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January 3rd, 2002


So here’s a question for you…

How long do you leave your decorations up after the holidays are over? People seem to start turning off their outside lights after New Year’s, but one of my friends in high school still had her Christmas tree up when I visited her in March! I like the idea of keeping the tree up, lights on, and decorations out until somewhere around January 10th or 11th (whenever the last day the township picks up trees from curbside). After taking the tree out, I’ll generally leave decorations up until the next weekend.

I’m curious to see what the “norm” is, if there is one. -ram

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FROM: Chris
DATE: Thursday January 3, 2002 -- 9:38:27AM
Tree pickup is tomorrow Ryan.

And we took our stuff down on 1/1 - I told my wife she will not become the crazy Christmas lady while married to me :) Anyway, by 1/1 Christmas is last years event, I'm ready to box all the stuff up and move on.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday January 3, 2002 -- 11:03:51AM
Chris -- IIRC, they do the tree pick up a couple of times after the new year (we didn't put ours out last year until 10th or 11th)... according to the town's web site: "Waste Management will collect trees from residential customers on regular recycling days beginning Thursday, January 3, 2002." Sounds like I have another week if I want it. :)

I'm content with being "Crazy Christmas Lady" up to a point... ;)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday January 3, 2002 -- 4:25:52PM
This is a toughie. I think I took things down the weekend following New Year's Day (which might/not happen again this year.) But when I lived back home, we'd always keep things up through the 14th. That was just the way it was.

FROM: mike
DATE: Thursday January 3, 2002 -- 4:53:42PM
the weekend after new years is the guideline i've always followed. unless, of course, your cat rips the tree down for you early, then it's entirely up to her.

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