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December 28th, 2001

Auto Salt

Winter has arrived in Chicago. It hasn’t been above 25 degrees Fahrenheit for a week. We’ve had light snow, and some not-so-light snow… and those traditionally bone-chilling winds. Throw it all together, and you’ve got a recipe for fun drivin’!

When I was driving to a restaurant with my friends last week, my non-ABS car slid a few times. Nothing severe, but there’s always that moment of, “Oh crap, my car is out of control!” before things are cooled down. So I have an idea. Why not create something that emits salt out of the front of the car – out of the bumper – thus, preventing slick surfaces?

Naturally, this’d be a totally earth-friendly product. You press a button on the dash, and salt shoots out of the front of the car – a good foot or two in front of the front wheels. Then, the ice and snow melt away.

Alternately, just put a huge heating element on the underbelly of the car – one that could burn your feet off if you’re not careful. -pm

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