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January 27th, 2002

Pay for Air?!

Explain this to me: why do some gas stations actually charge for air?

The other day, I had a tire that needed some serious inflating, so I drove to the nearest gas station to refill. It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t have made it further, because this particular gas station charges 50 cents for air. It’s a concept that blows my mind and surprises a lot of people I mention it to, despite the fact it’s becoming a common practice. Generally, as a matter of principle, I’ll go a mile out of my way if it means I get free air. That’s the type of guy I am.

Gas station managers might argue, “it’s to pay for the equipment.” Bull. If that’s such a valid argument, why is this a trend that’s only taken hold in recent years? I have yet to see a water fountain at a movie theatre that charges for water. The theatre sucks up the cost, and I think gas stations should do likewise with air.

I propose that Congress should pass a law that disallows anyone to charge for any of the five elements. Except for metal. That one might be tough to get by.

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