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December 17th, 2001

Deck-to-Deck Key Duping

We went to Admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve had a key duplicated, but I had no idea how easy it is. It’s like dubbing a tape! First they match your key to a particular size blank key, similar to finding the proper length cassette). Then they put it into a machine with two openings, one labeled “original” and the other labeled “duplicate,” just like loading a dual-well tape deck. Then they close it, hit the green button (the equivalent to record) and a few seconds later, the duplicate is made. They then run it back and forth through some other slot, which I assume smoothes everything out. I guess it’s similar to popping the record tabs out of a cassette.

Oddly, it’s about as cheap as a cassette, too (about a $1.25). Pretty impressive stuff, considering the last time I had a key duplicated, I think it was done by hand (or at least by a much more rudimentary piece of equipment). -ram

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FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday December 17, 2001 -- 11:43:17AM
The last time I had keys made a few weeks ago, it was at a local Ace Hardware - and no such futuristic machine exists there. It's done by hand, but it looks like it's a matter of just tracing the outline of the master onto a duplicate.

How long till the key duplication becomes a kiosk?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday December 17, 2001 -- 1:06:22PM
Seriously, this thing was so simple, after having watched the guy use it once, I think I could do it.

FROM: Jeani
DATE: Monday December 17, 2001 -- 1:51:09PM
It already is a kiosk! Sears has a keymaking kiosk in Chicago at Lawrence and Ravenswood.

FROM: fresh
DATE: Monday December 17, 2001 -- 2:35:30PM
when doing by hand the key isnt accually done eye to eye all the ydo is trace it which is the same as what the machine does except you hand guides it

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 4:04:50 pm

DATE: Tuesday January 4, 2005 -- 3:47:50 pm
I always thought pings had some type of question in them, but that is pretty cool, we dont lock our house so i never have had a key, i mean i need two keys because we have two locks on the front door. My walmart has a key maker like the though. i wouldnt be facinated enough with it to ping about it, but its ur website

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