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December 5th, 2001

Bag It or Buy It?

Growing up, I brought a bagged lunch to school just about every day (unless it was “Hoagie Day”) and that same sensibility has carried over to my adult years. I bring a lunch with me to work almost every day… I’ll eat out once every week or two. When I eat out, I try to eat as cheaply as possible, but bringing a lunch is still, by far, the most economical way to eat. And since I’ve been cooking more recently, it’s usually not too big of a deal to throw leftovers from the night before in my lunch bag with some fruit and crackers, so it’s not terribly inconvenient, either.

Do you bag it or buy it? -ram

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FROM: Chris
DATE: Wednesday December 5, 2001 -- 9:03:15AM
I have a bananna and a yogurt in the fridge for lunch today... I try to limit eating out to once a week, unless its a customer or business lunch that is getting expensed.

DATE: Wednesday December 5, 2001 -- 9:48:46AM
I tended to bring my lunch in. Had to save my money for DVDs. :)

FROM: corey
DATE: Wednesday December 5, 2001 -- 10:46:34AM
since i go home to feed/walk the little monster every day, i just eat there.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday December 5, 2001 -- 11:17:47AM
I teabag it every day.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday December 5, 2001 -- 2:12:34PM
I bagged it basically from 5th grade all the way through high-school. At work situations I have always bagged it. Save that moolah by not buying food and you can acquire quite a nice record collection. Plus, nothings better than leftovers.

FROM: brant
DATE: Wednesday December 5, 2001 -- 2:21:18PM
i never bought a school lunch growing up, and i still take my lunch to work, even to this day. so much cheaper

DATE: Wednesday December 5, 2001 -- 4:26:35PM
Wow, interesting that it's nearly unanimous. I have never taken my lunch to work in my 12 years in the work force, and know hardly any who do. My lunch hour is either the time to socialize with others at an eatery down the block, or to go run errands. I do agree that you can save a lot of money brownbagging (or skipping) it.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday December 5, 2001 -- 4:47:35PM
Most of the people at my work seem to eat out (or take out), too. I just can't imagine how much money that ends up costing by the end of a year...

FROM: Kristy
DATE: Wednesday December 5, 2001 -- 4:51:34PM
I am a brown bagger at heart, and since I can't take my Fo-T (40) of Hurricane to work, I end up putting a sandwhich, chips, yogurt and fruit in the bag. Sometimes I take leftovers, or soup.

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Wednesday December 5, 2001 -- 5:05:59PM
Since I live in 1947, I ride my bike home every day for lunch.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday December 5, 2001 -- 5:39:42PM
When I had a day job, I initially ate out but later brown bagged it. Due to the lack of options that reflected my changing diet, I found it easier (and cheaper) to just BYOL. Or, rather, BMOL.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Wednesday December 5, 2001 -- 8:50:58PM
I'd love to live in 1947 and ride my bike home to work :) However if my office environment continues to suck I may start working from home so I can walk upstairs to lunch.

FROM: commander federally
DATE: Saturday December 8, 2001 -- 4:44:57PM
for my lunch I tend just to mooch of others. Its even cheaper then brown-baggin it.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:59:05 pm

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