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April 5th, 2002

Board Games

As a kid, I played a fair amount of board games. Our family would occasionally have “game night,” where we’d break out one of the games from the basement and play instead of watching TV. I had a bunch of favorites… Scotland Yard, Balderdash, Life, Pente, Uncle Wiggly, Trouble (with the Pop-O-Matic bubble!), and another one similar to Trouble that had little Bugle-like cones that I would always put on my fingers to pretend I had long nails…

Share with us some of your favorite board games… I know I’ve forgotten a bunch and will have to update the Ping the next time I visit my parents’ house. One I think I’d like to try sometime: Driveway Deals.

I’m worried that the board game is going the way of those 976-Santa Claus numbers I used to call as a kid. Occasionally at a party, someone will break out a party game of some sort, but tell me, when was the last time you actually played Monopoly?

Perhaps I should arrange a Northern Virginia Scotland Yard night (or maybe Life as a Blackman night)…

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