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February 15th, 2002

Lost Items

There have only been a few items in my life that I’ve lost that I’d really like to find at some point. I’ll skip over the green rabbit’s foot that I lost in fourth grade and move on to the stuff I still miss now…

First is a copy of a Thelonious Monk CD I left at the college radio station my freshman year. Someone else lifted it. This shouldn’t be too hard to find a replacement copy for.

Of course, the other items I’d like to find are also music related. First is the original mixdown tape of two songs I did with a band in high school. I have one of the songs that made it onto one of my albums, but the “alternate” version (where I did a good death metal growl admist my hip-hop lyrics) is still missing. I’m about 50% sure I am in possession of the cassette, but that it’s misplaced.

The other is another “alternate” version of a song I recorded in high school. I’m 98% sure I’m still in possession of this tape, as I tend to “re-find” it every couple of years. Of course, I never put it aside or label it, so I also “re-lose” it every couple of years.

Lastly are a small handful of interviews I did during college. The main one I’m missing is a long phone interview I did with Michael Franti (of Spearhead) while he was in Australia.

Obviously, these last three items, while all having to do with music or recording, are pretty much irreplaceable.

Finding long lost items is a great feeling… it can be like reconnecting with a best friend (a feeling I had every time I found the oft-misplaced “peach” crayon in my crayon box). What items are lost/misplaced that you’d give your left arm to find?

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