for Humanity project. This would amount to four days labor for one employee. 32 hours labor that HD would have to pay an employee to get them some good knowledge. If they were getting paid $10 an hour, after benefits and taxes it might cost HD about $400-$500. If that could save me a couple thousand dollars that a botched project could potentially cost me, I'd say its worth it and I'd be that much more likely to shop at HD.

But never mind, because training employees is impossible...

Dave - "There is a reason why the packages are hard to open-it is called anti-theft!!!!!!!!"

Um, DUHHHHH!!!!! But they have never stopped me in my loss promotion endeavours at HD.


But you also have to realize that driving a forklift does not give you the right of way over customers. Get down off your forklift (high horse) and help the customer...


Nope and I assume that nobody else does either. It takes a lot more than inattentive employees to make me lose my temper. If a person yells at me, I immediatly lose all respect for them. On three separate occasions, as a fellow customer, I have approached customers who were yelling at employees and told them "Listen, this isn't working. Lets find a manager who has the authority to fix this." I wasn't trying to belittle the employee, but rather trying to get the pissed off customer out of their hair... And all three times it worked like a charm. The employees shrugged it off and went back to what they were doing and the customers calmed down a bit before talking to the managers.

The Tank - "so I had to throw out the bulb and the package ($6.97)"

Are my fingers and my time worth more to me than $6.97? Yes. I would be customer #3 who just tosses the bulb on a shelf in my garage and goes back to buy the right bulb without bothering the wonderful people staffing the returns desk.

As for hardwoods, I would love to see as much selection as possible, but I would be happy to see Oak, Poplar, Maple, Birch, Cherry and maybe Walnut. I don't need anything too exotic.

Since Home Depot sells Birch and Maple plywood, it would be nice if they would at least sell Birch and Maple lumber to trim it out with. But this is yet another thing I hate about Home Depot. For most products, they just sell the product itself and from there on out, you're on your own. Its as if the products are disposable. Try to get a new carb for a snowblower you've purchased at HD a few years ago.

The Tank - "Besides: here, your beef is not with Home Depot. We sell the product."

HD has no choice about what products it sells or how they're purchased?

Our Costco does... They got rid of the thick plastic "anti-theft" containers that small items were being packaged in and simply put informative cards on the shelf. You give the card to the cashier and they scan it and give it to another person who retreives it from their cage. By the time you pay for your order, the item is in your cart and you're on your way. No more cut fingers and not as much plastic in our landfill.

But keep on thinking that things can't be changed and I'll keep on shopping elsewhere...

FROM: The Tank
DATE: Friday January 27, 2006 -- 9:30:16 pm
As for forklifts. We don't just drive them around the store for sport. Don't get me wrong, that would be fun- having races and stuff- but I digress. MOST of the time, during store hours, we drive forklifts to retrieve merchandise from the overhead, or to downstock lumber and drywall. On a good day, we can't keep enough sheets of 1/2 inch 4x8 drywall at reaching level. We may also need to get a new pallet of 12-inch VCT tile down from the overhead so someone can have 15 boxes of tile, all from the same dye-lot. SO, don't get in the forklift's way, and don't get all in a fuss about them either. Someday, you might need a forklift's assistance, and there will be some jerk, yelling about how he doesnt want to move for the forklift, and you'll be thinking "GEEZ- I just want to have the forklift get what i need so i can leave."

SECOND: Keeping the amount of things that are "high-theft" in a "cage" and getting them when customers want would be absurd. Enough.

THIRD: Getting parts for snowblowers and other machinery. I admit- It's tough. Had you asked someone at the service desk, they would have set you up with a local place that services our machinery. We hardly have parts for machinery that you bought last week. Where would we stop? Truth is, you can't.

FOURTH: Hardwoods. Stop buying them from Home Depot. They're totally raping you. There is someone in your yellow pages that sells hardwoods AT A GOOD PRICE. We sell poplar, but no poplar plywood. Maple plywood, but no Maple boards for you. You complain about Home Depot, yet you buy what we have, complain about it, and then complain about what we don't have.

FROM: john
DATE: Sunday January 29, 2006 -- 12:56:20 am
From Antidespot: I realize HD employees don't know everything about every product or DIY project to be had, and I don't expect them to.
You might not, but a lot of our cutomers do.

From Antidespot: But you also have to realize that driving a forklift does not give you the right of way over customers. Get down off your forklift (high horse) and help the customer...
I have had it take soooo long to get a forklift across a few aisles of the store (because of having to help customers that step in your way on purpose) that the original person has gone and gotten a manager because I wasn't moving fast enough! When I explained that I helped a few people along the way the customer blurted out that she was here first, she had been waiting for an hour, and she was leaving! So Antidespot who do I help again? The above scenario happens a lot. (Atleast the managers in my store understand that we have a few psycho customers.)

To all customers-please do not yell at the cashiers. They get the brunt of all of the frustration. They are in a box and can't move, and unfortunately are the teachers of Home Depot.(They work hard and are not paid very well.) It also takes almost month for us to get a new one.

FROM: TheAntiDespot
DATE: Monday January 30, 2006 -- 11:58:43 am
The Tank - "You complain about Home Depot, yet you buy what we have, complain about it, and then complain about what we don't have."

I think you have me confused with someone else. I do shop at Home Depot, but I don't pay for anything. I only go into HD when there's something I want or need but I don't want to buy it. Most of the examples I've given about buying and returning items, helping employees with unruly customers, etc have all been in reference to other stores besides HD.

Here's an idea about the whole overworked and underpaid scenario that leads to customers having to stand in the way of forklift operators:

Hire (and train) more employees. While you're at it, pay those underpaid cashiers a little more. Is that really so complicated?

Yea, yea, profit margin, low prices, etc. Who cares? Raise your prices a bit so you can offer better customer service.

Parts - Home Depots average how many square feet? I'd estimate our local HD to be at least 5 times as large as our local Owenhouse Ace hardware store which has a comprehensive parts department. If they don't have the part in stock, they can order it quick enough. Is that so hard to do? Instead, it seems HD would rather carry a whole different category of merchandise than even think about supporting what they sell. Why sell parts when you can also sell BBQ grills! Hrmmm... Parts department or BBQ grills... Tough choice. Hrmmm... Parts department or houseplants... Another tough choice.

Actually, I'm glad HD sucks so much. If HD had more employees, if their employees were more knowledgeable, if they had a parts department and if they had a decent selection of hardwoods, I might actually become a paying customer. Until then, I'll keep raping them every chance I get.

FROM: FormerDepot
DATE: Monday January 30, 2006 -- 4:51:16 pm
So everyone thinks they had it bad at the Home Depot. Hehehe. As the former freight man experienced, try working at "special services" some day and fix everyone elses problems.. No one in paint? Oh! Well it's SS problem. Problem with the credit card? SS problem! Returns not doing their job? call SS. No matter what department you were in on the floor, it was Special Services problem! I had to go out to a customers house one day and measure for blinds (our blind installer was afraid of heights, and apparrently it is't floor and wall's problem) I ordered windows (i know nothing about windows, and yet did it better than those working in that department) So everyone complains about working at the home depot. I was literally screamed at by the store manager for doing exactly what HE told me to do. Try spending time in Special services. I did my job and everyone elses.

Don't forget about their marketing.. Don't ever get a quote from there.. they (i had to call) will call you every to every other day asking if you want to buy it.

If you ever want to screw the home depot, complain about anything.. they will give you at least 10% off whatever you buy, and more if you put up a big stink over it. I know people who made off with literally over $10,000 worth of merch for free just because he complained.

And no offence, but the customers are the worst.. They want everything for nothing. Don't like the door design, even though you signed for it? Oh they'll take it back and sell it on the floor at 30%-35% off (more for hard to sell items)!!

Either way, what the home depot does to some of their Employees is Illegal. And they will keep on going because they get away with it. To all employees... GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!!! (and get a great attorney)

DATE: Thursday February 2, 2006 -- 9:11:35 pm
I think that they people who are anti Walmart need to remember that Lowe's is a subsidiary of Walmart! Lowe's is bad about not conforming to EEO in any of their stores. I myself worked for Lowe's once and would never do it again as you are pressured to sell shit to people who don't really need it. And talk about absolutely no customer service. You can not find a single helpful employee in any department that is why they installed buttons to call an employee to their work area because they are either on the crapper or running through other departments to avoid helping customers. Most of the products are made specifically for Lowe's just like Home Depot or Walmart or Target. Get a clue people.

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Friday February 3, 2006 -- 8:37:42 am
I too worked at home depot. I was on the Lot which has to be the worst place to work. Pushing carts, loading cars. I hated it. My first manager was really nice and fun to work with but he got moved to Texas and then we had the Manager from HELL!!! Everyone hated her.

While I was there, we went through about 4 different HR managers, and that was in a little over a year!!

The only good thing about working for HD was the tuition reinburstment.

I had to fight with them to get my last few paychecks. The HR guy kept misplacing my info which pissed me off.

I hate that place. Some of the old MOD's who were really cool went to Lowes!

FROM: Email Hosting [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday February 4, 2006 -- 12:01:24 pm
Does anyone know about the eBay auction someone put up about trying to get fired from his job? I heard the information on 94.1 in Atlanta.

Does anyone know what the aution number is?

Please let me know.


FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday February 4, 2006 -- 12:08:11 pm
I heard the information on 94.1 in Atlanta.

Maybe you should, ohidontknow, contact them instead? Hello!

FROM: Kathi
DATE: Monday February 6, 2006 -- 10:58:55 pm
I should have known it was a bad service store - the Hope Depot in Gaithersburg MD - right from the start there were two big men having an all out fight (verbal with threats) right at the front entrance to the store! A little put aback- I proceeded to the kitchen design center for my kitchen design appointment... bad bad.. bad mistake. Disorganization, screwed up orders and the like as is so often the case with home centers... - I think I can take that - really - but definitely should not have to take what happened next... But before I go into it - I have to ask - does Home Depot obtain their employees from halfway houses?, prison parolee back-to-work programs? the City
gutters, sewers, or park benches?

Having left early from work to make the 6 P.M. time appointment and driven through the rush hour traffic - I had found myself face to face with the "kitchen designer" they had scheduled me to meet with - an older Greek gentleman named "D" who was half out of his mind (was he drunk?) and almost entirely incapable of getting anything done. Instead he chose to fill up the first 40 minutes of the appointment asking me over and over and over again questions (5 and 6 times often) that had already been answered (most info was even written down for him), screwing up attempts at designs etc - in fact at times it appeared though he was pretending as if he didn't know he was goofing up - as if he was intentionally bent on giving me bad service - as and if he were playing some sort of game and did not take providing quality service at all seriously). After 40 minutes of meeting with this person - time that was spent repeating virtually every minor and major technical detail of the kitchen design - most all of which like I said was written down in front of him, (And all for what was an extremely simple postage stamp of a kitchen) - not one cabinet had made it into the kitchen design on the kitchen designer software. At this point we had reached an impasse - he became incapable of taking the extremely simple information for a 30" wide base cabinet and entering it into the design. I knew it was at that point - time to leave - I knew I could receive better service from another Home Depot or Lowes (and I have in the past). My feeling was that he was enormously incompetent and really didn't give a hoot about how he behaved or how efficient he was working - or about providing any kind of quality service to a female customer with her "cabinets only" order request. Honestly I think this guy should be given the boot back to steam grate or where ever he
came from - I've seen better competent and more professional behavior from elementary aged school children.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Tuesday February 7, 2006 -- 12:22:47 am
Now Kathi-that is age discrimination, we must be careful.

FROM: Carla
DATE: Thursday February 9, 2006 -- 12:39:46 am
After letting a home depot person design our kitchen for our new home, we paid the $30,000 and left, thinking my dream kitchen would soon be on the way....well, it came alright but more in a nightmare form. We measured our own walls, drew it out and turned it over to the designer after signing a waiver that if the measurments weren't correct, they would not be liable. They offered to sell us the services of their installers for approx. $3500 but quietly whispered "if it were me I'd try and find my own because I think you would be better off". So, trusting the nice little lady , that's what we decided to do. The cabinets arrived and it was a disaster. They sent the wrong door designs, but was so anxious to get this last leg of our house completed, I decided I could live with the change. The gentlemen at the store whom we found out that my husband graduated high school with and with who's sister I knew when in school volunteered to come down and install the cabinets for us..."but just don't tell management or I'll get in big trouble" He said. He came put about half the base cabinets down and the top on one side of the wall, then remarked "this won't work, they sent you the wrong pieces. I still have 4 large bundles of crown that need to be put on and he's telling me it wont' work either. I wrote him a check and thanked him for the effort. We realized that the measurements we gave hd were correct, but the designer entered them incorrectly...thus shorting us 3 cabinets, throwing my window 2 feet further down the wall and putting my pantry closet snugly against the back door when opened. Not to mention that my bar wouldn't line up evenly with the opposite wall cabinets as originally sat approx 3 feet inward. Well, we moved into our house 2 weeks ago ...with no counter tops, cabinets that will have to be taken down, no sink, no running water, and no undercounter lighting. My tile man, plumber and electrician are on hold until the cabinets are completed. I am getting absolutely no where with the store that we purchased from. I've made several calls to the Corporate offices in Atlanta who "understands" and is "sorry" and tells me things are in the works. I can't get a date, person or plan of any kind from these people. I phoned today and she told me she is going outside of the store and handling the problem. She has an installer who is waiting for the needed materials. And if she doesn't hear from him by Friday (2 days) she will contact them. I explained to her that my patience is gone and I expect a definate plan to be in place by the first of next week or I will move to the next step....LAWYER!. I found out the kitchen designer is no longer employeed at the store. I've faxed the check written to their other employee to the store manager........what else can I do to get this thing rolling???? HELP I NEED MY KITCHEN AND MY LIFE BACK TO NORMAL.

FROM: john
DATE: Friday February 10, 2006 -- 12:00:37 am
If you measured the kitchen yourself then you should have known exactly how many of each cabinet and what size you needed!!!! Did you read the service agreement before you paid for /signed it? If the wrong cabinet description was listed you should have had it changed. If the sizes were wrong you should have had it changed. I wouldn't have spent thirty THOUSAND dollars without checking it and double checking it. The 3500 dollars doesn't sound so bad now does it. Are you crazy letting someone install your kitchen that you may have known 10 years ago. It was nice of you to screw them also-even though I agree they should be fired for doing that. I agree that HD did screw up, but you also share some of the blame. Don't sign something if you haven't read it thoroughly, and when it is suggested that you use an installer USE ONE!!!!!!

FROM: Bob Larsen
DATE: Sunday February 12, 2006 -- 8:37:33 am
One of the things that I hate about Home Depot is the ugly orange that they use on their buildings.

FROM: The Tank
DATE: Monday February 13, 2006 -- 12:07:48 am
"One of the things that I hate about Home Depot is the ugly orange that they use on their buildings."

Bob, could you think of something a little more important? The Orange is deeply rooted in HD history. Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus originally couldn't afford neon signs, so they found a cheap alternative- ORANGE circus tent canvas. They'd have "The Home Depot" printed on that, and put that in the front of the store. After that, Orange was their color. Plus, it was 1979. I'd like to see what colors you were wearing in 1979.

P.S. "Bad Bernies Buildall" was going to be the #1 choice for the name of the store that became "The Home Depot." Someone send me a check when they win a game show for that answer. :-)

DATE: Wednesday February 15, 2006 -- 3:23:42 pm
This has got to be the most worthless site I have ever had the misfortune of surfing to. While many of these post are flat out funny, you all seriously need to get a life!

FROM: Psyco Joe
DATE: Friday February 17, 2006 -- 4:16:16 am
Well, up untill the middle of January, I was a Home Depot Asso. and was damn proud of it. Well, after five years and $2 in total raises, I was terminated because, a customer wasn't satisfied with the fact that we didn't carry a certain light bulb, even though we tried to have him let us order it for him. He didn't want to wait. We suggested other possible stores that might carry it & he left only to return 15 min.s later tearing open boxes. I asked him again if I could help him, he said, I want to see a manager. I asked him if he thought a manager could get it any quicker? This in an effort to let him know, Our vendors are responsible for stock items. I wasn't able to tell him this because he said, Look, I don't need your humor. I felt it was better to allow a manager to explain this and took him to one of our Asst. Mgr.s. Evidently he was no longer in search of the lost bulb, He was now out to cost me my job and accomplished just that. You can ask 90% of the contractors who shopped my Department and they would say, they loved seeing me working as they could get their merchandise and out to the worksite in a quarter of the time, then when I was off. This however ment nothing, That one bulb searching buttwipe ment more to the Depot than the $1,000's of dollars I brought in in contractor sales. Well, I hope that $1 they saved helps them with that opperation where they have that asshole taken off their shoulders and returned to it's rightfull place.

FROM: Sonya
DATE: Saturday February 18, 2006 -- 10:27:43 am
the tank:
((Today I had two separate customers return spiral flourescent bulbs. Those come in thick, plastic cases, with heat-sealed edges. One customer managed to mangle the plastic to hell, so I had to throw out the bulb and the package ($6.97) )))

this isnt that big of a deal since home depot gets 100% return on damaged bulbs, right?

FROM: Psyco Joe
DATE: Tuesday February 21, 2006 -- 3:56:20 pm
Promises made by managers to associates are like farts in the wind. They land nowhere and effect no one. Home Depot Fairfield sucks ass and so do those promise making buttwipes. Eat me.

FROM: Boondocs
DATE: Thursday March 2, 2006 -- 3:08:58 pm
Home Depot service is nonexistant. They never return complaint calls. Thank God we have a Lowes in Leesburg.

FROM: curts
DATE: Friday March 3, 2006 -- 2:15:20 am
Jbird- You have no fucking clue what you are talking about when you say mindless jobs (cashiers, lot, night crew) maybe if you weren't such a self absorbed dh that never answers their phones when a cahsier calls for a sku, you would realize all the bull shit cashiers and lot guys go through. Cashiers are tied to their stupid fucking register, so when the dumb ass customer needs help (because you are no where to be found) they bitch and complain to us. Every single thing cashiers do are performance tracked and the bs standards are high, so if you fall under the threshold you hear about it day after day from your fes. HD is too fucking cheap to schedule more than one cashier at a time so therefore you bust your ass, even if the store isnt that busy every single customer has to go through your lane, and the lazy stupid fucking customers expect you to lift their 80 lb bag of concrete, huge chandalier, rug ect. Cashiers have to bust their ass so managers dont bitch to them about lines, they have to know how to use every aspect of the register, how to manage long ass lines and do change orders while sending bull shit strips all at the same time. We never get a break, not even to go to the bathroom, while you assholes in the depts can take a piss any fucking time you want, while we have to hold in forever. You lazy asses in the depts only need to know about one dept, cashiers need to know every dept, whats in the depts, and how to look an item up in the computer bc whenever we call or page you guys for a sku it takes at least 10 minutes and the fucking impatient customer starts to freak out on us. Every month cashiers have to take stupid fucking tests on products throughout the store and you have to score high. Cashing is no where near a mindless job...if anything all you dh's do is go in the back and sit down as much as possible while we are on our feet the full 8 hours. So get a fucking clue when you insult cashiers, let alone lot guys who especially in the summer time bust their ass in 85 degree heat loading some lazy ass' heavy shit all fucking day long. p.s. if you are so intelligent and "mindful" then why the fuck do you work at home depot? You are just jellous of those college kids who "take their problems out on work" because they will actually make something of their lives, while you will be stuck making shitty money working for shitty fucking people for the rest of your life. Fuck the customers, fuck the cocky managers and dh's.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Sunday March 5, 2006 -- 4:22:37 pm
Right on curts you tell em! The cashiers work their tails off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FROM: Josh Johnsen
DATE: Monday March 6, 2006 -- 4:18:10 pm
I don't get it. How can people take specific instances and lump them together to say a company sucks? Welcome to the real world! Business is business - and the business is to make money. You're a sucker if you think Big Box retailers are there to give you love. I've had bad experiences at Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes, and any other number of places from Chiles to JcPenney. So who cares?

I've worked for Home Depot for 3 years. I've been in Lot, Returns, SS, Cashiering, Paint, and Flooring, and now I'm a superviser. If you don't get enough recognition, you should realize that Pins and Merit Badges are there to quell the employees, make them work harder, improve the bottom line. I never fooled myself into thinking that if I didn't get a badge one month it was because my bosses were stupid.

I've had great bosses and bad bosses - and it's no different than if I worked at Lowes or Walmart.

FROM: Josh
DATE: Monday March 6, 2006 -- 4:23:47 pm
Curt -- cashiering is as mindless as you make it. Most of the cashiers I work with are mindless because they want to be. If they're hard workers, it's because they want to be. Don't don't tell me you know ALL departments when Sales associates only know one. That's pretty far from the truth. Maybe if you have too hard of a time waiting for people to get SKUs for you, you could learn how to look them up on your own. Or maybe you could learn to work a little faster.

FROM: assistant managet
DATE: Tuesday March 7, 2006 -- 1:38:58 am
Wow.. This is some crazy stuff.. Im not real sure what stores you folks shop from but it sounds like the stores might need your help.. For those of you that really have issues.. On a web page wont fix issues at the stores. and I cant say talking to managers will either but i do know in the San Diego Market all the stores really want to hear what you think about our stores and how to improve them.. Its called voice of the customer.. They have the address on the bottom of the reciept.. Just if you really want to be heard.. Some of the other comments about x-employees- thiefs.. Theifs well you are the ones that make the prices rise and the lack of floor coverage.. I know I have to work for a living. and so do my employees.. The bitter ones.. If apoligies are needed I apoligize// But if you read the stories of what you are all saying no wonder the staffing sucks and the employees are rude your stealing from them yelling at them and calling them stupid.. I take pride in my employees and im proud to say I work with them. I cashier- return lot recieve.. I appreciate all of them and I do not let them be abused by customers , who by the way feel Home Depot Associates need to do everything for them How do you think we can take can have a personal shopper for each of you.. We would be broke.. Dont you go grocery shopping all by yourself.. Its a wonder some can drive its amazing how helpless customers become when they enter a home depot.. But ya know its ok.. We trained the public to depend on us.. But what you need to remember is the growth of the company and the customer demand.. Do me and my associates a favor.. Remember they are working and trying to survive.. Like most people it tough in retail ....

FROM: Psyco Joe
DATE: Tuesday March 7, 2006 -- 2:02:40 pm
Well, here it is almost 2 months since I was let go from the Depot for," Using humor when a customer wasn't in a humorious mood." Since my termination I've been back in the store twice. Mostly to say good-by to friends I didn't see before leaving, but also to pick-up a few project items. Both times I went in, I ended up helping customers and associates that know me and know that I can help them in a fraction of the time they could. No brag, just fact. I was even stopped by a DH who was having a problem with an electrical project at home. It was funny because, while I was explaining his problem, customers would come up and stand next to us, he would say, I'll be right with you." The customer would say, Not you, I need to talk to him, pointing at me," I spent at least two extra hours in that store helping customers and selling products for the Depot. Now that my bitterness is subsiding, I understand that certain ASM's can't take pressure well, so having a shift that is constant with one group of employees, they start hearing the same names from time to time so they just assume that this employee is causing too much turmoil and should be fired. It's true that I'm having a hard time trying to find employment now at age 55. When I left the Depot the other day after helping that DH and those customers, That DH said," Screw this, I'm gonna go talk to the manager. We need you back. You're the only one who knew this Dept." Several associates came up to me and we hugged a few of us cried and told me to hang in there. But after all the Bullshit and wineing stops, this is what it's all about. You don't hear it at work, but all those little things you did while at work, for customers and associates alike, come out when you take a moment to stop and say, I'm gonna miss you, or You're doing one hell of a job or just bring a smile to their face. NOTE: DON'T USE HUMOR. There were even some associates I barely knew, who came up to me and shook my hand and told me to take it easy. So, former, fellow employees, I just want to say, as much as you try to hide it and act like you're alone in that store, We, whoops, You are family. Help out you're fellow asso.'s when you see they could use it and believe me, when you need it, family will be there. I'm gonna miss working with you all. It's been a trip I wouldn't have missed for the World. I just didn't purchase the round trip. You people rock, from the bottom to the top. They just need to weed out those few that ," Use the Cartman, (Southpark) method of supervision. Keep hiting them with a stick and shouting, Respect my au-thor-a-tie!
I'll miss each and everyone of you.

FROM: associate
DATE: Tuesday March 7, 2006 -- 11:43:50 pm
Curt your a ass.. What do you do for a living?

FROM: ron
DATE: Thursday March 9, 2006 -- 11:18:30 am
sorry to hear about all the problems with home depot, wish i had seen this web before shopping there.
5 mounth ago i purchased a front door, had it install by a craftsman carpenter.then we find out the door and frame are not drilled correctly.
they sent someone out. he agreed it was 5 months later they say they will fix it. but now they have 3 different. ways of fixing it,
none will work. me i am 70years old and been around the block a few times .
but can not get a straight reply from them, and if you call there custmer service line you are talking to india.??? that do's a lot of good.

if you need to buy some think twice before home depot

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday March 9, 2006 -- 1:13:50 pm
wish i had seen this web before shopping there.

I greatly prefer this Web over those other ones. Pfft!

FROM: csh001
DATE: Friday March 10, 2006 -- 1:06:02 am
Yeah cashiers def. get the short end the stick,least amount of respect by managers, cranky customers, lowest raises ect. No wonder why all cashiers hate the HD, be a cashier for 1 day and you will understand...p.s. it is funny seeing some hd employees think that they are better than others based on their posistion, face it you work in that place, you really have not made much for yourself at all...nothing really to be proud of.

FROM: Kelly
DATE: Friday March 10, 2006 -- 1:49:26 pm
I agree - Home Depot is absolutely the worst. After the latest paint fiasco, I will NEVER shop there again. I purchased 3 gallons of paint there this week, to paint the garage the same color as my house. Unfortunately the painters painted while I was at work, and I came home that evening to find that my garage was painted a different color than my house. I called the store manager, Janet, who assured me that she would replace the paint and pay for the painter to re-paint my garage, all I need do was bring in the paint cans and the swatch I had requested. Unfortunately, by the time that I got to the store, she was gone for the day, and is apparently on vacation for the next few days. The store manager that was there, Nick, not only refused to pay for the painters to re-paint my garage...but acted like he was doing me a favor by replacing the paint that had been mixed incorrectly.

This store was in Louisville, Colorado. Avoid it - that is my advice. There is a Lowe's right across the street that provides much better service.

FROM: Andrew Davis
DATE: Saturday March 11, 2006 -- 6:55:30 pm
copy of a message to Home Depot Corporate:

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know what I think of your business operations. I am happy to report that you have now reached my limit on Customer un-Satisfaction. I have always paid my bills before or on time in the past. I had a bill of $90.32 due on the 21st of February, and due to the holiday on Monday you received my payment on the 23rd and promptly billed me a $25.00 late fee. In January I applied for a line of credit so that I could replace my aging tractor lawn mower with a new John Deer 110, but you folks said my credit was no good. Net result, I was forced to repair the mower I currently have and when I save up the money I will go across the street to Lowes and purchase their Cub Cadet. I have been a customer of Home Depot since you came to the Orando area many years ago, but due to the short commings of your finance department I can no longer see myself ruining my credit because of you. I am sending you the $25.00 late fee now, and praying that this is the last payment I ever have to make to you.
P.S. My microwave broke this morning, had to run out and get a new one, paid $20.00 more than you were asking in the Altamonte store at Best Buy. Maybe this $500.00 purchase wil not set you back, but I will bet I will not get the shaft from Best Buy's billing department.

Thanks for your many years of service, hope you get your act together soon. I am looking forward to seeing how Lowes is willing to take care of a new customer.

FROM: Jack
DATE: Saturday March 11, 2006 -- 7:14:09 pm
Kelly..just a quick question...did you even look at the paint before you hired and paid people to put it up? If not then who's issue is that, yours or The Home Depot? Thats like buying a car and not test driving, or buying a house and not looking at it.

FROM: rita
DATE: Sunday March 12, 2006 -- 1:34:46 am
Andrew- how does The Home Depot's customer service relate to your bad credit? Home Depot goes through citi bank I believe for their credit cards, and as you know banks love to make money on buyers through high interest rates, anyone who is qualified will get a significant line of credit...based on credit bureau's record of YOUR credit history. Also, anyone who pays bills responsibly will send payments to arrive a day or two early, especially when a holiday falls, it is still your responsibility to make payments on time. So quit whining and quit blaming others for your poor financial decisions.

DATE: Tuesday March 14, 2006 -- 12:52:21 am
Curt - I agree with josh, you are an ass. I do cashiering as well and manage my dept. so don't lecture me on not enough cashier appreciation, I know its stressful, but it doesn't take a genius to run a cash register. And thanks for that lecture on the college kids, I am a college grad and I am currently working on a masters degree so I can also like others move out of the Home Depot and have a real job, so kiss it.

Kelly - sorry about your garage sweetie but it wasn't Home Depots fault you didn't check the color of you paint, that one falls on you and how can you really expect home depot to pay you back for the labor on your garage, put blame where it belongs and use some common sense.

I like reading this site, it is so much fun listening to customer bitching and moaning. Home Depot isn't perfect, we know that. There are just as many complaints about Lowes as there are about Home Depot, Its call the retail business and most, not all, but most of the complainers are the ones that have never worked retail and don't know what its like. These people have probably not worked for much in their life and have had things handed to them on a silver platter rather than have earned it for themselves. Like I said most not all so don't get your feelings hurt when you hear this. Or better yet get hurt, I would like you to write something bitter about me, like hate messages are really going to change anything.

DATE: Thursday March 16, 2006 -- 8:55:27 pm
I'm a contractor and twice my truck has been broken into and tools stolen while shopping in Home Depot.
Home Depot sets up a program of luring Contractors to their store to buy their merchandise while the Contractors are being robbed in Home Depot's parking lot. I can see that Home Depot does NOTHING to deter the criminal element. Home Depot puts up signs in their parking lot telling us how their cameras are "keeping the price low". That means the cameras are there to protect Home Depot's Merchandise NOT the consumers.
They have security guards that sit on their asses inside the stores again guarding Home Depot's Merchandise.
I have limited my trips there and I am buying my items somewhere else. I canít afford Home Depotís Low prices any more.

FROM: remo
DATE: Friday March 17, 2006 -- 1:48:43 am
Joe, you must be friends with Andrew and Kelly...blaming the hd for shit that is not their fault or out of their control. I love it how people always want to blame others for either something that is out of their control, or for their own stupidity (andrew & kelly) god, i hate stuck up customers.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Monday March 20, 2006 -- 1:43:14 am
Remo, you hit the nail on the head. That is our society today-it is always someone elses fault! I can do no wrong-me make a mistake-no couldn't happen! Take responsibility for your actions people! I work for Depot and I can't believe how generouswe are. Customers take doors home and drill the holes incorrectly and we take them back and eat the cost, order your cabinets incorrectly and we take them back, we have lots of customer who bring their lawn mowers back at the the end of summer, after they have used them for 3 months. Done with that air conditioner-summers over, bring it back so that you can get your heater for winter(that info actually came out of a customers mouth) I think we are way too generous!!!!!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday March 20, 2006 -- 10:33:50 am
we have lots of customer who bring their lawn mowers back at the the end of summer, after they have used them for 3 months. Done with that air conditioner-summers over, bring it back so that you can get your heater for winter(that info actually came out of a customers mouth) I think we are way too generous!!!!!

Oh my God, that's unbelievable. Some people. You know, if people put their minds to figuring out how to better the world instead of ripping it off, it'd be amazing the advances that civilization would have made by now. Maybe if HD clamped down on this type of abuse they'd be better able to serve real customers.

I guess giving someone a store credit for a return only aids this kind of abuse--but, really, how hard could it be to clamp down by using your computers to track suspicious behavior?

FROM: mellie
DATE: Monday March 20, 2006 -- 11:48:09 pm
Hi Joseph, I just wanted to let you know that home depot does have a way to track suspicious behavior, all no-receipt returns, we record the customer's drivers license #, and if they are excessive we need to get manager approval and we reserve the right to deny the return (yeah right though, they will never deny anyone!) Anyhow, the only thing that sucks is if the customer has a receipt, there information is not taken down in the computer. Its ridiculous how customers abuse the system though, today at returns my manager made me take back a 2 month old used reciprocating (sp?) saw, and I knew he just used it for what he needed then returned it...I was so mad because it pisses me off when people abuse our system like that. As long as they have a receipt and the item is in "decent" condition we will almost always take it back. About a month ago I had a customer bring in a $160 moen faucet with the banding on it, which is easy to take off and on, and faucets is one item we always get an associate to check, so they open it up and there is about a 10 year old used delta faucet inside! Of course the guy plays stupid and doesnít even know about it, and his reason for returning it was "he didnít want it anymoreĒ yeah so our manager returns the faucet!!!! Now Iíd say there is about a 10% chance that someone returned that faucet before no one checked, and this guy bought it like that, but yeah right!! Hello!! If people keep abusing returns systems like this (Iím sure it happens a lot at other stores) then we are all going to start to notice prices going up...all thanks to ass hole scammers.

FROM: robert
DATE: Wednesday March 22, 2006 -- 3:40:25 am
if you guys have anything to say!!!!!! talk to the head office in atlanta and talk to them!!!! just reaember that staff at the stores have nothin to do with the bullshit that happens at the stores. i have worked for homedepot for 7 years now and it has treated me good. we are trying are best here and we can not do it all!!!! beacuse they dont have the staff on the floor. anyways that all i have to say about it.

FROM: patrick
DATE: Wednesday March 22, 2006 -- 3:59:33 am
just to let you know the people that work on the cashiers are the most imortant people in the store!!! and trust me they are the most repected people in the the store!!!!

FROM: mellie
DATE: Wednesday March 22, 2006 -- 2:30:40 pm
Yeah for the most part home depot is a good employer, I am a college student and I could not go anywhere else where the company reimburses me for my tuition (they reimburse half the cost up to a total reimburment for $5000/year) where i can work part time, and not have to commit to any sort of long term employment. There are a lot of benefits they offer...of course not everything is perfect, but at least I know as long as I am a good employee my job will be there tommorow, and my check will still hit the bank every week.

p.s. the only that sucks for new hires is they stopped tuition reimbursment program :( maybe because so many people abused it? This one girl that works at my store, only works once every two weeks!! Just for the tuition money...maybe if they put some small restrictions on it, the program would not go away.

FROM: I see dumb people
DATE: Monday March 27, 2006 -- 6:21:28 pm
I work at Home Depot and I will admit that some stupid people work there. Their stupidity and incompetence is rivaled only by the people that shop there.

Some people will believe anything they see on TV. If they showed a commercial where a Home Depot employeed waved a magic wand and brand new carpet appeared in your home, people would believe it could be done. News flash: Home Depot is a company. They sell shit. Welcome to America.

I love these people that fuck up their DIY projects because they are complete imbeciles and then blame the store. If you don't know what you are doing, call a contractor you cheap scumbag. Home Depot associates making $9/hr do not have all the magic answers to your ridiculous Mickey Mouse projects.

Also try to keep in mind that Home Depot does not sell every single part to every single good ever produced since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

FROM: Cara
DATE: Wednesday March 29, 2006 -- 12:00:18 am
Yeah I worked at a Home Depot over the summer last year. It was the worst job experience I ever had for multiple reasons. One was that I was a cashier. Now, I'm a good people person, I get commented on it a lot, and I'm not a cheesy-ass B.S.-er either. But I will tell you that those customers were the rudest people I have ever had to deal with. And it wasn't just a couple times a week, it was everyday, almost every hour (depending on the day of the week and what sales we were having). My spirits have never gone down so fast. The other problem which added to the the customer's unhappiness was the fact that Home Depot would fire about 5 people, and hire maaaybe one person, if we were lucky. There was NEVER enough help in any of the departments, and I completely sympathized with the customer there because I needed a UPC code from every department that didn't have a sales rep just like they needed help. It was a vicious cycle. Well, it probably could have been fixed if they just FREAKING HIRED PEOPLE, and had managers that knew what they were doing and weren't too lazy to walk all the way down to the contractor's desk to find out what an angry customer wanted. And that's my speel of the day. :)

FROM: heehee
DATE: Wednesday March 29, 2006 -- 12:32:59 pm
I am currently employed at a HD in FL as a garden cashier. It's sooooo good to know there are sooooo many other HDs out there that are as dysfuntional as ours and employees that are just as disgruntled as many of them at our store are.

Recently we hired two new cashiers. One lasted only 3 weeks (her last day was last Sunday) and she got a better job with better pay. Another is looking for another job.

As for the person not wanting to get out of the forklift's way, there was a customer who wanted some lumber. Our operator had the barricades up and the whole nine yards, and what does this customer do??? Opens the barricades and steps into the area where the forklift was?? Do people not realize how stupid they are being?? Needless to say, the forklift operator said some choice words to the customer and ended with "now get the hell out of my barricades". Amazingly, he's still employed.....

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Wednesday March 29, 2006 -- 3:47:45 pm
The store I worked at lost the M part of the sign during some high winds last year. We referred to the store as the "Hoe Depot" #4607

FROM: suicide
DATE: Wednesday March 29, 2006 -- 4:05:58 pm
if i had to stay in Home depot for 16 hours i would probably commit suicide

FROM: rob
DATE: Wednesday March 29, 2006 -- 5:23:34 pm
wow thats crazy!!! people are stupid sometimes

FROM: hi
DATE: Thursday March 30, 2006 -- 11:31:11 pm
is it true that if you are a college student working for home depot they will pay $5,000 a year for tuition?

FROM: mellie
DATE: Friday March 31, 2006 -- 1:31:58 am
well not so much anymore....if you were hired before 3/1/06 you are grandfathered into the old plan you were eligible for the $$ from day one and do not need to work a certain amount of hours. with approved course work you get 1/2 the cost of your tuition up to $5000/year (including books and fees) it is split up semesterly ex. if your tution was a total of $12000/year and if you met their course work criteria you would get the full 5000. If your tuition was $6000/year and you met their course work criteria you would only get 1/2 that ($3000) you also have to have a C or better in your classes. New plan: everything i said before except now you have to be a full time worker and have worked at HD for one year before eligibility...basically HD keeps it on their benefits profile to look good, even though there are not as many full time college students who work full time...but whatever!

FROM: Rich
DATE: Sunday April 2, 2006 -- 1:25:37 pm
Home Depot gave the employees a 20% off coupon for a "Christmas bonus" good til 4/30. There are some on ebay, but if you investigate. a lot are beng bought up by a "private buyer" Looks like HD is making sure they don't get used

FROM: rob
DATE: Monday April 3, 2006 -- 4:19:08 am
wow thats crazy!!!! people are selling there coupons on ebay. now whats homedepot goin to do? are they goin to take that away from us beacuse these pepole are sellin them on ebay. come on people you are just ruining it for everybody. they have token everything else from us.

FROM: Jbird
DATE: Thursday April 6, 2006 -- 1:15:42 am
Home Depot might as well just take away our "Christmas Bonus", Its not worth a damn anyway. At least a couple of years ago, I could give our $25 gift card we got as a chrismas bonus as a christmas present. Home Depot has gotten cheap with its christmas bonuses, way to support the backbone of the company HD! Typical Corporation bullshit, oh well, thats my two cents.

FROM: rob
DATE: Thursday April 6, 2006 -- 1:50:51 am
i argree with you jbird... homedepot has gone to the shits... they have cut everything already.... and with getting the coupon thats just a slap in the face... but hey thats better then nothin at all

FROM: TheAntiDespot
DATE: Friday April 7, 2006 -- 6:59:18 pm
Rich - "Home Depot gave the employees a 20% off coupon for a "Christmas bonus" good til 4/30. There are some on ebay, but if you investigate. a lot are beng bought up by a "private buyer" Looks like HD is making sure they don't get used"

Um - They're selling printable coupons. HD probably isn't buying them. In this case, as much as I hate Home Despot, I think eBay should pull auctions of this nature.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Saturday April 8, 2006 -- 9:35:32 pm
Hey all fellow HD employees---
I just looked at Forbes website and good old Nardelli was paid 22 million in total compensation last year, and the total for his short 4 year tenure is over 90 million. It also shows that he doesn't own any HD stock? I sure enjoyed that Christmas bonus-oh wait that was 2 years ago!!! I believe we have about 300,000 employees? That number times $25(old xmas bonus) is about 7.5 million-not that much for a company that made BILLIONS(almost 6 billion according to Forbes) in profit last year.I am sure enjoying the leap program-how about you? They are just squeezing every penny out of us and not giving any of it to us huh???

FROM: rob
DATE: Sunday April 9, 2006 -- 9:56:03 pm
yeah i agree with you.. did you know if they fire bob they have to pay him like 25 millon dollars to buy him out.... wow thats a lot of money just to fire a guy.... so now we know where the money is goin. in his pocket

FROM: Dave
DATE: Tuesday April 11, 2006 -- 1:23:25 am
I hope the managers enjoy the bonus they just received-we didn't success share last period. How about you?

FROM: rob
DATE: Tuesday April 11, 2006 -- 3:16:17 am
not us other... but those are the breaks we got to meet sales plan to get it....i think success share is a lot of bullshit... but atlest we get some money if the store makes plan

FROM: HD 4724
DATE: Thursday April 13, 2006 -- 11:50:24 pm
many years ago, home depot WAS the place to shop...they had 5 associates for every human that walked in the door, there were times that i just wanted them to stop asking me if i needed help.....those days are over and have been over since the reign of bob nardelli began. how was he going to get a company so financially out of control back "on top" ? well as most of you know the easist thing to do to cut the fat is to get rid of employee expense, " do we really need ALL those associates?", not when it can save the company millions of dollars and make us look more financially stable to the stock HD does what it has to do to make bob and the stockholders happy.......the problem is that now ALL of those customers that were used to going into a store and finding the "retired" plumber were now finding that they had to wait in line for the one associate covering the department....some days not even one associate. it was very irritating to watch it happen, "seasoned" associates were being let go, and generally replaced by associates who have little or no experience what so ever....the training, before bob (BB), was all hands on and taught by people who knew the products and how to use them, today it is all done with a computer and then the associate is given a few hours "without an apron" to sink or swim....most new associates only last a few weeks...its hard to get beat up on a daily basis and feel good about your place of employment....has anyone ever done a study on the number of "sick" days that are taken, generally for the most part not "sick" but mentally tired of being bludgeoned verbally daily.... this should also be studied for the amount of "accidents" that happen at stores that are understaffed....much higher than stores that are staffed....can anyone say "government grant"?.....while i tend to agree with most of what is being said about HD and about customers of HD....bottom line is if you don't like it don't shop there and if you are a stock holder exercise your rights.....BB our slogan used to be "the do it yourself" warehouse...please remember this when you are there, BOB should have taken out a full page ad in all the major newspapers nationwide when he took over that said, Welcome to the NEW Home Depot..Americas DO IT YOURSELF store and he really meant it when he said it....DO....IT...YOURSELF..... there is no love lost , and all those that say they are getting special treatment at can thank all the ex HD associates for that, 'cause that's where they go.....good luck and get rid of your stock.....

FROM: gilik
DATE: Friday April 14, 2006 -- 1:44:20 am
My store is generally pretty well staffed, and we still get crazy ass hole customers expecting the world on a silver platter. It pisses me off so much when a person I have never met before treats me like shit for no reason, when all I am trying to do is verify the item he is trying to return, being very polite about it (this happenes about 5 times a day.) Where do customers get off thinking they can act like that? Do they think they are better than the 20 year old college girl working at home depot? A majority of the time it is the cranky snooty assholes who want everything done for them who get pissed off at the hd. I am sorry but if America didnt like cheap prices at a great convience where you can get your 2x4's from 6am-10pm then places like home depot, wal-mart and target would not exist. There is a reason why you can go to a major retail chain and pay a large percentage less than the locally owned store, and that comes with a price...the price of not being a dumbass and finding your item and learning about it on your own. If you want somone to hold your hand and tell you exaclty how to do your project then hire someone or go to your local hardware store and pay twice as much and try getting there before 5 o'clock. People always seem to leave their intelligence, courtsey and patience at the threshold of the home depot doors, so quite possible the next time i get a snot ass hole treat me like shit for no reason mark my word i am going to punch them in the fucking face so hard, and love loosing my job over it.

FROM: rob
DATE: Friday April 14, 2006 -- 3:45:06 am
is my dad said to me!!! the depot just got to big...

FROM: HD 4724
DATE: Friday April 14, 2006 -- 10:52:17 pm
like i said before, stockholders need to revolt!!!!! and the majority of those stockholders are HD associates......on your choices on 401K most of you probably picked HD stock options.......well, put your money into something else, because all you are doing is paying BOB.......the man is responsible for the rise of profits but the downfall of all that was good at HD....mainly customer service!!!!! for all you customers out there , do us a favor and CALL HD hotline and complain about the lack of staff, on your receipt there is a web site (or actually send an e-mail and complain about the lack of staff.......just so the rest of you know, the individual HD"s no longer have control over the number of associates that are scheduled , it is all done according to "graph"...the is a number crunching imbecile in atlanta that says that if the computer program says that we need these many people that is all you can schedule.....and if the computer says that it is right then it must be so....what has happened is very understaffed stores, but what we have done is increased profit by getting rid of employee costs, so bob looks good once again, but customers are time you are in a store and you have to wait in line at the registers , or there is only one paint associate, don't take out your frustrations on them, they feel it more than you do , believe me...., they have NO CHOICE on how things are scheduled, it is the GRAPH.....the only way to change this is to complain , not to or about the individual store, they have NO CONTROL, but directly to HD atlanta.....we have been pushing this since BOB came into our lives, and will continue to push this until he relinquishes scheduling control back to the stores and the individual departments that understand how many people it takes to run a dept. so that all the customers get helped in a timely fashion......maybe someone should talk to the unions about the situation.....that would just chap his behind.....granted i am not a big union fan, but if it helps the situation, that is out of control, it can't be worse than what BOB has already done to the HD image as a great company to buy from or work for....

FROM: HD 4724
DATE: Friday April 14, 2006 -- 10:59:14 pm
just another comment....ponder this....the same customer who will complain about waiting in line with two people ahead of him, is generally the same person who will go to costco and wait in line with 3 cart loads ahead of him and not say anything.....average transaction time is under two minutes at the HD, how do i know this, all the cashiers are judged on their metrics, and their individual average transaction time is one of those items....i said AVERAGE transaction, one loaded cart of lumber with the upc's all over the place does not count ....nor the person whose cart is filled with cull lumber since this all has to be keyed in and accounted for, so when you get in line, look ahead of you , small carts, faster in and out....and don't forget ...DO...IT...YOURSELF !!!!!

FROM: Dave
DATE: Saturday April 15, 2006 -- 3:40:14 am
NO UNION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FROM: A Home Depot Employee
DATE: Thursday May 4, 2006 -- 11:40:11 am
THD is The Hell Depot. Women get all of the easy jobs and men get to tote the bale, or brick, or refrig, or what ever in the hell anyone yells for. ABSOLUTELY NO RECOGNIGTION of whether a person does a good job, a bad job or an excellent job. You are all just a piece of meat in the communist society of Home Depot. Every kind of discrimination, harassment and unfair treatment know to man and not known by the Feds. Mamas don't let your babies grow up and work for Home Depot. Management? The most incompetent collection of idots know to man kind without a doubt. What would you expect. When you are raised up with abuse you will be an abuser. Do not believe any word out of their mouths or written. 1000s of policies and only about 20% are adhered to. If you work for Home Depot you most certainly will not go to Hell. You will have already gone there. Oh yes very few women managers except air head HR managers. Kitchen designers are chosen for their tight butts, not what is in their heads. May each and every one of their stores, wind up in the garbage heap with WT Grant Sambos KMart and the like.

FROM: A Home Depot Manager
DATE: Thursday May 4, 2006 -- 11:46:57 am
To all of you ignorant Home Depot customers defending us. Thanks. The world needs more idiots. We lie to you, cheat you, never have what is in our ads, have 6 different versions of our return policy, nearly kill your friends and relativeS that work for us, THROW AWAY ENOUGH MERCHANDISE TO REBUILD THE GULF COAST AND NEW ORLEANS and you still bring your dollars to us. SUCKERS.

DATE: Thursday May 4, 2006 -- 12:01:01 pm
Rats all over the store. Customers complain but nothing happens. Rat shit under the counters on merchandise running all over the place, eating holes in anything in a bag, and not 1 member of management gives a rat feces. The rats must know it is Home Hell.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday May 4, 2006 -- 5:47:14 pm
"Rat Feces" seems appropriate here.

FROM: Linda
DATE: Friday May 5, 2006 -- 1:05:43 pm
NEVER use Home Depot At Home Services!!! They SUCK!
I only wish I had done enough research online about them before I agreed to let them replace my roof. I'm definitely not the first person who's been screwed by Home Depot At Home, and probably won't be the last, but I'd like for other people to not have to deal with the same crap I have.
Who would have thought that a supposedly reputable company like Home Depot would provide such a shitty service and assume no reponsibility for anything. All they do is lend their name and take no interest in how the work is done thereby alienate customers like myself and driving me to become a Lowes fan!
It's been almost a year since I got my roof done--as shittily as it was--and they still haven't fixed my driveway which has huge divots in it from the extra large dumpster they left sitting there for much longer than it should have been. Worst thing is, rather than being proactive in helping me fix the driveway, Home Depot almost immediately dropped my case off with their insurance company (removing themselves almost completely out of the situation) who then dropped my case off to the dumpster company who has been ignoring me, saying they have more pressing cases to attend to than my little driveway.
While the few of us that hate Home Depot can never shut them down, I hope that we can at least shut down their crappy installation services. Don't use them unless you're ready to deal with everyone but Home Depot!

FROM: Sam Dunkinweiser
DATE: Thursday May 11, 2006 -- 9:07:07 am
I worked for Home hookup. Check this. Company policy against having a cell phone on you, but 80% of employees have cell phones talking to their kids, wives, hoes, drug dealer or anyone else, while customers go without service. Hookup central when most employees including managers are spending most of their time trying to get laid with other associates and customers. If you are a manager and screw 1 of the female associates, she gets laid off or reassigned and the managers goes on to his next promotion. Sure there are policies but no associates follows them including the idot HR Manager. You have idiot HR managers turning out these schedules from Hell, effecting hundreds of associates lives, that can barely log on to the computer to plug in bodies into the schedule. Don't believe the Bull Shit about giving money to Katrina victims by the great Home Depot. That money was donated by the low wage associates not Home Depot Hell.

FROM: Carter Franke
DATE: Monday May 15, 2006 -- 1:20:28 pm
50% turn over rate tells about the hole hell (or hell hole) story. Much worse than working in a coal mine. Coal miners have a union and much less danger of being killed. Even mine owners pretend to care. Hell Depot management openly doesn't give a damn.

FROM: Frank Valet [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday May 15, 2006 -- 1:42:12 pm
Saw a Hoe Depot fork lift driver forced by a manager to load for a customer in a lightning storm. The poor guy actually did it. Saw an assistant manager making out with the credit clerk in his office. Don't attack Iraq; attack Home Depot. Much bigger terrorist organization. Their weapon of mass destruction is employee and customer abuse. Want to know why the world hates us. Because companies like Hell Depot and our government, doen't respect anyone or anything. An All American Company.

FROM: The Tank
DATE: Tuesday May 16, 2006 -- 2:01:52 am
Such a great weekend at the Deeps. Our area had severe rainstorms on Saturday, and boy did it come down. So the roof in our store is (almost) flat and the rain drains to drain pipes at the front and back of the store. One of the pipes came loose from the ceiling and didnt fall, but didnt connect to the hole in the ceiling anymore. So the rain POURED in ON TOP OF THE DRYWALL!!!!! $16,000 worth of drywall was ruined and soaked. On top of all of this, the entire drywall area, contractors registers, lumber aisles and parts of millwork were flooded. For what home depot has done to me and the rest of the employees this was so deserved.
P.S. when drywall gets wet, it smells like a whore's snatch.

FROM: Home Depot Victim
DATE: Tuesday May 16, 2006 -- 4:52:31 pm
Home Depot lost $2.05, or 5.1 percent, to $38.45, for the worst performance since August 2003.

What goes around comes around.

FROM: Bradley C
DATE: Monday May 22, 2006 -- 4:36:19 pm
Do not buy anything from home depot. com if there is any chance you might need to return it. They have only one # to get return code, which is neccesary to have in order to return goods. I have spent TWO HOURS ON THE PHONE AND NO ONE EVER ANSWERS! THER STORES WILL NOT ACCEPT THESE ITEMS BACK

My guess is they don't want returns so they make it impossible and totally frustrating adventure in futility.


FROM: Traci
DATE: Tuesday May 23, 2006 -- 10:00:38 pm
Whatever you say about Home Depot is a bunch of Bull*@?! I work for them and we don't have a security guard that sits on their ass all day. We don't have any security guards period... We may not be the biggest store in the United States, but that doesn't mean anything. Just because you don't like the store doesn't mean a damn thing. And for the people that say that women get the easy jobs at the store, is a bunch of bull... I am in charge of the delivery department at our store and it isn't a bunch of sitting on your ass or twiddling your thumbs, I bust my ass all day long pulling orders and whatever else needs to be done for every customer. I drive the fork trucks and the reach truck so I am utilized all over the store. I am one of a few that can handle that kind of job in our store.. I wouldn't have it any other way.. I like being busy... I don't like sitting on my ass at a computer all day pretending I am working... I actually work...
Also I can't believe you people just sit and bitch about Home Depot on the computer.. If you have a frickin' problem call the corporate office.. Maybe they will get a cushion for you ass and some cookies and milk.

FROM: james
DATE: Wednesday May 24, 2006 -- 4:48:01 am
you can do it !!!!! we will not help you!!!!!!

FROM: rob
DATE: Wednesday May 24, 2006 -- 4:51:32 am
its funny how people bitch and wine about home depot! but they will still come back to shop. i have worked there for 8 years and treat me pretty good so thats all i ask for.

DATE: Wednesday May 31, 2006 -- 10:59:31 pm
Hey Traci, your busting your ass for nothing.

I too work for HD and I gotta tell you, it nothing but a bunch of Money grubbing asses in management. Look at our CEO if you dont believe me, why do you think they took away all employee incentives? Merit badges, out the window. Success Sharing? What a fucking joke.
Management doesnt care about anything but there bonuses and the bottom line

FROM: rob
DATE: Thursday June 1, 2006 -- 1:53:03 am
i dont think its the management thats the prob! i think its the head office they come out stupid things without thinkin about it!!!! the management just goes by them... your right about one thing the ceo should be fired!!!! all he cares about is the money!!!!anyways thats all i am going to say about that.....home depot is a good company to work atlest i get a pay check every two weeks not all jobs out there you say about that

FROM: Ginny
DATE: Friday June 2, 2006 -- 9:52:43 pm
I work at the HD... you customers who come in and start asking a Kitchen & Bath associate about lumber are dumb as a doornail. Go to the right department and start asking your 20 questions. You all ask for it. Plus we are only human just like you so don't think one associate can help 10 customers at one time. Get a brain. To the ex-HD associates who are bitching... this is a retail job just like the others out there... what do you expect? There are tons of other retail jobs out there that will pay you less for doing the same job at HD. It's not that bad.

FROM: Scott
DATE: Monday June 5, 2006 -- 2:09:12 pm
when I was injured on the job, the LP gave me so much trouble, telling me that he KNEW I was hurt off the job or was faking. They finally paid for my surgery. When the Dr did my disability tests, the LP told me I'd get compensated after I left Home Depot. What a fool, I actually believed him, now it's too late to collect. There's a two year time limit in this state. When I was injured again with a second small disability, I went shopping for lawyers, none of them wanted to help on such a small settlement against HD.
10 yrs of stupidity & I'm still working for them. (but I'm looking for a better paying job)

FROM: Brasi
DATE: Tuesday June 6, 2006 -- 10:58:02 pm
Yeah, HD is the fuck-pit for guanophytes. After dealing with their ineptitude for 2 months of home ownership, I was gleeful just to get a 'fuck you' in at a manager before he hung up on me. I don't think I've done that since the schoolyard, but you all are damned fools at that place.
Die, please, and take your crummy orange sign w/y'all.

FROM: ooooo
DATE: Wednesday June 7, 2006 -- 3:18:20 am
hey all we are there is to help the customers......... we people say to me you are a slacker i draw the line i work hard there... but the atmost repect from the managers and the employees... you can do it we can help!!!!!

FROM: rob
DATE: Wednesday June 7, 2006 -- 3:18:39 am
hey all we are there is to help the customers......... we people say to me you are a slacker i draw the line i work hard there... but the atmost repect from the managers and the employees... you can do it we can help!!!!!

FROM: Claude Pari
DATE: Tuesday June 13, 2006 -- 10:54:14 am
Home Depot really sucks.

They allowed a contractor I was working with to change my order, add and remove items etc, all without my authorization. Then they couldn't find any paperwork to prove what they had let him do. The most hilarious was watching several off them poring over their computer screens (including the manager) trying to figure out what had happened, who'd entered what, what it really meant. They couldn't even print out for me a list of what was taken so I could go to the police.

Incompetant jerks. Mostly unhelpful. Messed up stock. Nobody knows anything about anything, including their own stock, computer systems or rules, never mind knowing anything about construction or do it yourself.

Unfortunately they have a virtual monopoly. If I had a choice, I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Tuesday June 13, 2006 -- 11:19:54 am
When did they stop the tuition reinbursement?

don't forget to tip the lot associates!!!

(I made more in tips then what I got paid by the hour!!!)

FROM: Gorge Bush
DATE: Saturday June 17, 2006 -- 9:17:51 pm
Sponsoring Fathers Day my Ass. You could find any associate to buy a hammer in that Hell hole.

FROM: Grant
DATE: Tuesday June 20, 2006 -- 11:57:51 pm
I have worked at the Home Depot for 5 years and they have been great to me. They work with me on my schedule so I may close 1 or 2 nights a week and maybe have 2 Sundays and 1 Saturday off a month. The thing is, if you come to work and do your job , they are more likely to work with you on certain things. The ones that are always late or always calling out sick will not get any support. Bottom line is that they know who works and who dosen't. As far as pay, there are alot of empolyees that make 14,15,16,17,18 plus an hour , so it all comes back to the interview. So if you feel under paid, the only person to blame is yourself! As far as the nasty customers, its retail. Just deal with it.

FROM: jammer
DATE: Friday June 23, 2006 -- 9:28:54 pm
i work @ the H-D, and love it, but one thing i found out is yes they care nothing for the workers , but when i started i made my mind up i would do the best job i could, not for them but for me, self satisfaction, i wanted to see how good of a job i could do,( was offered a supervisors job in 3 months but noooo way) i greet each customer walk them to other depts, tell them thanks for shopping @ H-D, go out of my way to just help them i nlike talking to folks and i realy have learned alot, i dont own stock and wont. the ceo never worked at a retail store came from GE, and yes a lot of what is said above is true, but i hear the same about lowes, wally world ect. its all about money, i have made some very good friends see alot of old friends,, but just keep in mind we all gotta work if you dont like it quite..and if and when i get all i want i will, its a job, more thing i had the same bad experience at lowes did i get mad nope..not worth it...and yes i try to help the local small town stores even if it costs more ( within reason)....jammer

DATE: Saturday June 24, 2006 -- 12:05:03 am
I have heard several people mention that HD sells inferior versions of brand named products such as DeWalt. The theory is that HD tells DeWalt that they will sell at a certain price, so DeWalt must use cheaper parts to meet the price. However, I have compared prices and HD never undercuts other retailers. In fact, most often, prices are the same. I believe that this is just an urban legend.

FROM: ooo
DATE: Thursday August 10, 2006 -- 5:15:23 am
you can do it we can help

Crack October 13, 2006, 2:33 am

HD (as a former MGR) DOES in fact treat it’s people like garbage!! Not like the old days of Bernie and Arther. HOWEVER, many stores are a product of their environment, they are brought up in a world of disrespect and rudeness. Most of all their communities dictate the outcome. (little hint: for the most part those who are aggressive and otherwise and ass, mind you I said for the most part, on this post…… that IS the way they treat customers, because that is the way they are trained, BY THEIR ENVIRONMENT>>>>or their community.) Their will be the NAY sayers, but piss off, I have been in 5 stores, in 4 states… 10 years. There has been absolutely incredible people, incredible sales and vise versa. Get a grip.

Monique Danielle February 18, 2007, 7:53 pm

I agree, Home Depot has the worst customer service ever. We have had several negative experiences with Home Depot. Today was the final straw.

I ordered a $1300 Teak Patio set last weak. They told me that they would deliver it on Saturday, but did not give me a time. On Saturday I left the house for two hours – and of course that is when they tried to deliver.

So, no big deal. I called to reschedule.

Now is where the big deal comes in. I called and was transfered to someone. He said, “I can’t help you, you have to call back.” I asked him if he could transfer me, and he said “no, you have to call back and ask for the special services desk.”

So I called back and asked for the special services desk. I woman answered, cut me off in the middle of my first sentence, and put me on hold. I waited on hold for 12 minutes.

Then while, still on hold, I called them from another phone. When I called they transfered me to special services and the same woman answered (she had a distinctive accent/voice). I told her that I was on hold on the other line for 12 minutes and asked when I could get help. She told me that she had to cut me off because she had customers and that she would call me back within ten minutes or less.

I waited 30 minutes, and still no call. So then I called and asked to speak to the manager. I was put on hold for five minutes, then the line went dead.

So then I called again and asked for a manager. I got a manager. I asked if he could reschedule my delivery. He said that he would. When I asked what time, he said that he could not say. I asked if he could give me some kind of window, like afternoon, and he said no. I told him that I have to be out of the house for one hour on the day of delivery and asked if he could be sure that they not deliver during that time. He said no, that they deliver however their route works, and if I’m not home, then they have to reschedule again. Now keep in mind, I’m paying for the delivery, it is not a free service.

So, I said if you can’t even work around one hour in my entire day I need to cancel the order. He told me that he could not do that right now. I asked him why. He said because he was not at a register. I said, then put me on hold and go to a register. He said that he couldn’t do that. So then I asked him for the name and address of his regional manager. He said that he did not have that information.

I hung up, called back, spoke to a cashier and got a refund.

I will NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER shop at Home Depot again. This was the last straw in a long series of horrible customer service. I find the service to be much better at Lowes.

Dave February 19, 2007, 6:58 am

Monique—-of course you don’t care that by leaving the house for 2 HOURS you wasted the delivery persons time(they had to pull your delivery,load it, and then unload it back at the store.) and also denied another customer(who would have stayed home)a delivery. You will never shop there again-GOOD

Jay W March 3, 2007, 1:49 am

Dave—You are an Idiot. How does that Home Depot cheerleader outfit fit, anyway?

Aaron March 4, 2007, 12:16 am

I live near a new Home Depot in Apple Valley ,CA. In that store i have seen managers yell at associates on the floor. To me that in unprofessional. I have delt with employees who were not properly trained. My neighbor already had to go back because they over charged him on an installation. The HR insulted my friend because he applied there, and he had a DUI. He doesnt drink, but yet she tells him that he has to stay sober for 6 months before she can interview him. Hes been sober for 2 years. I would rather go to Lowe’s which fortunatelly is across the street from this suck ass store. For all you Home Depot employees or former Home Depot employees. I am sorry for your pain. By the way, there is an online petition to boy cott Home Depot, check it out and sign it.

Myself March 6, 2007, 7:10 am

New tag for Home Despot:

You can do it? Can you help?

They’ve actually put a banner up in the breakroom that’s a letter, allegedly from one of the founders, which says that everything he has — his house, car, kids’ education, and so forth, are because of the customers. Well…

I have an idea: How about a banner next to that one which reads:


Thanks for the $210 million golden parachute.

Bob Nardelli

At least that one would be closer to the truth of the present (and long term) attitude of arrogance at Home Depressing, er I mean Despondent, um, Depot. Despot. Uh, whatever.

Jennifer March 11, 2007, 6:16 am

Why do you say Home Depot is “hell”. I just started employment there 2 days ago, and have heard nothing but good things (preemployment, and current) about working for The Home Depot. Your input would (I feel) help me to possibly understand more fully the experiences I will have at Home Depot. I hope though, that you are not chalking up one bad experience you had there as your sole opinion on the stores. I’m sure they’re not all bad, unfortunately, some Home Depot employees are better than others with their customer service and product knowledge. I feel that they should not sway your thoughts on ALL Home Depot employees though. I know I’m going to try my best to exceed in my role at The Home Depot. Please, explain to me though how you feel that Home Depot. is “hell”, I’d still like to know what I have possibly gotten myself into. Thanks.

Ted March 15, 2007, 6:39 am

All retail is terrible work. Customers get screwed and take it out on the usually innocent employees thus lowering moral and customer service overall but they have a right to be mad, it’s their money they’re spending. It’s a vicious circle. I have worked at h.d. for about 2yrs as a department supervisor and it has been a bad experience overall but it pays the bills. I will be starting a new job soon and leaving retail for good, I even turned down assistant manager training (you would think they would figure it out), I have worked retail most of my life and the workers are treated like shit from most management and customers the bigger the company the worse employees are treated, you are the scum of the earth and a glutton for abuse, so anyone considering it, don’t and anyone who likes it, there is something wrong. Learn and trade or go to college and get a degree and get a job you will like or suffer the retail employee fate. Home Depot thinks they can change since that evil fuck Nardelli is gone but they were there with him when he made it a the terrible place it has become it won’t get better, at my store right now the manager, and the district manager are mormans and assistant managers have a hard time promoting if they are not…hmmm. I will not shop there after I leave and have nothing good to say about the company, don’t shop there and don’t work there.

Badure March 15, 2007, 5:02 pm

There’s one guy in electrical at 4607 who absolutely hates HD. Yet for some reason he hasn’t left. He was bitching about the store when I worked there and that was almost 3 years ago!

Half of the assistant managers, the really nice ones, left and went across the street to lowes. The worst position has to be the lot! The only thing good about it was the tips. Screw giving HD the tip money! Keep it, on the lot, you EARN it!

Carl April 12, 2007, 3:05 am

Just finishing a short term in Home Depot Electrical. Hard working people in all departments. I’ve had a number of customers tell me they just came from Lowes. The sales person they spoke with there did not know much….all other help ..out to lunch. A state of flux in hiring is just the way these places often have to operate.
You can bad mouth the big box stores all you want. Until you have worked in one you are clueless. I’m glad to be leaving but it has been some of the best experience I have ever had. The clueless customer to sales person is 100 to 1.

tr April 18, 2007, 8:27 am

Just some things first off. To the ones who work or have worked for home depot. When it comes to retail home depot isn’t the first and won’t be the last, it doesen’t matter if you work at home depot, target, wal-mart, best buy, whatever you’re basically going to have the same problems. The only key differences are you might have a good manager or a shitty one, if you happen to have a good one you better pray he doesen’t get transferred or promoted but most of the time your average associate will go through plenty of management changes and what sucks usually when a good manager gets promoted they turn from a good manager to a shitty district or regional leader (don’t understand that one). Unfortuanly it always seems like when you get the shitty one they are there for awhile until they quit or do something REALLY stupid. There’s never or rarely is over-time, forget a weekend, have fun on the holidays. Speaking of hours I actually had a manager once that if I could prove it get her in deep shit for changing peoples clock ins and outs so they wouldn’t get over time so she could get her bonus this wasen’t at home depot though. Yeah how would you like to not get paid for 30 minutes that you actually worked? I aint no volunteer not in retail hell nooooo…..

To the customers. You may prefer target over wal-mart, lowes over home depot, circuit city over best buy, pep boys over mr. tire, or vise versa. But really they are generally the same and you know you ACTUALLY hate them all. NOw of course we talk about mom and pop stores and how they get screwed by big buisniess and how the smaller ones know there shit better. There is always a trade off, the smaller buisiness may have better customer service and expierence and quality that’s because they have a lower volume to deal with yet you still shop at evil big buisiness places, why? More selection?One stop shopping?. NEVER EXPECT THE HIGHEST QUALITY MERCHANDISE FROM BIG CORPORATE RETAIL SETTINGS, this should be common freaking knowledge by now. That’s just like you never hear about the best burger places, sub shops, or pizza places being dominos, mcdonalds, or subway it’s always some local joe schmmooo place that puts out the quality stuff. That’s because big buisiniess franchises are cookie cutter places that mostly hire the highschool and college aged part-timers who don’t really care about your hamburger and aren’t planning on being a chef in theire career lives. THe joe shmoo place specializes and openeded the place for a reason, cares about the taste, size and texture of your hamburger, and will teach who they hire to care and if they don’t will fire them in a 2nd. Big businesses push customer service but in all reality they care more about saving money. And generally big buisiness is cheaper for you so naturally you are going to get shitty customer service some how, low quality product, and to much traffic in the parking lot. Noowwww if you can afford quality then you are a dumb ass for seeking service in high-volume retail.

My advice is this, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH on the internet, ask real proffesionals about home imporvement projects. If you can do it yourself or have a friend that you know or have a friend that has a friend, USE THEM. It will save you time and energy. I’ve never used home depot services and have never heard complaints about them, and I don’t have to hear them or use the services to know that it’s at your own risk. There is tooooo much politics and bearucracy (blah) in retail to use thier services to install my kitchen, my flooring or what have you. Granted they might get it right but you never know what your gonna get in retail. Although this is pretty much true with any contractor or installation company but in big retail it’s just tooooo easy for people to screw up.

But I’m the DIYER in anything anyway I don’t trust anyone with anything unless I know them well. If I go to buy almost anything or have a project I will research till I can research no more and network network network. And doing stuff yourself rocks anyway cause then you can bragg about it…..;)plus if you have a friend do it and they screw it up, it’s way easier to make them pay for it or fit it and if you have to sue em it’s way easier to win in court.

Shawn April 26, 2007, 8:31 pm

I like Home Depot and have had grea success buyiung things there. However, Lowe’s has been a pain in the ass. To Hell with Lowe’s and its affiliates.

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