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January 17th, 2002

The Daily Show

I must say, even though it’s been on a second-teir cable network for over five years now, The Daily Show has been consistently good. Both hosts, Craig Kilborn and Jon Stewart, have done solid jobs and the supporting “reporters” have all been hilarious. While a month can go by with only a few laughs on SNL, I will always belly laugh at some point during any given episode of The Daily Show. That’s a rare thing these days.

Whether it’s the mild self-deprecation that Stewart has mastered over the years or the supremely nerdy air about Mo Rocca, The Daily Show always manages to hit. Tonight’s “America’s News War” captured the Fox News-CNN-CNBC debacle perfectly, reminding us all that news people are funny and dopey, especially when they’re angry.

Perhaps we could form a merger of the Daily Ping with The Daily Show… Paul and I could take over for the Stev/phens every other day and we could do a feature called “Where has Terry Murphy gone?” Whaddya think, Paul?

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