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January 2nd, 2002

The ‘Sorry!’ Horn

All cars have a horn. On some cars, it works. On some, it’s the equivalent of the driver’s heart rate. On some, it’s used in those rare instances when one needs another driver to get a move on already!

But there’s no real way to apologize for something while driving. You make a mistake, what do you do? I find I put my left hand up, palm out, and mouth, “I’m sorry” in the most pleasing way possible as I lean towards the windshield. Odds aren’t good, though, that the other driver is seeing you.

The solution? The Apologetic Horn. You tap it, it sends out a sound indicating that yes, you made a mistake and yes, you acknowledge it. Will people actually use said horn for its purpose? It’s doubtful. But I can dream, can’t I? -pm

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