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March 9th, 2002

Lament for

They made their way through some of the toughest times for technology companies, but this week, got swallowed by

It’s unfortunate. was a really good resource for electronics. They had a good selection, decent prices, and a good web site. They even offered up live help via chat so visitors could ask questions before buying anything.

I remember when launched, back in the day when coupons were plentiful and everyone was offering a deal. had a list of 100 CDs and new customers could choose three of them for $1 (with free shipping). And the CDs were cut-out bin rejects, they were all decent 1-2 year old CDs. I had no trouble picking out three that I wanted.

Over the last few years, I bought some pretty significant items from them. I spent a couple hundred dollars on Monster cables and accessories and even bought the occasional DVD or CD through them. There’s no doubt, I’ll miss having them around when it comes time to buy another electronic item.

Google’s cache still has their most recent page archived and their first page can be seen on the Wayback Machine.

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