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February 19th, 2002

The worst symptom

I don’t get sick very often, but this winter, mild as it’s been, I’ve had a couple tiny colds and one doozy of a temperature. Today, I started to feel another possible cold coming on, in the form of my least favorite symptom: a raw, sore throat.

Coughs are annoying, but not usually terribly painful by themselves. Upset stomachs/nausea can be pretty bad if you’re not near a familiar toilet. A stuffy head can be frustrating, but there are plenty of remedies. Unfortunately, sore throats seem to have a lot of potential cures, but none work all that well.

So, tonight, I hit the sore throat with everything I had: Aleve, echinacea, losenges, hot tea with honey, cold ice cream, plenty of liquid (I drank probably 16 glasses of water today), vitamin C, and a little zinc. Plus I’m getting to bed early so I don’t have to miss work tomorrow (something I’ve never done for illness before).

Cross your fingers for me and pass along any good sore throat remedies you know of. I may need ’em…

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FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday February 19, 2002 -- 12:04:57 am
Cold ice cream? Will you be my doctor?

FROM: Maria
DATE: Tuesday February 19, 2002 -- 3:34:21 am
Traditional Medicines makes a tea called Throat Coat that's very soothing. It's usually found in the cold medicine aisle of the grocery store--not the tea aisle.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday February 19, 2002 -- 9:19:48 am
Robert -- Yeah, I guess hot ice cream is kind of rare...

Maria -- are they the ones that make the Yogi tea?

I'm feeling a little better this morning, but feel some other cold-like symptoms hitting (congestion, namely).

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday February 19, 2002 -- 9:22:31 am
Sleep with a humidifier running in your bedroom. A doctor once told me that a humidifier is the single best remedy for a cold...

FROM: fresh
DATE: Tuesday February 19, 2002 -- 12:24:37 pm
gotta agree Ryan sore throat sucks, one thing that works for me if that clorasceptic spray shite, like 3 pumps into your throat and it numbs it for about 2 hours, bad thing it tastes like rubber and doesn't really cure anything

FROM: arnold
DATE: Tuesday February 19, 2002 -- 5:59:08 pm
a sore throat is one that is not fun to take care of.first you do not want to swallow because it hurts .so that eliminates losenges.honey can work but it is so sweet your blood sugar level hits the roof.sprays work as long as you do not swallow.and you do not want to feel your tongue.all that is left is forced least a week.

FROM: Maria
DATE: Tuesday February 19, 2002 -- 7:01:08 pm
Ryan--I think not, although I had never heard of Yogi tea until just now. I did find both Yogi tea and Throat Coat (which is, by the way, the only tea I can stand to drink--and I only drink it when I'm sick, which more often than I'd like) at

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday February 19, 2002 -- 10:47:31 pm
You're all wrong. The best treatment for a sore throat is a hot beef injection. Come to my free clinic tomorrow and I'll show you what I mean.

(Damn, even I'm ashamed of me for typing that.)

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday February 20, 2002 -- 12:36:18 pm
I'm actually proud of you for typing that, Robert. Proud and moist.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Wednesday February 20, 2002 -- 1:58:39 pm
(laughing a LOT) Robert, your sense of humor is great. :-) You too, Rob.
I could read that every day and get me some washboard abs in a couplea weeks!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday January 27, 2005 -- 4:17:20 pm
Remedy? I've caused sore throats with hot beef injections.

And down into the gutter we go . . .

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