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January 15th, 2002

Warm Places

As a kid, our house would be absolutely freezing on winter mornings, and after taking a hot shower, the house would feel that much colder. So I found refuge in the only warm place in the house: on the vent in our downstairs bathroom. Why the area around the vent was the only warm place in the house, I’m not sure…

Did any of you have particular spots in your house that were warmer than others? (Refraining from obvious jokes, please…)

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FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday January 15, 2002 -- 12:24:22 am
Currently one of the warmest places in my house is my walk-in-closet! Yes the builder put a vent in there and I love her for that. I did at first think "This is wasteful!" and close the vent, but my clothes were ice-cold as a result. Now I leave the vent open, and I leave the door open to the closet when I sleep so I can enjoy the warmth from across the room.

When I was little, the warm spot was in front of my parents' refrigerator; I think the dog used to lay in front of it!

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday January 15, 2002 -- 8:31:02 am
Our house is relatively cool-feeling overall, although the heat is doing an admirable job. The warmest place is usually the bedroom - because we often run a heating humidifier. Aaah, comfort.

The coldest place? Our breakfast nook, which is really an enclosed add-on porch. The temp back there yesterday was 58 degrees. :)

FROM: fresh
DATE: Tuesday January 15, 2002 -- 10:21:14 pm
the radiators are always warm but in my house in my bed room i gotta window facing south so no noreast winds (i live around beantown) plus its relativly small and the radator kicks ass sometimes i cant sleep in late, too hot for some of us. which brings me to my next point any of you sleep neked? i do and its great with flannel sheets

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday January 15, 2002 -- 11:44:23 pm
When it's cold I usually like to warm myself up with a Dutch Oven.

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