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April 6th, 2002

The World of Snack Chips

So there I was, coming up with an idea for a Ping. I’d write about Munchies, a most unholy (but very tasty and bad-for-you!) combination of mini Sun Chips, Doritos, Cheetos, and Rold Gold Pretzels. I started by doing a Google search… but then…

I found

Frankly, I’m surprised neither of us had seen it. It’s a site devoted to snack chips and foods and it’s incredibly complete. Topics range from Pirate’s Booty and Utz Cheese Balls to the worst chips ever (including a cuttlefish-flavored snack!) and the 10 best specialty chips.

The depth and scope of the site is astounding. Almost every chip or snack food you can name is there, and it’s been reviewed. Fantastic stuff, and definitely going in my bookmarks.

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