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December 6th, 2001

Cut Your Hair

One of my least favorite activities when I was a kid? The haircut. I hated it. I was the model haircuttee, though – I held really still and rarely spoke a word. Every person who cut my hair complimented me on my stoic exterior.

But despite the free lollipop afterwards, I began to dislike the entire ordeal. Maybe that’s why I decided to just shave my head a couple of years ago; now I don’t have to deal with any of that, really.

Is the haircut something other people dread, or am I alone here? And how often do you cut your hair, anyway? -pm

Thanks to Ryan for filling in while I was in the reality vortex.

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday December 6, 2001 -- 10:05:17AM
I'm not a huge fan of getting a haircut... but I guess I should appreciate it while I still have hair to cut. All signs point to baldness in my future.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Thursday December 6, 2001 -- 10:10:42AM
I've been doing my own hair for years. A #2 comb on the electric trimmer and off it comes. Takes me less than 5 minutes once a month.

DATE: Thursday December 6, 2001 -- 11:45:49AM
I remember one time when I was a kid pretty vividly. My dad took me to get my haircut, but the guy that I usually got my haircut from at the barber shop was busy with someone else, so I had to take a different guy. I apparently didn't like that very much, since I started screaming and crying and I wouldn't let my dad put me on the chair. Needless to say, I didn't get my haircut that day.

Now I'm fine with it, though. Really.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday December 6, 2001 -- 11:51:45AM
Chris, I use a #1. Good to find a Brother in Clipping.

I used to use the #2, but I switched. Why? One day I took the shaver to my head without an attachment - which means I started shaving my head. I took two large segments of the hair at the front of my head off, and gasped when I looked in the mirror. I used a #1 handily to take care of the rest of it.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday December 6, 2001 -- 12:32:56PM
I think I get one seasonal haircut, for a total of about 4-5 a year. That's what I have noticed lately at least.
Don't you think its kind of fucked up when you are 23 and your dad tells you to get a haircut, or talks about your facial hair? I do, just for that I'm going to rebel!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday December 6, 2001 -- 1:05:17PM
Everyone I've talked to likes your newly grown facial hair, Matt!

I get a haircut every month-and-a-half or so... my hair grows pretty quickly, too, so I'm usually a mophead (as I am right now) when finally I get it cut.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday December 6, 2001 -- 2:15:28PM
I love getting haircuts because it's the only way I can get women to touch me.

FROM: brant
DATE: Thursday December 6, 2001 -- 5:28:58PM
i cut my own hair every few weeks. its fun to see what new designs i can come up with. and its free, the only way to go.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday December 7, 2001 -- 12:19:19AM
I used to let Pete Dubin cut my hair freshman year of college. For some reason after those experiences, when my hair grew back my sideburns curled like a Hacedic(sp) Jew.

FROM: uncle paul
DATE: Monday January 5, 2004 -- 7:49:02 pm
I cut my hair better than any barber or "stylist" ever could. Who knows exactly how you want your hair cut? RIGHT you do. So fuck the dumb shit and grab the dog clippers throw in some scissor snips where you deam appropriate, voila your a rock star. All you squares afraid to cut your own hair can eat a dick up until you hiccup

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday January 5, 2004 -- 11:44:21 pm
"Uncle Paul" can be identified because he's the only cat still rocking a crooked Kwame fade circa 1991.

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DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 4:00:27 pm

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