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March 14th, 2002

The Internet Scrapbook

IE5 for the Mac includes what is billed as a super-handy thing: the Explorer Bar. The Page Holder feature of the bar is akin to similar features on the Windows side, but there is one truly handy feature that I only just found a week or so ago: the Internet Scrapbook.

It’s a nice, easy concept. If there’s a page or image I want to save from the web, I don’t have to jump through 18 hoops just to save it (that is, go all the way up to the File menu and choose to Save, and then figure out where it’s going on my hard drive). Now, I can pop open the Explorer Bar, click Scrapbook, and Add the page or image right then and there. Instantly, I’ve got a local copy of any page on the web.

The reason why it’s so good is that it takes bookmarking to a higher level without the whole subscription concept, which is really awkward, getting in the way. And it can be organized to my heart’s content – so I’ve already got a folder for recipes I’ve found online, for instance. Although it’s not a concern for me now, these can be used offline with no problem – a boon to those with dialup.

At first I thought the Scrapbook was just added fluff, but now that I use it, I think it’s quite nice. Do you use the Scrapbook, or something similar, when browsing for information? -pm

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