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March 30th, 2002

Laugh Out Loud

Long ago, before I was knowledgeable of the ways of late night television, I stumbled across The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Johnny’s guest that night happened to be Dana Carvey.

I remember being in my bed, watching this episode, and trying not to laugh out loud so late at night. Carvey was totally on that night, and every single thing he said was hysterical. Everything. He did a dead-on Johnny Carson impersonation, which only added to the maniacal atmosphere. I started watching more late night TV thanks to that Tonight Show, but very few were as funny.

Now I enjoy laughing out loud at something on TV or in the movies. While it’s been a while since a movie has made me laugh out of control, Robin Williams appeared on an episode of Inside the Actors’ Studio a few months back. Two solid hours of Robin Williams, being drop-dead funny. I laughed till it hurt, and it felt good.

I love to laugh out loud, but it seems to happen so infrequently… anyone else find this to be true? What makes you laugh out loud? -pm

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FROM: fresh
DATE: Saturday March 30, 2002 -- 5:16:28 pm
i was recently lucky enough to see my uncle Jim. this man may just be the funniest guy alive. and he makes everyone laugh out loud

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday March 31, 2002 -- 12:31:12 am
Stand Up Comedy does it for me. Although I will laugh at almost anything including: animals chasing each other, gimmicy commercials, and Weird Al.
As for the comedy, Brian Regans set we saw for Ryan's Bachelor party had me in tears. Also Dave Attell has been on both times I've seen him with Robert.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday March 31, 2002 -- 6:59:34 pm
Right, Matt. Comedy is best live and in your face.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday March 31, 2002 -- 10:09:23 pm
The only time I can remember actually howling was seeing Brian Regan...

FROM: fresh
DATE: Monday April 1, 2002 -- 6:33:33 pm
if yall ever get the chance see nick dipalo this guys a hoot, brian regan is fuckin hilarious as well tho, seen the one about the pop tarts and the peanut butter and jelly and croutons all in the same jar? good stuff

FROM: Brianna
DATE: Tuesday April 2, 2002 -- 5:58:02 pm
Laughter is the key to the soul. It's been proven to benefit your health, and although I can't remember what good it does, but hey, if you didn't here about the benefits of laughing, then where the heck have you been?

Anyway, ROBIN WILLIAMS ROBIN WILLIAMS ROBIN WILLIAMS! Probably the funniest guy I know of. He's one of the most respectable people I know, I respect him tremendously. Heck, I used to have a crush on the guy! Ah well...

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